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uy I'm draculaura and this is how i met Clawd... I started of in my coffin sleeping as sung as a bug but then my alam clock rang, I got up with a shock I didn't even realise that I had my lind down on my coffin and banged my head I shouted "Ow!!!" and my father came rushing in saying "Whats happening!?!" but then sinabi in a disappointed way "Oh you banged your head again..." but then I was saying "I'm sorry father but I'm going to be late!" "Fine I'll let you of this time..." my father replayed. I brushed my lovely long kulay-rosas and black hair then put them up in pig tails after that I went in the bathroom and brushed my teeth with mint flavoured toothpaste. Then I rushed to my wardrobe and got in my nomral clothes then right after that I rushed to school shouting "Bye father! See you later!" I arrived just in time at school trying to catch my breath then Clawd came along and sinabi "Hey" I starred in his eyes for so long without answering it became weird because I starred in his yellowish orangeish eyes but that's when I knew I was in pag-ibig :) I finally snapped out of it when Clawdeen slapped me a couple of times she asked me "What were you doing starring at my brother?" I replayed "Ummm... Starring? I dont know what your talking about..." I sinabi in a nervous way... Then Clawdeen sinabi "Ok... I trust you just don't petsa him it would be weird..." "Right on ghoul friend!" I acted that I had no care in the world about Clawd when I was near Clawdeen but I still knew I was in true love! The susunod araw I seen Heath hit on abbey again and she sighed then slapped his face... I thought I wish I was madami braver like abbey... But I knew I was great th way I am! Then I seen Clawd and rushed over but while I was running over so mean guys who fancied me who could controll the plants and leaves tripped me up... I screamed "OW!!! That hurt :(" The boys came over and sinabi dont worry we will save you but then I sinabi "I would rather die then be healed sa pamamagitan ng you" The boys looked in horror and angry and looked like they would be back. But then Clawd came over and I went back in that moment again starring in his lovey eyes and feeling the pag-ibig I simply fainted... The susunod thing I knew I was at tahanan on my kama but all I hoped was that my father didn't find out about my crush on Clawd because he hates werewolves...
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Clawdeen And Draclaura
(OK, for ONE. I know Clawdeen and Draclaura are not dating, TWO, if you do not like fanfics that put two characters to be in pag-ibig who are NOT in the original stories, or are not fond of girl and girl relationships then DO NOT READ. Simple as that, and if you do like these stories then I hope you enjoy. I'm new at the Monster High franchise so if I get things mixed up please don't act like your two and be all in my face about it. I wrote this because I was bored and also because Clawdeen and Draclaura are my paborito Monster High chicks. They....
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