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posted by Seanthehedgehog
As Roger was driving the train, Duke kept on talking to him with the radio in his engine, to make sure Roger was paying attention to his work.

Duke: Look in front of you!
Roger: *Grabs speaker, and talks on radio* What do you think I'm doing Einstein?
Duke: Goofing off.
Roger: Let's just say that I am not as careless as I was twenty one years ago. I was twenty two, but now I am older, madami mature, and not careless.
Duke: That's not what Anthony told me!
Roger: *Sees tunnel in front of them* Put your headlights on, we're going through a tunnel. *Turns headlights on his engine*
Duke: *Does the same*
Roger: *Driving train at 20 miles an hour*
Duke: How big is this tunnel?
Roger: Not big.
Duke: Why are you going slow?
Roger: It's a one way mainline sa pamamagitan ng a cliff.

Roger was getting so angry, that he didn't notice the tracks in front of the train were in bad condition.

Duke: I'm just saying-
Roger: No, I don't care, alright? You think I'm careless. Let me tell you something. I will not this train get derailed! *Gets train derailed*
Duke: *Applies brakes on engine*

Roger's engine was hanging off of the cliff, but it didn't fall off.

Duke: *Puts engine in reverse*
Roger: *Feels his engine shaking*
Duke: *Gets back on radio* Stop making your engine shake you bastard!
Roger: I can't control it!
Duke: *Checks fuel gauge in his engine* I'm almost empty.
Conductor: *Enters Duke's locomotive* What happened?
Duke: That's not important. Get madami oil for my engine. I'm almost empty.
Conductor: There's a gas station nearby. I'll get help fast. *Runs out of engine*
Passenger: *Walks out of train* Sir, what's happening?
Conductor: One of the engines got derailed, and is hanging off of a cliff. Get everypony to the gas station, we need oil, quickly.

The gas station was right sa pamamagitan ng the train, but a burol made things difficult to get there. So, all the passengers, as well as a few other ponies formed a line, and they all had buckets. They were filled with oil, and were taken to the gas tank of Duke's engine.

Duke: *Seeing oil go into his engine* Wunderbar. Keep it up.
Passenger: How's the engineer doing in that engine hanging off of the cliff?
Duke: He'll be fine. *Gets an idea, then gets back into his engine. He turns on the radio to talk to Roger* Roger, how are you?
Roger: *Gets on his radio* Never better. I always enjoyed having my life in danger with a view of a town 2,000 feet before me.
Duke: Now is not the time for sarcasm. Can you climb out of your engine?
Roger: What for?
Duke: Just do it!
Roger: *Uses magic to teleport susunod to Duke* What do you have in mind old timer?
Duke: Now that you're out of the engine, it should be light enough for me to use my engine to get it back on the tracks.
Roger: You're crazy.
Duke: Watch me. *Gets back in his engine*

Surprisingly it worked. Duke drove his engine in reverse, and got Roger's engine back on the tracks.

Roger got back in his locomotive, and they started heading for Winnemucca. sa pamamagitan ng the time they got there, Michael was waiting.

Roger: *Stops train, then gets out of engine* Michael?
Michael: I heard about it, and I just hope you're okay.
Passengers: *Walking out of train*
Roger: I'm fine, it's just that-
Passengers: Are you the boss of this railway?
Michael: No, but I do control this route.
Passengers: Your engineer Duke is a genius. He saved somepony from a tragic accident.
Duke: *Walks out of engine*
Roger: I'm sorry for being mean to you. Why did you rescue me after all the bad things I sinabi to you?
Duke: Well, you got me a job for this railway. I figured I had to pay you back somehow.

The End

On the susunod episode of Ponies On The Rails

A new worker arrives for the Southern Pacific.
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