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Seanthehedgehog Presents

The Great Escape


The good guys

Sean the hedgehog
Shredder Dash
Bartholomew Perfect the 55th
Jade Greene
Brewster Amzel
Princess Celestia
bahaghari Dash
Shining Armor

Chibi-emmy's OC

Sacred Symphony

Dragonaura15's OC


The bad guys


Major Skyler


Major Jones
Captain Muntz
Seargent Schultz


reyna Chrysalis
Corporal Hothead

This is based off of a true story. Although the characters are completely different from those of the actual escape, every detail is exactly the way it went.

Griffons: *Driving trucks to P.O.W camp*
Changeling guards: *Waiting in camp*
Major Skyler: Get them out.
Griffons: *get prisoners out of trucks*
Luke: *Goes to gate*
Major Skyler: Open the gate.
Luke: *Opens gate*
Prisoners: *Walk in prison camp*
Applejack: *Stares at huge fence*
Sean: *Walking close to wire*
Sacred Symphony: *Looking at dirt under huts*
Volk: *Walking with Pablo* How far are the trees from here?
Pablo: Over two hundred feet.
Volk: Nein, I'd say three hundred.
Pablo: Who do you think is running this camp?
Volk: I'm not sure. I've seen a few soldiers from different units.
Pablo: Changelings you think?
Volk: Either that, or we're being held prisoner sa pamamagitan ng Italians.

In one of the huts

Gordon: This looks pretty good.
Airborne: Yeah. Which one are you taking?
Gordon: That tuktok bunk is mine *Gets in tuktok bunk*
Airborne: Hey!

Back outside

Sacred Symphony: *Walks towards Celestia, and Jade*
Celestia: *Sees Sacred Symphony*
Griffon: Excuse me princess, please follow me to the kommandant's office.
Sacred Symphony: I'll look after your gear Celestia.
Celestia: Thank you. *Follows Griffon*
Griffon: This is Princess Celestia.
Griffon 3: Good. I'll take her to see Major Skyler. *Goes to Major Skyler*
Celestia: *follows griffon*
Griffon 3: Major, the princess is here.
Major Skyler: Ah, good. We've been expecting you, and your army Princess. Since you are their leader, you will talk with ours at this camp. *Opens door to kommandant's office*
Celestia: *Walks into office*
Gilda: *Sitting at desk* I am the kommandant here. Please, sit down.
Celestia: *Sits down*
Major Skyler: *Closes door*
Celestia: You must be pleased to see me.
Gilda: Princess, Doctor Robotnik has been making us spend a lot of time, equipment, and resources to stop prisoners from escaping. We don't want any of that here.
Celestia: Gilda, it is the sworn duty of a soldier of war to escape a P.O.W camp. If they can't, it is their sworn duty to confuse the enemy with much of their ability, and their sworn duty to make the enemy waste as much supplies as possible.
Gilda: Yeah well, take a look at what we have here. *Shows books on desk* This pony, Sacred, Symphony, has escaped, been recaptured, escaped, and recaptured. Applejack, eleven escape attempts. Four of them over the wire. She even tried to jump out of the truck on her way over here. Gordon Suite, escaped sa pamamagitan ng stealing a truck, *Throwing books around room* bahaghari Dash just flew out of one of our camps, and Jade Greene just ran out, the listahan is almost endless. One prisoner here, named Sean the hedgehog has had, seventeen escape attempts. He's close to being driven into insanity.
Celestia: Quite.
Gilda: And it must stop!
Celestia: Gilda, do you expect us to forget our duty?
Gilda: *Shakes head* No. We'll do our best to prevent you from leaving here. *Stands up* This is a new camp, and we've put every great escape artist into this camp. You will be allowed to do certain things. You may play baseball, or football. There's a aklatan where we'll let you borrow books, and for gardening, we will give you tools. We trust that you will use them for gardening.

2 B continued
Sacred Symphony