Bronies try can try hard enough to have MLP dreams and if you do you wish you would never wake up.

I can recall 3 MLP dreams I had since I became a Brony last taon in March

1. I was going in a carpool somewhere and I don't recall where, but something else stuck out in my mind. applejack was in the carpool. I wanted to sit t o her, but it looked like somebody else was sitting susunod to her. Then I see in the upuan in back of applejack was her adorable little sister Applebloom. Luckily nobody was sitting susunod to her I got to sit susunod to her and gave her high-five or in her case a hoof-five.

2. All I can recall is that the Equestria Girls Trixie was there and was a few years younger than what she was in the movie.

3. 2 nights nakaraan I drempt that I met the Equestria Girls CMC. I asked them if they were going to the prom. (That came into my mind probably because of last's week's episode about the gala). Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo sinabi no while Applebloom sinabi yes. I was going to ask her if we could go together as friends, but forgot to ask her before my dream ended (Oh well). Though I got to high-five all of them.