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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Meanwhile at Twilight's house

Spike: *grabs hammer* Time to get my ice cream! *hits refrigerator*

The refrigerator then flew out of the door

Spike: Ugh! What do I do now?
Sapphire Shores: *driving new car* Is that a refrigerator in my way?
Spike: *hits refrigerator*
Sapphire Shores: *stops* Whoa, hey! What's going on?
Spike: I tried opening this, but the door won't move.
Sapphire Shores: *sees lock* Hmm, have you noticed the lock on the door?
Spike: WHAT?! *hits refrigerator* Damn this stupid fucking refrigerator to hell! Damn the lock!!! Damn Twilight! And Damn the Ice Cream for being in there!!! *opens refrigerator*
Sapphire Shores: That was..
Spike: I know. Violent
Sapphire Shores: SENSATIONAL!! Nice work getting the door open.
Spike: Thanks, but I have to make myself a milkshake *runs to house with ice cream*
Sapphire Shores: What about your fridge?
Spike: Keep it!

On the train however, things weren't going our way

Sean: Girls, do you hear an airplane?
Pinkie Pie: Was ist das? *looks out window*
Nazis: *flying airplanes*
Sean: Get down *grabs machine gun*
Nazis: Feind in Sicht ist, machen Sie sich bereit zu feuern
Sean: *fires machine gun*
Nazis: *dodge bullets* NOW!! *shoot windows*
Rarity: Oh jeez! That one peice of glass nearly hit me!
Sean: *shoots wing on airplane*
Nazi pilot 1: Ich gehe nach unten!
Nazi pilot 2: Ich werde mit yungib Feinden umzugehen *gets to back of train*
Sean: He's turning around for another pass!

Still, could be worse

Spike: *sees ice cream* Great! How am I going to get it out of this box though? *sees chainsaw* Hmmmm

10 segundos later

Spike: *uses chainsaw* Here we go *gets ice cream all over house* Oh no!

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posted by karinabrony
 Babs Seed
Babs Seed
Babs Seed~

[Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo]
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
[Apple Bloom]
First, we thought that Babs was so really, really sweet
A new friend to have, and it seemed like such a treat
But then, we found the truth; she's just a bully from the east
She went from Babs, yeah, to a bully and a beast
[Apple Bloom]
Everywhere we turn, she's just a step ahead
[Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo]
Babs Seed, Babs Seed, what we gonna do?
Got a bully on our tail
Gotta hide, we gotta bail
Babs Seed, Babs Seed, if she's after you
Gotta run, we gotta...
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posted by Magicalgirl12
"It's ok Twilight" Princess Cadance sinabi as she was so weak she fell and her magic that protected the Crystal Empire had faded away.

"Twili" Shining Armor sinabi as he gave a frown. The Crystal Empire was no longer protected. And darkness and evil soon came around The Crystal Empire. King Sombra started to turn everything gray.

"This is not good" Shining Armor sinabi while upset. Twilight knew she had to find the real crystal puso before King Sombra destroys everything. She will not let everyone down. Even Princess Celestia. She was demanded to protect The Crystal Empire no matter what it took.

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 "Books and Magic hold the answers" Dawn Bright
"Books and Magic hold the answers" Dawn Bright
My Little Pony: Voyage of Friendship

Episode 1: It Begins part 1

Dawn panted as she cantered down the kalye in Ponyville. Gotta to get to the Ponyville Hotel! She thought. She almost past it in her rush. She then bounded through the doors, up the marble stairs, and rapidly knocked on room 245’s door.

“Uncle Armor, Aunt Cadance, open up! It’s me, Dawn Bright,” Dawn shouted. She then heard hoofsteps and then her uncle, Shining Armor, opened the door and said, “Dawn Bright great of you- Dawn didn’t give him the chance to finish as she rushed in and hide behind a chair.

Aunt Cadance walked...
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posted by MinervaHoot
We had a school assignment today: "Prepare a speech similar to the fox's on taming. listahan the 'rules' of friendship and any special rites that a friendship should have." FYI, weve been pagbaba "The Little Prince." Heres my report:

Friendship mainly consists of six "elements": loyalty, laighter, generosity, honesty, kindness, and a bit of magic. mga kaibigan should trust each other and not betray them. mga kaibigan should laugh, cry, and suffer together through each other's problems. mga kaibigan should share with each other and be selfless towards one another, that is generosity. mga kaibigan should be honest and truthful to each other. Magic and tolerance also play an important part. When you see magic in someone's heart, you instantly know that despite their appearances, they are to be great friends. Tolerance each other's beliefs is also important, as everyone has a diffeent view of things. That is why friendship is indeed, magic.
Cloppers Attack :3