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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Everypony was helping Jack set up, and they decided to sing yet another song link

Ponies: This time. This time. Making Christmas, making christmas, making christmas,
Mayor: *towing trailer of presents with Corvette* Making pasko is so fine.
Ponies: It's ours this time, and won't the children be surprised? This time it's ours.
Fat pony: *Smashes toy* Making christmas,
Thin pony: making christmas,
Fat Pony: Making christmas
Ponies: Time to give them something fun. They'll talk about for years to come. Let's have a cheer from everyone, it's time to party. Making christmas, making christmas.
Vampires: Snakes, and mice get wrapped so nice with gagamba legs, and pretty bows.
Witch: It's ours this time.
Ponies: All together, that, and this with all our tricks, we're making christmastime.
Werewolf: Here comes Jack.
Jack: *Arrives* I don't believe what's happening to me. My hopes, my dreams, my fantasies, eeheheheheheh!
Professor Something: Won't they be impressed? I am a genius. See how I transformed this old daga into a most delightful hat.
Jack: Hmmm. My compliments from me to you, on this your most intriguing hat. Consider though this substitute. A bat in place of this old rat. *sees dead snake* HMm. Nonono, that's all wrong. This thing will never make a present. It's been dead for much too long. Try something fresher, something pleasent. Try again, don't give up!
Ponies: Altogether, that, and this with all our tricks we're making pasko time.
Witches: *creating scary wrapping*
Professor Something: *makes skelleton reindeer*
Vampires: *making madami presents*
puno pony: *cuts off his own leg, and puts it in present box*
Sally: *looks*
puno pony: *Grows leg back*
Ponies: This time. This time, it's ours! Making christmas, making pasko la la la!! It's almost here and we can't wait. So ring the bells, and celebrate, cause when the full moon starts to climb we'll all sing out..

The full moon arrives

Jack: It's christmastime!!! Heeeheee!!!
Sally: *Arrives* Jack, what are you doing?
Jack: Fear not beautiful mare. We are going to create christmas.
Sally: But this isn't you. *shows picture of Jack from beginning of fanfic* You're the kalabasa king.
Jack: Not anymore *smashes picture* I am Celestia! *laughs*
Sally: I've got to stop this somehow.

2 B continued
Applejack's cutie mark is Sonic the hedgehog
my little parang buriko
ang pakikipagkaibigan munting parang buriko ay mahika
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Pinkie's such a musical character, so I used another My Little parang buriko song from G2 for her to sing to Rainbow. ^-^
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awesome parang buriko video enjoy!
parang buriko
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posted by kiyathegood
 Tom Tinker
Tom Tinker
Tom Tinker ran as fast as he could as he pasted tons of gray, mean and rotten ponys. "Where is she where is she?!" he wispered to himself as he ran to woods susunod to ponyville."PRINCESS LUNA?!" Tom sinabi running over to the princess of the night "oh good he hasnt got you " Tom sinabi as Princess Luna looked at him and said
"everyone is becoming discorded faster every second..even the happest parang buriko is discorded" Luna sinabi as a gray pegasus flew up to them.

"HEY WATCH WERE YOUR WALKING!" the pegasus sinabi as Tom sinabi "benny..?".
"Thats my name now dont say it ever again,loser!!"
Discorded Benny sinabi walking...
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#4: Pinkie:
I put her last because most fanfiction writers make her use the forth pader humor in overly obvious fashions, and I often find that annoying..

#3: Randy Marsh:

#2: Homor Simpson:

#1: Peter Griffin:
Do to this being the humor of Family Guy.
Peter, like most other characters, is very forth wall.
Only he takes this a step further.
And often INSULTS the show, and many of its fans.
But at the same time Seth speaks "though him" to express his anger of haters who try to get the ipakita deleted

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It was nice while it lasted. GET IN THE VACUUM CLEANER!!!
parang buriko
friendship is magic
ang pakikipagkaibigan munting parang buriko ay mahika
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