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posted by MzmindlessTlat
Prince:*fake yawns* I'm sleeppy time for kama *grabs Alana's hand*
Alana:*laughs a little and walks wih prince*
--after IM NOT Pagsulat NASTY AGAIN!!)--
Alana:prince can I ask yhu something
Alana:yea babe plz
Prince:sure thing *sits up on bed*
Alana:do yhu think we did this to fast I mean we have only been together (gco)
Prince:*grabs her hand* look I don't give a fuck how long we have been together I have major feelings for yhu I'm falling in pag-ibig with you and we don't have to do this for me to ipakita that pag-ibig to you if yhu don't want to it doesn't matter to me
Alana:aww i really have feelings for yhu to deeply and um yhu dont have to I mean it's not that I don't like it I actually really like so yhu may continue Lol
Prince:*smirks* Mhm 
He kissed her but this halik seemed different after that talk like it changed it became madami passionate
Alana pov
When he kissed me shivers ran down my spine it's like sparks flew I'd never been kissed liked that before it made me get nakakatindig balahibo he gently moved his tounge into the action the motion drove me crazy it felt unreal I think I'm really falling in pag-ibig with this boy he just mezmorized me with every touch and the deepness in his voice when he talked he started halik my neck which made my eyes roll back and my back arch it felt...amazing for some reason
End pov
Prince pov
Wow just this girl is wow when I kissed her I felt magic like damn shawty fine I wanted to do so much madami then halik her but idk if shell let me and I like her way to much to mess this up only one way to find out
Prince:*starting to halik her neck*
Alana:oh no *pushes him off* yhu had you fun it's my turn *winks at him*
Prince:oh really *pushes her back on bed* but I run this
Alana:*rolls over so she's on top* but I'm boss boo*takes off his sando and kisses him everywhere*
They play this: link (listen to the sounds trey gettin it in damn lmao!!) and the song explains what they do so I wont have to haha
Tbc.. (to be cont)
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You are at the dance studio today with Princeton watching him practice for the tour. Every time you come with him you always get amazed at how incredible he dances. He can easily ilipat his feet to every beat of the music. You on the other hand was not such a great dancer. I mean you had skills but nothing compared to Princeton. He would always ask you to get up and dance with him but you always turned him down because you knew you couldn't level up to his dance skills so you felt you would be embarrassed. Now matter how many time Prince pouted his lips out you never agreed to dance for him.

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