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posted by Seanthehedgehog
It's been 5 days since we've been in the sea. We're halfway there, but the wind has stopped, and now everyone is bored, hungry, and thirsty.

Fluttershy: What do we do?
Vinyl Scratch: I don't know. *inhales* I'VE GOT cabin FEVER!!
Jade: Ah got it to
Everypony: cabin FEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pinkie Pie: Every parang buriko sing! I've got cabin fever, it's burning through my brain
Snips: I've got cabin fever it's driving me insane.
Everypony: We've got cabin fever, we're flipping our bandanas. Been stuck at sea so long we've simply gone bananas.
Dr. Whooves: Ariba
Dinky: *playing maracas*
Everypony: We've got cabin fever, we've Nawawala what sense we had! We've got cabin fever, we're all going mad!
Applejack: Grab yer partner sa pamamagitan ng the ears, lash him to the wheel. Do si do step on their hoof, and listen to him squeal. Allemende left, allemende right it's time to sail or sink. ugoy yer partner over the side, and drop him in the drink. *throws Twilight overboard*
Rarity: We've got cabin fever
Doughnut Joe: No if's and, or buts.
Rarity: We're disoriented
Doughnut Joe: And demented, and a little nuts.
Pinkie & Fenix: Ach du liebe, Vriendscoupe bus. Sauerbraten weiner schnitzel, und wunderbar.
German military: We were sailing, sailing the wind was on our side.
Sean: Und then it died.
Boris: I've got cabin fever, I think I Nawawala my grip.
Charleen: I'd like to get my hands on whoever wrote this script!
Huge stallion: I was floating neath the tropic moon. And dreaming of a blue lagoon. Now I'm as crazy as a loon.
Everypony: cabin fever has ravaged all aboard! This once proud vessel has become a floating physco ward! We were sailing, sailing heading who knows where, and now though we're all here we're not all there *goes crazy for ten segundos flat* cabin fever yeah!
Twilight: Look! The wind has returned! We're moving again.

Let's go back to Derpy & Octavia in jail.

Octavia: Somepony get me out of here!!
Derpy: What was that song just being played?
Octavia: What are you talking about?
Derpy: It was something like, Kevin fever yeah.
Twilight: Let's go. We have to get the treasure.

2 B continued.
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posted by StarWarsFan7
"B-But D-Doctor, why?" Derpy Hooves says, sparkling blue tears coming out of her eyes slowly. She stares at her partner, Doctor Whooves, who has now been overcome sa pamamagitan ng the power of Discord. His once kastanyas amerikana and kakaw mane, now a pale gray and fading brown.

"I told you already!" The Doctor says, his voice rising with unnecessary anger towards the ditzy pegasus. "I don't need you! Bloody hell, having you as an assistant was the stupidest choice I've ever made!"

Tears stream down Derpy's face, she licks her lips, the saltiness of her tears reaching her tongue.

"This can't be. Doctor... I..."...
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posted by DisneyFan333
Hello Everypony! :D Today I want to talk about Twilight becoming an Anicorn. I feel that this subject should be talked about someplace else besides the MLP FIM wall.

For the past year, rumors have spread about Twilight becoming an Alicorn. Now it has been proved to be true. Don't believe me? Here is all the proof you need.

The first litrato was found on Someone's facebook account and the segundo one was found on the entertainment weekly website. Both, I believe, where realised sa pamamagitan ng the hub but I could be wrong.

The was also somepony that sinabi that Tara Strong (Sorry if I got it wrong) will not be...
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