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posted by Seanthehedgehog
8 PM, the party just started at Hawkeye's house, and everypony was having a good time.

Hawkeye: *Turns on record player* Okay everypony, let's get some music going on in here.

Song: link

Coffee Creme: Little Richard!
Hawkeye: Correct. Get some food, and dance!
Stylo: *Eating pretzels*
Jeff: *Eating hotdog*
Mirage: *Dancing with Coffee Creme*
Percy: *Drinking soda*
Gordon: *Enters house* How dare you dance with my special somepony!
Hawkeye: uy Gordon, who invited you?
Stylo: No one.
Hawkeye: So get out of here!
Gordon: No! I'm gonna party, and I'm gonna do it now! *Jumps onto snack table, and eats all of the potato chips*
Stylo: Wow.
Hawkeye: And that's why nopony invited him.

After the party ended, it was 10 O' clock in the night.

Hawkeye: Okay everypony, I got a lot of sleeping bags, so let's grab some shut eye.
Snowflake: What about our work?
Hawkeye: No thank you, I prefer to be awake.
Stylo: *Setting up alarm clock* We'll wake up at 6, I assure you.
Snowflake: Okay.

Two hours later, it was midnight. A thunderstorm started, and nopony could get some sleep.

Metal Gloss: What we need is a story.
Stylo: Yeah. A mysterious story.
Mirage: But, it must have a happy ending.
Hawkeye: I got a good story.
Coffee Creme: Let's hear it.
Hawkeye: Once upon a time in 1935, there were three ponies that lived in Germaneigh, and ran their own railway.

Hawkeye begins to narrate for this part of the episode.

There names were Duke, Richard, and Steven. Duke was the oldest, and was named after his grace, the Duke of Germaneigh. He was proud of this, and loved to keep the other two in order. Whenever the Duke saw the other two doing something wrong, he would say...

Richard: *Driving train*
Steven: *Driving another train*
Richard: *Crashes into Roger's train*
Duke: You really shouldn't do that! It would never suit his grace!

Other ponies came, and went, but Duke outlasted them all. Richard, and Steven used to call him Grandpa. They liked Duke, but they got very tired about hearing the stories of his grace. Sometimes they teased him.

Duke: *Stops train to refuel*
Steven: Ponies come, and ponies go.
Richard: Grandpa goes on forever!
Steven & Richard: *Laughing*
Duke: You little scallywags! Whatever are young ponies coming to?
Steven: Nevermind Grandpa, we're only young once.
Duke: Well you better mind, unless you want to end up like Greaser.
Richard: Oh Grandpa!
Steven: Whatever happened?
Duke: Greaser was British, and very arrogant. He drove his trains fast, and often derailed them. I warned him to be careful, but he took no notice.

A few months ago

Greaser: *Standing sa pamamagitan ng train*
Duke: You constantly drive too fast on sharp turns. You need to go slower.
Greaser: Listen Dukey! In the United Kingdom, we don't care for a few train wrecks.
Duke: We do here.
Greaser: Ha ha ha ha ha!

A few months later

Duke: Then one day, our boss sinabi he was going to be useful at last. Greaser stopped laughing then.
Richard: W-w-why?
Steven: What did he do?
Duke: He fired Greaser, and had him work at a nearby retirement home. He still works there to this very day. He'll never drive a train again.

After that, Richard, and Steven did their work properly, and all three ponies worked together happily for many years.

Then, hard times came. The mines on their railway closed. Then the entire railway shut down. Other ponies came to hire Richard, and Steven, but no one wanted Duke. They thought he was too old.

Duke: *Sitting sa pamamagitan ng shed*
Richard: Don't worry grandpa. We'll find another railroad in the United States, then have you work with us. You can keep us in order there.
Steven: Good idea.

They tried to be brave, and cheerful, but nopony believed it would be true.

Duke was on his own now.

Duke: *Goes in shed* I'm going to miss this place. *Goes out of shed* I better get home.

As he got there, he couldn't find anything to entertain himself.

Duke: Oh well, I'll go to sleep. It'll help to pass the time. *Uses magic to have himself fall asleep without being interrupted*

His house was near a hill. Winter storms washed soil from the hills, to his house. Trees, and bushes grew all around. You wouldn't have known a house was there, let alone an old parang buriko sleeping inside.

Stylo: That's not a happy ending!
Hawkeye: Oh there will be, but the storm just stopped, and we need some sleep. I'll continue the story later.

The End

On the susunod episode of Ponies On The Rails

The story of Duke continues.
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