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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Applejack, and Braeburn waited until the train got to St. Foalis. When they got there, The Flim Flam brothers, and their gang went off the train.

Applejack: Let's get going Braeburn. *Gets off train*
Braeburn: *Follows Applejack*
Dexter: Where are we taking this filly boss?
Flim: Ehem.
Dexter: Sorry. I mean bosses.
Flam: That's madami like it.
Flim: We are going into the river to drown her.
Applebloom: You can't drown me!
Passengers: *Looking at Flim Flam brothers*
Flim: Keep your mouth shut.
Passenger: Hey, what's happening?
Dexter: None of your shitty business *Shoots passenger*
Passengers: *Running away*

The only ponies that didn't run away were Applejack, and Braeburn. They were quietly following the Flim Flam brothers.

Flim: Ok. We'll buy a kariton over there. Me, and my brother will pull the kariton to the river so we can drown Applebloom.
Flam: *Checks money* Let's try not to spend too much. We gotta save some dough for when we run low on ammunition.
Flim: Don't worry too much. *Goes to dealer* How much for the cart?
Dealer: Five bits.
Flim: *Pays dealer five bits* Alright. Everypony get in.
Karl, Kyle & Applebloom: *Get in cart*
Dexter: *Hitches Flim and Flam to cart*
Flim & Flam: *Pull cart*
Braeburn: *Sees Cart* Applejack, over there!
Applejack: They're heading towards the river.
Braeburn: AJ, I don't know about you, but I think they're going to try, and drown her.
Applejack: We can't let that happen. Come on! *Runs very fast*
Braeburn: Hey, wait for me! *Running after Applejack*
Dexter: *Sees Applejack* Sir? We've got company.
Flim: Applejack?
Dexter: Applejack.
Flam: Let's go faster then.
Flim & Flam: *Run faster*
Karl: Should we shoot them?
Flim: Yeah, get them off our tail.
Karl: *Grabs rifle*
Kyle: *Grabs shotgun*
Applejack: They have guns. *grabs revolver*
Karl: *Shoots at Braeburn*
Applejack: *Shoots wheel off cart*
Dexter: Ah! We Nawawala a wheel!
Flim & Flam: *Losing control*
Braeburn: *Shoots off Flam's hat*
Flam: Ah!!

The kariton stopped, and all six ponies run off. Well, Applebloom was being carried, and Dexter was carrying her.

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