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posted by Senecane
I looked around and didn't see a review for this, plus it's one of my paborito all time pelikula so I decided to write a review.

Every once in a while, someone makes a movie that kicks you in the stomach and leaves you breathless and thinking. 'Requiem For A Dream' is one of those. It's a sad, scary, excellent, grim, disturbing, well-made movie. I'm one of those people, who hear that a movie is disturbing and shocking, want to see it even faster. For the aesthetic of it.

This movie is one of the most amazing creations I have ever seen. In the beggining of the movie, everything is so vibrant, full...
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posted by aloralaine
In "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King," a great mythic movie cycle gets the ending it deserves. It is the third and final film in Peter Jackson's THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy, finds Middle-earth on the cusp of great change. This is a movie that, purely and simply, has visions and excitement to blow us away once again. And we can finally see this stunningly completed film trilogy for what it is, one of the major achievements of film history.

"The Return of the King" and the massive 10-hour complete film that it now concludes become together a supreme adventure pantasiya epic, a staggering...
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 Enchanted which starred Amy Adams is my fav film of 2007
Enchanted which starred Amy Adams is my fav film of 2007
Well since its near the end of the taon I decided to listahan my fav films from 2000-2009. Note this symbol (*) are my all time favs. Rate and Comment as well as picking out your fav here on the listahan and why you like it?


The Emperor's new groove
Miss Congenialty*
Pokemon the 1st movie


Legally Blonde
The Princess Diaries*
The Wedding Planner


Maid in Manhattan*
Scooby Doo
A Walk to Remember*
Stuart Little 2


Bruce Almighty*
Lizzie Maguire movie
Cheaper sa pamamagitan ng the Dozen*


pating Tale*
Spiderman 2*
Shrek 2*
A Sinderella Story*
The Prince & Me
13 Going on 30*


Herbie : Fully Loaded

The Perfect Man*

Walk the line*


Step up


Shrek 3*


27 Dresses*


Hannah Montana the Movie
 NATMII was a hell lot better than the 1st one
NATMII was a hell lot better than the 1st one
posted by heidigho3
I just pag-ibig the fourth X-men movie. It explains so much about Logans past. I cry everytime I see Hugh in the movie nearly in tears when someone he loves or cares about is killed. I just can't stand seeing men cry, but only true men cry. It twists around action and romance in such a great way. I pag-ibig the part when he is on the motorcycle and he retracts his claws and shreds Striker's men car and it flips into the air and almost hits Zero. It's so cool when he blows up the helicopter in slow mo. It gives be nakakatindig balahibo everytime I see him walk away with a serious face on him. It's so hot! It's sinabi at the end when he gets his memory taken away from him and he doesn't remember the girl of his dreams and she dies right there on the spot after driving Striker away. It was also a good idea to make Sabertooth, Wolverine's bro. That made the movie madami exciting and shows the rivalry of them in the first X-men movie. I think Hugh did a wonderful job pagganap all aggressive and all.
posted by nightrider
I just saw INCEPTION and here is my review on it:

Inception, the highly anticipated sci-fi epic from Christopher Nolan, finally arrives. I’ve been waiting for this movie for a quite a long time now (maybe two years). And I am gonna throw some statements out there that might seem outlandish or ridiculous, but trust me, after you see this movie, you will definitely be on my side.
Let’s get these statements out there shall we..... Inception is not only Chris Nolan’s masterpiece; it is one of the best pelikula I have EVER seen. I honestly mean that and I do not say this very often. And also,...
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Just saw this on Yahoo, so sad. This artikulo is from the A.P.

LOS ANGELES - Screen legend Elizabeth Taylor, the violet-eyed film goddess whose sultry screen life was often upstaged sa pamamagitan ng her stormy personal life, died Wednesday at age 79.

She died of congestive puso failure at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where she had been hospitalized for about six weeks, publicist Sally Morrison said.

"All her children were with her," Morrison said.

Taylor had extraordinary grace, fame and wealth, and won three Oscars, including a special one for her humanitarian work. But she was tortured sa pamamagitan ng ill health, failed...
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posted by Coffeeuser
Many of you probably don't know who he is, but some of you might remember Sal from the pelikula he appeared in. He estola the screen from James Dean in 'Rebel Without a Cause', and dazzled brighter than diamonds in 'Who Killed Teddy Bear', and played an adorable chimpanzee genius in 'Escape from the Planet of the Apes'. If you've ever seen him, chances are, you never forgot him.

This guy was nominated for two Awards which he did not win. ROBBERY! He captivated audiences with his talent, good looks, and charm. Sal Mineo was the epitome of handsome and charisma. He had it all. He was everything....
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I actually really enjoy watching film reviews and the film reviews where critics dislike films are often madami entertaining. The best film reviews involve exaggerating feelings about films. However both regular people and critics often hate films. I think that hating on films too much can be a bad thing.

Of course there are plenty of films that I dislike, but I don't hate any fils. I used to hate some films. There were films that made me mad just sa pamamagitan ng thinking about them. I don't get why people should hate films. Of course people are allowed to dislike films, but disliking and hating are 2 different...
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Ah, Thanksgiving. A wonderful fall araw to spend stuffing your face, reconnecting with long Nawawala relatives, and just enjoying being in the presence of your loving family. Especially on an election year!

Orrr you can scratch everything after 'stuffing your face' and hide out with a stack of Thanksgiving movies. Or a phone or a tablet or whatever you high-tech hoodlums are watching stuff on these days.

Every Thanksgiving movie listahan I see has the same three movies: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, Pieces of April, and Planes, Trains and Automobiles. There are others sprinkled in here and there, even...
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posted by Coffeeuser
I don't make a habit of calling any guy a "gentleman". Mainly because there are so FEW gentlemen in the world these days. But out of all the men alive today there is probably nobody who comes closer to being a gentleman than G.W. Bailey. You may remember him as Captain Thaddeus Harris from the 'Police Academy' movies. But for me, my first impression of him was his role in the 1999 Biblical film 'Jesus'. I've thought fondly of him ever since I saw him in that movie. Sure he was slimy, greasy, unrepentant son of a bitch. And yet...there was something appealing about the guy. Something amusing....
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It's time to discuss the greatest film series ever. The My Little parang buriko Equestria Girls has 4 films and it's time to review them all.

Equestria Girls review

Summary: parang buriko Twilight Sparkle goes to the human dimension to get her princess crown. She becomes mga kaibigan with human versions of her mga kaibigan and they team up to stop Sunset Shimer.

Review: My paborito Equestria Girls film. Twilight's my paborito character and this film lets her shine. The jokes about her being a human are hilarious. Her mga kaibigan work better in this film, because they hog less screen time. All of the characters are decent...
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 Was 'On Stranger Tides' The First & Only High Seas Adventure For Angelica?
Was 'On Stranger Tides' The First & Only High Seas Adventure For Angelica?
Walt Disney Pictures decided to swap Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales – the fifth installment in the theme park ride-based movie franchise headlined sa pamamagitan ng Johnny Depp as the slippery scallywag Jack Sparrow – out from the Summer 2015 lineup this week (right after the studio repositioned Marvel’s Ant-Man to takes its place), rather than rush the swashbuckling blockbuster down the assembly line as fast as conceivably possible.

The Dead Men Tell No Tales script is still being written sa pamamagitan ng Jeff Nathanson (Rush oras 2 & 3), who took over from Pirates 1-4 co-writers Ted Elliott...
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posted by Windrises
There are several good films that sadly didn't get that much money and got bad reviews. This listahan is about 5 good films that should be madami popular.

5. Ted 2

Ted 2 got mixed reviews, but I consider Ted 2 to be Seth MacFarlane's best film. This film leaves out Mila Kunis' killjoy character so it's madami fun than Ted 1. The film has plenty of funny jokes, good acting, and fun characters.

4. Mortdecai

Mortdeaci is a 2015 comedy film that stars Johnny Depp. This film lets Johnny Depp shine with goofy energy. This film really shows how much fun Johnny Depp is. He has excellent comedic acting. This...
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 Ramsay Philips
Ramsay Philips
Ever wonder what it would be like to have a twin?

Actor Ramsay Philips gets the chance to find out -- well, not exactly.

Actually, Ramsay plays twins brothers, Nathan and Cole Weaver, starring in the new the mystery-thriller feature, “The Reunion.”

Directed sa pamamagitan ng Tim French and releasing VOD on September 22, the film follows three high school mga kaibigan who reunite years later for a weekend getaway – which takes a mysterious turn.

So, where you’ve seen Ramsay before? Well, he stars as comic book character Bibbo Bibowski in the 2-part digital tagahanga film, "Black Lightning: Tobia’s Revenge." He...
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Lately I've been in a decade kinda mood. I've made artikulo for my paborito 90s and 00s TV series/movies and am in the process of doing a 90s movie one. Since there is no decent club for the 10s yet and it seems a bit presumptuous to make one now, I decided to post this artikulo here. Of course I already made a poll that nobody answered, so logically making an artikulo that nobody will read is the susunod step. Enjoy!

This was such a great movie. So great in fact, that I didn't even need a stellar cast to get me to go see it. The premise alone was intriguing. I know this is a remake,...
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posted by Windrises
Yoga Hosers is a 2016 comedy film. The film was directed sa pamamagitan ng Kevin Smith. The film stars Kevin Smith's daughter, Johnny Depp's daughter, and Johnny Depp.

The Plot:

Kevin Smith and Johnny Depp's daughters play a duo of store workers who are best friends. 1 night a bunch of trouble happens at the store. Some weird creatures and 2 dangerous guys ipakita up. It's up to a detective played sa pamamagitan ng Johnny Depp to help the store workers.

Yoga Hosers is delightfully eccentric. This film makes little sense, but that makes the film madami creative and fun. I had madami fun watching this crazy film than I did watching...
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posted by breebree446
10. Oliver and Company

9. Homeward Bound: Nawawala in San Francisco

8. Bridge to Terabithia

7. The Haunting

6. Spiderman

5. The Mummy Returns

4. The Goonies

3. van Helsing

2. X2: X-Men United

1. The Brothers Grimm
The Wind Rises is a anime film that came out in 2013. This film is a masterpiece, but several people haven't watched it. Here are 5 reasons of why you should check out this film.

1. The romance is the best.

I usually dislike romance films. However The Wind Rises has the best romance storyline that I've ever watched. The couple (Jiro Horikoshi and Naoko Satomi) are a loveable duo. Their romance is heartwarming, emotionally moving, interesting, and believable.

2. The characters are good.

It's nice and rare to have a film that has no boring characters. Every character in the film is easy to like....
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 Matthew scudder
Matthew scudder
This it a alisin scene from a walk among the tombstones involving WWE's Undertaker.
Matthew scudder: I'm looking for the Paul bearer of this place.
Undertaker: Your Looking at him
Matt: Really? Holy cow your scary at hell.
Taker: Hmm u got a lot of nerve ipinapakita up here nobody and I mean Nobody comes down here because this is an unholy place. Just look around.
Matt: Well I ain't afraid of someone that dresses like it's Halloween everyday.
Taker: Excuse me? Did u really just say that? Boy I'm about to kick your asno if u don't get out of here.
they proceed to fight and scudder kills undertaker amazingly.
 the undertaker/paul bearer in the movie
the undertaker/paul bearer in the movie
 the amazing finish to the fight. if u would believe.
the amazing finish to the fight. if u would believe.
 Branca Ferrazo
Branca Ferrazo
Actress Branca Ferrazo brings her Brazilian beauty and brains to the new dark comedy film “Petunia.” Branca not only appears on-screen, but steps in as an Executive Producer of the film which recently premiered at FRAMELINE Film Fest in San Francisco and will screen susunod at OUTFEST in Los Angeles on July 14th, 2012.

Ash Christian (“Fat Girls” and Tribeca Film Festival’s ‘Emerging Talent’ winner) directs and co-wrote the screenplay along with Theresa Bennett. The cast also includes Thora Birch, Brittany Snow, Michael Urie, David Rasche, newcomer Tobias Segal and Emmy, Golden Globe...
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