Music Rolling Stone's Greatest Singers of All-Time 21-40. Who do you believe is the greatest out of this list?

Pick one:
No.21 Johnny Cash
No.22 Etta James
No.23 David Bowie
No.24 van Morrison
No.25 Michael Jackson
No.26 Jackie Wilson
No.27 Hank Williams
No.28 Janis Joplin
No.29 Nina Simone
No.30 Prince
No.31 Howlin’ lobo
No.32 Bono
No.33 Steve Winwood
No.34 Whitney Houston
No.35 Dusty Springfield
No.36 Bruce Springsteen
No.37 Neil Young
No.38 Elton John
No.39 Jeff Buckley
No.40 Curtis Mayfield
 valleyer posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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