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 4 eras of MCR
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So yeah... this is kind of like my Green araw article, except my Pagsulat has gotten quite shitty since then, so don't blame me if this sounds terrible (even though it is my fault. Shut up, brain). I also may have gotten a few facts wrong, so please correct me if I did. This artikulo is split into 4 parts, so yeah, enjoy!

When you hear the words My Chemical Romance, what do you think of? Maybe you think of 4 guys who’ve been there for each other for over a decade. Maybe you think of them as bayani and saviours of lives, like I do. But most people choose to stereotype and think of them as cult...
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In honour of International MCR araw 2007, I wrote my first (and only) FanFic for My Chemical Romance fans in the tagahanga community of link.

I don’t even know if it qualifies as a FanFic because I don’t read them (they’re just not my thing), but anyway... I was inspired sa pamamagitan ng snippets of the “The Making of ‘Teenagers’” and "Life On The Murder Scene". The inspiration is, of course, the one, the only Bob Bryar, and his battle with a buzzing fiend...

Bob and the Battle of the Bee

Bob Bryar and his rock band of merry musicians, also known as My Chemical Romance, were making a music video for...
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From 'May Death Never Stop You'
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may death never stop you
welcome to the black parade
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