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The susunod day, I was feeling much better. I still couldn't fly because of my wing, though. So I just stayed in my house and played with Angel. "I wish my wing would heal already, Angel."

"I think I could help." Twilight Sparkle came in.

I turned to face her. "What do you mean?"

"I know a spell that could heal your wing."

"Really? Do it! Do it, please!"

"Okay, okay." Twilight closed her eyes and her horn started to glow.

I saw my left wing glow, too. "It's working!" I started flapping my wings together. "Thank you, Twilight!"

"You're wel-"

I flew out of my house at lightning speed. "Must. Find. A. Thrilling. Adventure!" I flew past Pinkie Pie.

"Wait, Fluttershy! I need your help", called Pinkie Pie.

I flew back towards her. "You need my help? Like what? Go searching through Evergreen forest for your Nawawala cupcake? Go on a dangerous cupcake quest?"

"No. But it involves cupcakes."

"Oh. What do you need?"

"I need you to help take these 33 boxes of cupcakes to Sugar Cube Corner."

Not very dangerous.


After helping PP, I went to find my own adventure.
"And that was a big mistake."
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Another Equestria Girls Episode featuring Nicholas Cage, as Brad.
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For those who (didn't) watch FiW, the 8th episode! I suppose the other episodes are already posted, so I'll finish the row. Have fun!
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Eighteen days later, I was counting down how long I've been in the cooler.

Sean: *Looking at Pagsulat on walls* I've been here for... *Counting*
Griffon 44: *Opens door*
Sean: *Pointing at himself* I can go?
Griffon 44: Yes.
Sean: Great *Grabs baseball, and mit*
Applejack: *Comes out of room*
Sean: Let's get going Applejack.

After a quick meal, me and applejack went to see Bartholomew.

Sean: *Goes into Bartholomew's room*
Applejack: *Following Sean*
Sean: Bartholomew?
Bartholomew: Sean. We're glad you two are back with us again.
Sean: That's right *sees Celestia, and Jade*
Bartholomew: But, we also hear...
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Haha. Not Mine.
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The Fiery Jokers Review on the Pilot episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
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Play dressup for Little Pony.
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