Monster High who do you think is the leader of the group (if there was one)AND GIVE A REASON

Pick one:
Draculaura (because she so cute)
Draculaura (because she so cute)
Clawdeen (because she&# 39; s fierce)
Clawdeen (because she's fierce)
Cleo (because she&# 39; s royaly)
Cleo (because she's royaly)
Frankie (she&# 39; s VOLTAGE)
Frankie (she's VOLTAGE)
Ghoulia (she needs pag- ibig and she&# 39; s cool)
Ghoulia (she needs pag-ibig and she's cool)
Deuce (he cute) me: ew
Deuce (he cute) me:ew
Lagoona (she super pretty)
Lagoona (she super pretty)
Jackson (he&# 39; s so shy)
Jackson (he's so shy)
Holt (he&# 39; s a rad dude)
Holt (he's a rad dude)
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 bratzdolly11 posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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