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This Mindless Behavior litrato contains salaming pang-araw, dark glasses, and shades.

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this is drop dead funny
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uy guys I want to write a mindless behavior imagine but I haven't decided if its going to become a story it depends on how many people like it. Anywhoo*franklin from my wife and kids voice* if u would like to be in it comment or inbox meh ur name nd the age u would like to be and ur personality !!!!

Princetons girl:

Prodigys girl:

Rocs girl:

Btw sinag sinag is taken sa pamamagitan ng me Leah sorry hehehe !!!

I will start Pagsulat once I've got all the characters

If u don't like what u look like just tell meh nd I will change it

Bye bye pag-ibig ya no homo stay mindless be trendy. Keep moonwalking. Stay spiffy and stay a misfit peace out my homies!!!!!
 Princeton's girl
Princeton's girl
 Prodigys girl
Prodigys girl
 Rocs girl
Rocs girl
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Daniel: uy Ciara
Me: sup
Daniel: haven't seen you in a while
me: yeah.... so what brings you here
Daniel: sinag tell em
Ray: so girls since you decided to put our guards in jail we decided to .. how do i say this oh! kill you
Me: Daniel? what you waiting on

Daniel walks towards me with a needle in his hands

Daniel: -tries to stab me with a dirty needle-
me: - grabs his arm- Not Today!!
-slams him on his back-
me: -grabs the needle from him and shanks him in his leg-
Ray: -pushes me-
Me: -falls-
Bre: No no no .. -knocks sinag out-
Ray: -catching ZzZzZzzzz-
Daniel: you little b
Me: -kicks him in the head-
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