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AquaMarine and J666 have offered up there character's and I'm gonna try my best to give them an appearence.
... We're see how it goes.
J's character, Silver Needle, is likely of becoming a full on character character of the series, just like Mastersword (windwakerguy) has become an full on character, but only with small roles..
But Aqua's character is 'less' likely.
But.. Either way. Were see what happens.

Derpy: Ahh., here we are at last.. Grand Gollaping Galla.. It's so beauitfu- *bangs into someone*
Aqua: *rudely* Hey. Watch where your going lady.
Derpy: Don't have to be mea-
Aqua: *rudely* Just leave me alone! *leaves*
Derpy: *eyes narrow*
Derpy: *Sudden happiness* This place just gets better and better.

Saten: So.. We're is this petsa of yours?
Derpy: He'll be here..
Stallion: *out of breath* I'm here. I'm here.
Derpy: Speak of the devil.. There he is.
Saten: Oh.. *laughs* Are you sure?
Derpy: Haha. Very funny.. His name is Goldengrape.
Grape: That's my name. Don't rare it out.
Saten: *annoyedly* Nobody says that anymore. So please don't 'start' using it.
AppleJack: *annoyedly roles eyes*.. I'm gonna go get some punch.
Derpy: Can I come?
AppleJack: Uhh.. Sure. Why not.
Derpy: *happily* Great. *The girls leave the area*
Grape: I have to admit.. Derpy is a lot less attractive in person.
Saten: Oh. Is that so?
Grape: Yeah.. But beggars can't be choosers.
Saten: *fake laugh* good one... May I see your pen?
Grape: Uhh., Sure *gives him a pen from his pocket*
Saten: Thanks.. Now. What was that about Derpy?
Grape: That's, she's kinda uglier in person.
Saten: I see... *suddenly, and aggressively, stabs the pen into GoldenGrapes leg, much to his intense pain*
Grape: What the fu-
Saten: *with the evil grin from one of my orginal pictures of him* HOW UGLY IS SHE NOW!?
Grape: Okay.. Okay.. She's not ugly.
Saten: Good.. *rips the pen out*... And just remember. I'll be watching you..
Grape: *gulps* noted.

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