It was the susunod day,and the students had gathered at the enterance of the Monster High pool,the school bored,after seeing the petition,had decided to allow the pool to become clothing optional,much the students,and Headmistress Bloodgoods delight,of course,Meowlody was quite annoyed,she didnt expect something like this to happen,but her thoughts changed when Bloodgood handed Purrsephone a pair of large scissors.

"Students of Monster High" Purrsephone began,"It is with great pleasure,and honor,that we give you Monster highs first ever Clothing Option Pool",she sinabi cutting the ribbon,the whole school began cheering.but Purrsephone wasnt done.

"Wait wait,we're not done yet" Purrsephone spoke as the crowd settled. "For those of you who are interested,The New Salem Nudist resort,where Lukes folks work at,is having an Open araw this weekend,everyone is madami than welcome if they wish".

"Count me in" Toralei spoke.

"No Clothes, or bust" Clawdeen added,much to the relief of Draculaura and Clawd.

Meowlody couldnt believe her ears,she didnt want to believe them,she and Purrsephone had always tried stuff together,but now Purrsephone was her own Purrson,leaving Meowlody feeling left out.

"I cant believe this,please wake me up from this nightmare"she sinabi quietly banging her head agaisnt her locker door,followed sa pamamagitan ng a small "Ow".

That night,Purrsephone was sleeping as soundly as a newborn werekitten,she had been getting madami sleep since she started sleeping in the nude.however Meowlody wasnt getting a wink of sleep,it was at this moment,Meowlody could no longer hold back any of her tears,she silently let them out so as to not wake her sister,sniffling a little as she cried into her pillow,after and our.feeling drained of her tears,she fell asleep.

The susunod morning it was Friday.Purrsephone woke up from her sleep to wake Meowlody up,but as soon as she got to her sisters bed,she ad noticed tear marks on her sisters face,had Meowlody been crying all night,yes she did.

"Meowlody? Are you ok? Purrsephone asked,Meowlody opened her eyes,seeing her sister all nude in front of her wasnt on her morning list,but she felt too drained to care."Oh uy sis,she sat up as she spoke,wiping away her dried up tears,but before she could continue,Purrsephones hugged her tightly without the thought of letting go,to be honest,Meowlody was quite confused.

"I'm so sorry Meowlody,for making you feel left out and uncomfortable about my new taste in unlifestyle,I just wanted to try something new,but now I know that i was wrong to leave you out of it,can you forgive me?"

Meowlody could feel the sincerity in her sister voice,her puso felt relieved and warm but a tear still stood in her eye,she then hugged her sister in return almost just as tightly,rubbing her bare back." It's ok Purrsephone,there's nothing to forgive,I'm the one who should be sorry for being too judgmental".she sinabi warmly. "and you know,maybe I will give this whole nudist thing a go,this weekend at the open day". she continued.

"There you go sis". Purrsephone sinabi as she and her sister went down stairs for Creepfast,the whole araw felt madami like a breeze from that point on,but Meowlody was still a bit scared about joining her family new found nudism.but she was confident that it would all come together nicely.