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Before I start I just wanna say i apologize for not being able to finish "A araw without Sugar" because i didn't have an idea. And I also apologize if you find this offensive. I'm just stating my opinion that I think Friendship is Magic is better than G3 of My Little Pony. So please respect my opinion. Now let's begin! :D

It was a pleasant afternoon in Ponyville...

Twilight Sparkle: girls, guess what?
Girls: what?
Twilight Sparkle: i just figured out a spell on how to open a portal from another generation!
Pinkie Pie: ipakita US! ipakita US! -is jumping-
Twilight: okay! -casts spell-
-portal appears-
Girls: whoa!
Rarity: i have to say was just amazing Twilight!
Twilight: thanks :D
Pinkie: -sticks her head in the portal- hello? anyone home?
mansanas Jack: i'm hungry, any of ya'll wanna get something to eat?
Rarity: well, i am starving.
Fluttershy: i'll meet you girls later, i have to get tahanan and feed my pets first. -flies off-
bahaghari Dash: all right! time to pig out!
Pinkie: i hope they have desserts! :D
The girls leave but then...
-G3 ponies come out from portal-
G3 Pinkie Pie: where are we?
G3 bahaghari Dash: i don't know darling
G3 Rarity: Ponyville sure has changed
G3 Cheerilee: yep.
G3 Scootaloo: maybe we can bring the rest of our Ponyville to this Ponyville!
G3 Sweetie Belle: good idea Scootaloo!
G3 Pinkie Pie: come on!
-in G3 Ponyville-
G3 Pinkie Pie: uy EVERYONE!
-all G3 ponies look at Pinkie Pie-
-everyone packs their stuff-
Back in G4 Ponyville...
Rarity: that was fabulously delicious.
Twilight: OMIGOSH!
mansanas Jack: what is it?
Twilight: i left the portal open!
-G3 ponies come out of portal-
bahaghari Dash: and just who the heck are you?
G3 Pinkie Pie: hi, i'm Pinkie Pie!
Pinkie Pie: -gasp- REALLY???!!! so are you my mother? -big grin-
G3 Pinkie Pie: i don't even know you. but me and my mga kaibigan pag-ibig to plan parties. :)
Pinkie: WHAT???!!! tsk tsk. i don't plan parties, i make them in seconds. that reminds me... PARTY! -is wearing a birthday hat-
-confetti everywhere-
G3 Pinkie Pie: you shouldn't make parties in an instant, you make them with friends.
Pinkie Pie: -big grin and then is angry- NO! NO! NO! she is not Pinkie Pie! hmph! -walks back toward her friends-
G3 Pinkie Pie: :'(
bahaghari Dash: who is she? -points at G3 bahaghari Dash-
G3 bahaghari Dash: why i'm bahaghari Dash darling.
bahaghari Dash: -smirk- -ROFL- you are not me! you're a fashion snob! -acts serious- and that was a truly feeble performance. besides, i'm much palamigan than you.
G3 bahaghari Dash: how rude.
G3 Rarity: hi i'm Rarity! :)!
Rarity: -gasp- I WILL DESTROY HER! she looks horrible! i'm much madami fashionable than her!
Sweetie Belle: -passes by- hi Rarity!
G3 Sweetie Belle: i'm Sweetie Belle!
Sweetie Belle: -backs up toward the group- huh?
G3 Sweetie Belle: everyone says i bring smiles to everyone!
Sweetie Belle: -screams and runs off-
Scootaloo: -comes toward the group- what's wrong with Sweetie Belle?
G3 Scootaloo: hi i'm Scootaloo!
Scootaloo: -mouth wide open- SAY WHAT?!
G3 Scootaloo: wanna play with me?
G3 Cheerilee: and i'm Cheerilee.
mansanas Bloom: you're not Cheerilee! Cheerilee is our teacher!
mansanas Jack! : aaah! mansanas Bloom? where the dayami did you come from?
mansanas Bloom: over there. -points at bush-
mansanas Jack: were you spying on us.
mansanas Bloom : no. i was listening to you without being seen.
mansanas Jack: ugh. -facehoof-
Fluttershy: hi guys, i'm back- -screams- TERRIFYING
LOOKING PONIES!!! -flies off and hides-
Twilight: you ponies need to get back in your generation or we'll have to ulat you to Princess Celestia.
bahaghari Dash: YEAH! SO GET OUT!

Part 2 coming soon

P.S. i'll try think of something
Now, I am not gonna lie guys, but, Creepypastas are starting to lose their touch. Back in the day, we used to have so many amazing stories like Slender Man, Ben Drowned, Jeff th- NO, get that fucking terrible story out of here. It knows why its terrible. But now, most Creepypastas are cliched, dull, grade A terrible, or boring. One boring katakut-takot na pasta is known as The Blank Blue Screen.
So, the narrator tells us that people have a fear of of the static on a television. Yes, because when I think of horror, my mind instantly goes to static. And people say that psychotic killers are scary. No, the...
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ang pakikipagkaibigan munting parang buriko ay mahika
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Gordon, and Case kraker were at a phone booth sa pamamagitan ng a drug store when this happened.

Gordon: *Inserts coins in phone booth, and dials Jim's number*
Case Cracker: *Waits in the car*
Jim: Hello?
Gordon: It's done. Anthony is dead.
Jim: That's good. Come on down to the pizzeria, and I'll-
RIB's: *Shooting ponies in pizzeria*
Jim: *Gets shot* AGH! Get over here quickly!! *Hangs up*
Gordon: *Runs to car* Case, Jim is in trouble. I don't know what's happening, but we have to go help him quickly *Drives onto highway*
Case Cracker: Let's hurry then!
Gordon: *Going 90 miles an hour*
Case Cracker: *Impatiently...
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As Gordon, and Case kraker were driving back to the pizzeria, they talked about their enemy.

Gordon: I wonder how many madami manehattan ponies are left.
Case Cracker: I don't know, I guess enough to protect Anthony. madami were coming out after they were alerted.
Gordon: Maybe since Anthony is dead, they'll leave this town, and go back to where they came from.
Case Cracker: Wait. Anthony's dead?
Gordon: I think so. Didn't I kill him with that grenade in the car?
Case Cracker: It should have.
Gordon: I hope so.

They arrived at the Pizzeria

Case Cracker: *To Jim* We've sabotaged the Neigh York mafia....
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After robbing the bank, Gordon, and Case kraker were at Gordon's place.

Gordon: *Laughing* We got $58,000
Case Cracker: *Laughs* Yes! What do ya suppose we'll do with some of this money?
Gordon: Well first, let's split it. We'll each get $29,000.
Case Cracker: K *takes $29,000, and puts it into his bag* uy man, just curious. What kinda mga baril do you have?
Gordon: Why?
Case Cracker: I just wanna know what kinda mga baril you have, and whether they're good or not.
Gordon: Okay. What kinda mga baril do you have?
Case Cracker: 2 Beretta 92s', the Tec 9, a Type 821 SMG, a couple explosives and I used to have a...
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The Wonderbolt ipakita Gordon, Case Cracker, and Erica were at was just beginning.

Gordon: This oughta be fun. *Sees a Rock Island Biker* Hey, there's a R.I.B sa pamamagitan ng the entrance.
Case Cracker: *Tries to look above the crowd, wearing shades to make it look natural* Yeah, I see him. Let's go madami into the crowd.
Gordon: He's moving, but he's going away from us.
Case Cracker: Good maybe he'll let us watch the show. *Watches the Wonderbolts performance*
RIB: *grabs gun*
Ponies: AAAAAAAH! *Running*
RIB: *Shoots everyone*
Gordon: Goddammit. Let's get outta here. *Runs to car*
Erica: *Running*
RIB: *Shoots...
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After leaving the drugstore, Gordon, and Case kraker were thinking about what to do next. They had no madami work, and had the rest of the araw off.

Gordon: So, what do you want to do, now that we've got the rest of the araw off?
Case Cracker: Hmm..I heard those Wonderbolts will preform in San Fransicolt. But I don't know. What about you and your mare friend?
Gordon: I could bring her with us. Would that be ok?
Case Cracker: Okay I guess..
Gordon: You'll have to sit in the back when we get her.
Case Cracker: I figured...Does she live far?
Gordon: Not really. She lives in Russian hill. It should take...
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