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 Conchita Wurst
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This Music litrato contains portrait, headshot, and closeup.

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video sa pamamagitan ng Gal X
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depeche mode
delta machine
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your ex-lover is dead
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Paul Young - pag-ibig Of The Common People

Living on free pagkain tickets,
Water in the gatas from a hole in the roof
Where the rain came through.
What can you do?
Tears from your little sister,
Crying 'cause she doesn't have a dress without a patch
For the party to go.
But you know she'll get sa pamamagitan ng

'Cause she's living in the pag-ibig of the common people,
Smiles from the puso of a family man.
Daddy's gonna buy you a dream to cling to,
Mama's gonna pag-ibig you just as much as she can and she can.

It's a good thing you don't have busfare,
It would fall thru' the hole in your pocket
And you'd lose it In the snow on the ground....
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Hey! I'm a singer/songwriter. My mga kaibigan and I started our band a while back, so I thought I would post some of the lyrics from our songs.

Have you ever watched an ice cube
Do you remember the way you
As you watched it fade way?
It never even had a heartbeat,
But it somehow died
And something made you feel
Like you were supposed to keep it

You walk away sorry.
You don't know why.

They always sinabi it wouldn't last
Now it's proving to be true
We're watching it slowly crash
Lasers burning through its core
They never thought we'd amount to much
No one can deny that any more
Let's face it:
We're watching...
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Hey! I'm a singer/songwriter. My mga kaibigan and I started our band a while back, so I thought I would post some of the lyrics from our songs.

I need a shoulder to lean on
But your's is cold
I need your hand in my palm
But you're like a secret untold
Completely horrifying
To get close to

How come
You invite me over-
Just to
Send me away--
How come
Even if you know it's not
You say
Everything is okay
Alway's givin'
The cold shoulder when I
Need to
Cry on it. You're like--
Older: always better
When you're
Far away---

From a distance you look great
But closer
You're a horrid sight
You lock your tricks in a crate
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Cuando te adormeces junto a mi
Entonces no me quedan dudas
De que aun existe amor

(When you fall asleep susunod to me
Then I have no doubt
That pag-ibig still exists)

La indecisi¨Rn que dayami en mi
Yo la mandar¨ªa a la luna
Para vivir contigo
La soledad de cada d¨ªa
Que entre l¨¢grimas crec¨ªa
La alejar¨¦ de mi

(The indecision I have in me
I ordered it from the moon
To live with you
The loneliness of each araw
That grows between tears
That grows apart from me)

Para amarte a toda costa
Para amarte a cada momento
A pesar de tanto mal
Que gira entorno nuestro

(To pag-ibig you at all cost
To pag-ibig you at each moment...
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(When this began)
I had nothing to say
And I get Nawawala in the nothingness inside of me
(I was confused)
And I let it all out to find
That I'm not the only person with these things in mind

(Inside of me)
But all that they can see the words revealed
Is the only real thing that I've got left to feel
(Nothing to lose)
Just stuck, hollow and alone
And the fault is my own, and the fault is my own

I wanna heal, I wanna feel
What I thought was never real
I wanna let go of the pain
I've felt so long
(Erase all the pain till it?s gone)

I wanna heal, I wanna feel
Like I'm close to something real
I wanna find something I've...
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There's only two types of people in the world:
The ones that entertain, and the ones that observe
Well baby, I'm a put on a ipakita kind of girl
Don't like the backseat, gotta be first

[Chorus 1:]

I'm like the ringleader,
I call the shots (Call the shots)
I'm like a firecracker,
I make it hot

When I put on a show,
I feel the adrenaline moving through my veins,
Spotlight on me and I'm ready to break

I'm like a performer,
The dance floor is my stage
Better be ready,
Hope that you feel the same

[Chorus 2:]

All eyes on me in the center of the ring
Just like a circus
When I crack that whip everybody gon' trip
Just like...
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100: October 3, 2000
RADIOHEAD RELEASE KID A: Spontaneously, gitara fans everywhere begin weeping.

99: December 11, 1965
THE VELVET UNDERGROUND PLAY THEIR FIRST SHOW: Giving birth to the sound of alternative rock.

98: April 13, 1963
THE KINGSMEN RECORD "LOUIE LOUIE": When it becomes a hit, everone assumes singer Jack Ely's incomprehensible mumbling masks obscenity, causing the first panic over dirty lyrics.

97: November 23, 1936
ROBERT JOHNSON'S FIRST RECORDING SESSION: The king of delta blues singers hooks up with the devil, provides Rosetta Stone for rock pioneers including Eric Clapton and Keith...
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Hi everyone!

I've been meaning to write this artikulo for a couple of weeks now but just never got around to it. Since tonight is pasko Eve, I thought I'd finally share my tuktok ten pasko songs with you guys. Hope you enjoy the article!

1. White pasko - Bing Crosby


Christmas' iconic song and the best-selling single of all time. I remember swaying along with my mga kaibigan a long time nakaraan to this song while sitting down at an outdoor konsiyerto - and after a while we got a little off in our swaying and started bumping into each others' shoulders lol. It was hilarious.

2. All I Want For Christmas...
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 Jesse Lacey of Brand New in 2015
Jesse Lacey of Brand New in 2015
1. Brand New

Everyone knows who Brand New is, or at least you've probably heard some of their lyrics. They've been staples in emo since the early 2000s. But they just released a new song, link, after years of inactivity and are promising a new album. They're making a comeback, calling new attention to that sweet spot between pop-punk and true emo. Though there are also rumors of an upcoming breakup, they're promising something good in the near future. Keep an eye on them.

2. American Football

The band that truly made 2014 the taon of the Emo Revival. They got back together after 14 years and started...
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