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posted by Seanthehedgehog
 Master Sword
Master Sword
A parang buriko named Master Sword was the conductor of the train Bartholomew was going to drive.

Master Sword: All aboard!
Lady: *Blows whistle twice*
Signal Pony: *turns signal green*
Lady: *drives train* You know what this engine is we're driving?
Bartholomew: A 4-8-4?
Lady: Yeah, but we call them Neighagaras. We have 25 of them, and they're named after the Neighagara falls.
Bartholomew: Beautiful.

The train was gathering madami speed as it left Harmon.

Bartholomew: *Sees station* What kind of trains stop there?
Lady: Only commuter trains. Some passengers take the train there into Grand Central, and then they take another train on the Harlem Division to get into the Bronx.
Bartholomew: What division are we on?
Lady: The Hudson Division.
Bartholomew: Why is it called that?
Lady: Look to your left.
Bartholomew: *Looking at Hudson River* Oh, I get it. That's pretty clever. If I'm not mistaken, the Hudson Division is also part of the Water Level Route into Chicagoat.
Lady: That's right.
Bartholomew: Good old Chicagoat. I went there once when I still worked on the U.P.
Lady: Could you tell me about it?
Bartholomew: Certainly. What happened was, a crazy parang buriko named Orion Stardust caused an accident in the train yard on purpose, just before I was assigned to be the conductor of a freight going into Chicagoat.
Lady: Continue.
Bartholomew: Our train was being pulled sa pamamagitan ng five diesels, but one of them was having engine trouble.
Lady: Nothing like the good old steam locomotive. Always reliable, and rarely breaking down.
Lady: So what did you have to do?
Bartholomew: We just stopped, and another engine had to take over. Nothing serious really, but just a little bit of an adventure.
Lady: Sounds like one for sure.

Soon, a tunnel could be seen in the distance, and in front of the tunnel was a station.

Lady: We have to stop here, and drop off some baggage.
Bartholomew: Oh really?
Lady: Yeah.
Skywalker: *Flying sa pamamagitan ng train* uy Lady, wanna go on a petsa tonight? I'm buying!
Lady: No thank you Skywalker.
Bartholomew: Skywalker? What kind of a name is that?
Lady: I know, right?
Bartholomew: If you ask me, it sounds madami like the last name for somepony.
Lady: Who?
Bartholomew: I don't know, but I'm sure a movie will be created about him sometime in the future. Many movie companies are creative you know.
Lady: Right.
Skywalker: Hey, did you forget about me?
Lady: Of course not.
Skywalker: Good, because my train got derailed further up the line. Be careful.
Lady: Who do you think you are, Casey Jones?
Skywalker: Maybe I am. You got a problem with that?
Porters: *Finish unloading mail*
Master Sword: All aboard!
Lady: We'll argue again later. *Blows whistle twice, and drives away*
Skywalker: *Lands on station* Hey, I need help getting my train back on the tracks.
Porters: We're porters, not a breakdown gang.
Skywalker: Well get the breakdown gang so they can get my train back on the tracks.
Porters: Right. *Go inside to talk on telephone*

2 B continued

Warning: I could not get Skywalker's litrato on here, so here's a link to it instead link
 Lady's engine for the train
Lady's engine for the train
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Credit: AnimatorPhoenix ; An important, friendly reminder from bahaghari Dash.
ang pakikipagkaibigan munting parang buriko ay mahika
bahaghari dash
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The game ended with the Giants winning 12 to 11. Jerry, and Howard left leaving Bob with Emily.

Emily: I did not like how tonight ended.
Bob: Well, it's not my fault that Howard is clumsy.
Emily: That's not the point Bob. You should have had Jerry ipakita up at another time, and tell me about it a few days before his arrival.
Bob: Okay, I'll keep that in mind. Are we still going out to hapunan tomorrow night?
Emily: Ugh. *Goes to bed*
Bob: I'll take that as a yes then.

Next morning at Bob's work place, he was talking to two ponies that had a problem with their wives.

Bob: Alright Richard, and Al....
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Source: EQD, joyreactor
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So, while I was interrogating Shadow, Con, and bahaghari Dash were fighting the Mexican Ponies dispatched sa pamamagitan ng Discord.

Con: *Shoots Mexican parang buriko 63*
Rainbow Dash: *Shoots Mexican parang buriko 67*
Mexican parang buriko 47: We outnumber them, and they're still beating us.
Mexican parang buriko 88: Get some grenades.
Con: Wait a minute.
Rainbow Dash: What is it?
Con: *Grabs toy tank*
Rainbow Dash: Aren't you too old to be playing with toys?
Con: Yeah, that's what I asked my quarter master when he gave me this. *Grabs remote control*
Rainbow Dash: This is not the time to be playing with a toy tank!
Con: Watch, and learn Princess....
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Theme song >>>> link

Seanthehedgehog presents

Ponies On The Rails


Peirce Hawkins "Hawkeye" From Seanthehedgehog

Coffee Creme From KarinaBrony

Snowflake & Orion From Alinah09

Metal Gloss From DragonAura15

Stylo From Jimmythedragon

NocturnalMirage from NochurnalMirage

Gordon, Percy, Jeff, Wilson, and Pete from Seanthehedgehog

Episode 45

The Trouble With Gordon

July 23, 1955

Gordon was using a telephone booth on the station.

Gordon: Is that you Coffee Crème?... Oh good, I'm so glad I can talk to you again.
Coffee Crème: *At a hotel in London* Merci. This meeting for female...
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Well sinabi bahaghari Dash.
bahaghari dash
my little parang buriko
ang pakikipagkaibigan munting parang buriko ay mahika
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