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You know what one of the greatest old school consoles of the early nineties was. The Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It had so much wonderful games from Super Mario World to Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, to Donkey Kong Country to bituin Fox. Of course, this may seem a little old school, but that doesn't mean it isn't fun. I still find enjoyment in those games, perhaps even madami then XBox and Playstation... Okay, so you may be wondering why I'm talking about the SNES on an MLP review. Well, I'm talking about the supposed creepypasta, or as I like to call it a crappypasta, known as My Little parang buriko SNES.
Now, this story starts where this guy finds a My Little parang buriko SNES game in a garbage can, where it perfectly belongs, if you ask me. Now, this has the generation 4 ponies on a game made for a console made in the nineties......... See a problem with this. Oh, and of course, it has every single cliche in a haunted game. The blood, the scary characters, the creepy text, and some walang tiyak na layunin pop up scare thats as scary as the Halloween remake (And that was unscary and just plan shitty). So, this game just has the mane 6 going around levels until some... The big red hand of satan comes and kills most of them. Of course, Twilight's the only one who survives and then has her face from Lesson Zero pop up........ Why? Pop up scares are overrated. Why keep putting them in these game creepypastas. Your not scaring anyone. Here are a few good cursed game creepypastas.
Ben Drowned
Cursed Godzilla NES
Now some shitty ones
Super Mario 64 DAMNED
The Kill Waker
.... This game I'm talking about
This game is just cliched as hell in every sense of the word. Why keep putting these cliches in the story. Also, the guy hopes no one ever finds the game, only after his mother mentions she has it in her house... What? When? How? And madami importantly, WHY?! Just why was the game in his mothers house? Why was generation 4 ponies on a SNES cartridge? Why are there so many cliches? WHY WAS THIS STORY EVER MADE?!
In other words, this story is a cliched, overrated abomination that just uses cliches. Not too much like Kill Waker, but its enough to be counted as cliched. But, hay, that's only my opinion. What's Your Take
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-- Act I --

A good walk’s way to the east, up in the windswept hills above the outskirts of Ponyville, a pegasus named Stylo stares intently at a sheet of paper. His mind is turning and his eyes are calmly closed.

“Mmm…hmm. That sounds right,” he softly mumbled to himself.

He opened his eyes and scanned the paper before him, pagbaba the lines over once more.

The imaginary smiles
And the make-believe trees
Carry desperate dreams
On a humbling breeze

For behind those eyes
True feelings are found
But denial is safe

Quill in mouth, he pens one final line below the others.

While honesty...
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The train was moving fast through the night. Hawkeye had never driven a train in the dark before.

Coffee Creme: You seem to be having lots of new experiences.
Hawkeye: I guess. It's a little hard to see the signals.
Coffee Creme: We'll be fine. We're out of Cheyenne now.
Hawkeye: On our way to St. Foalis.

A passenger train pulled sa pamamagitan ng a steam engine passed

Hawkeye: Wish I could operate that train instead of this freight.
Coffee Creme: Why? Because it's going to Cheyenne?
Hawkeye: Not just that, but there's a steam engine pulling it. One of these days, we'll never get to drive them.
Coffee Creme:...
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The susunod morning, we were walking through a forest.

Sean: *looks to the left* Shredder, come with me. The rest of you stay here. *walks*
Shredder: *folllows*
Diamond Tiara & Silverspoon: *stays*
Sean: *walking toward cliff*
Shredder: *Stops*
Sean: *stops*

In front of us was the castle. It was standing on tuktok of a cliff.

Sean: *pulls out binoculars*
Shredder: This guy has to be crazy.
Sean: Yes, he always is. It's been Robotnik's dream to kill every single animal known in existance to make robots.
Shredder: He wants what?
Sean: Every part of the world will be paved, and the only people living there...
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I am about to parachute out of an airplane with Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and bahaghari Dash. This could be interesting.

Sean: *looks out window*
Rarity: We're going to jump soon.
Sean: Why don't you three go first?
Rarity: That's nice of you.
Pinkie Pie: Green light go!

Soon the four of us jump out of the plane deploying our parachutes, getting ready to defend Manehattan from the griffons. Back at Canterlot

Twilight: Griffons!
Fluttershy: Oh my *trembling in fear*
Celestia: Theres over a dozen of them! ATTACK!
ponies: *fire mga baril at griffons*
griffons: *fire back* FOR GILDA!!
soldier: *shoots machine gun*
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I adore this part of the song, and I though I should share it. :3

You will be turned into rainbows
Everyone will be so happy!
You'll be gone but that's okay, though.
Hey, cheer up, it's not that crappy!

If you assume it your life goal
to convert into a rainbow
you'd dare not be disappointed
once I stuff you into this hole!

This is where we take your taxes,
where we make the weather wanted.
We're not chemists so don't ask us
how this method got so vaunted.

This job does not need a degree
that is how they got stuck with me.
I need this for healthcare, you see
so I can afford therapy!
The big stallion looked out at the setting son as it hit the horizon. He shed a tear, it had only been five days since Granny Smith passed. He had Applebloom under the care of his close friend Flutterhy, and now he hears that Ms.Cheerilee has Nawawala her mind. He had no one, all he had was the mansanas businesss. He tossed his freshly harvested apples into the basket. And walked over to the porch, Granny Smith`s burial was tomorrow. Maybe after that he could sell Sweet mansanas Acres to some lucky buyer.

NO! He couldn`t give up his family`s memories, they dedicated they`re life to this beautiful farm....
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Both Twilight and the mysterious stallion standing in the kastilyo floor,"You see Ms.Sparkle once you steped in this kastilyo you Nawawala parts of your memory." sinabi the stallion, twilight screamed,"what I'm losing my memmories no I can't lose my memmories how about my mga kaibigan and family!" "They will notice nothing since you're here in kastilyo Oblivion if you want to get out youmust reach the tuktok floor of the castle," sinabi the stallion. "here a card you may use it to get through the door once you enter you may not turn back you have to find the other door to get outof the room, do you understand?"...
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I. F**king. HATE THIS EPISODE!!! The episode, Putting Your Hoof Down, was an abomination of an episode. I'm aware that StarWarsFan7 made a review of this episode before me, but I just had to do this. This episode was just bad. How?

1. Why So Real: Why is every character being so mean to Fluttershy. What did she do to deserve this kind of treatment. Really, I thought this was Ponyville. Everyone here is suppose to be friendly. Why is everyone so mean. Also, this was the episode that proves my hatred for Angel. He actually slaps Fluttershy across the face. What the hell? Why would you slap Fluttershy...
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