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Hello, everyone! I'm going to rank the outfits Mulan wears throughout her movie in this article. Let's get started.

Soldier outfit
I like it but it's nothing that much special. The other dresses are definitely madami beautiful. This is just the outfit she wears as a soldier.

The training outfit
This one actually fits Mulan a lot and she looks prettier wearing this at the end. pangkalahatang it is lovely.

The green, blue and yellow dress
I actually like this dress a lot. I like the multi colors. It looks comfortable and really pretty.

The blue dress
I pag-ibig the mga kulay in this dress. It also...
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So hi every one, this is my very first artikulo so please forgive me if I blew something. This was actually part of my english portfolio which I made a few months ago. I added few mistakes madami after that because it really annoyed me that I couldn't find any big artikulo about Mulan's mistakes with pictures. At least I didn't find such thing in fanpop so now I made one.
I'm sorry the explanations are so short and stupid but I hope you get all mistakes from the pictures. Please tell me if you know some mistakes which I didn't notice. :)

Mulan's notes

Mulan wrote notes on her right arm but when she...
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