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posted by Seanthehedgehog

Canterlot, 6:50 AM

The sun was just rising as a convoy left Canterlot. In the convoy was a Lincoln, two Chryslers, and a 1954 Cadillac convertible. Each car was shiny, and black, and Twilight's in the Cadillac. The front of that car has two purple flags with her cutie mark on it.

Episode 3: pasko Trees And Assassinations

Special Guest Stars, Twilight Sparkle, Princess Celestia, and Princess Luna as theirselves.
SeanTheHedgehog's Tom Foolery as Brett Flasch

In Gran Turismo, everypony heard that Twilight Sparkle was coming to visit.

Tim: *Listening to the radio inside his car as he drives to his police barracks to get started with work for the day*
News Pony: I'm afraid that there is some controversy going over a decision Twilight Sparkle made yesterday. She has decided to change the name of Hearth's Warming Eve to Christmas. The name is different, but the holiday is not. However, dozens of ponies have shared their disinterest in this, violently.

A little while later, the convoy entered Gran Turismo. This time, two state troopers were at the front, and back of the convoy. The song starts to fade away as ponies cheer for Twilight.

Brett: *Holding a sniper rifle*
Twilight Sparkle: *Laughing with two Royal Guards
Brett: *Aims his rifle, and fires a bullet, but it hits the door near one of the Royal Guards*
Ponies: *Running away*
Royal Guard: Princess, get down!
Twilight: Ah! *Ducks*

The convoy started to go faster.

Brett: *Fires two madami bullets*
Royal Guard 2: Where are those shots coming from?
Royal Guard: I don't know. Don't slow down until those shots stop being fired.
Brett: Dammit! *Running out of the building*
Toby: *Nearby on patrol with Red in a brand new Caprice police car*
Brett: *Gets in his car, and drives away*
Toby: *Spots Brett, and sees the sniper rifle* Red, see that riple in his car?
Red: Yes.
Toby: Did you hear about that assassination attempt on Twilight just now?
Red: You don't suppose-
Toby: I do. *Puts on his sirens*
Brett: *Floors it*
Toby: *Follows Brett*
Brett: I need car chase music. *Looking for the right music to play on the radio*

Song (Start it at 0:05):

Brett: Ah, to hell with it. This is good enough.
Red: *On the walkie talkie* That's right, he's going down Byer Lane right now. The road with the train tracks on them.
Brett: *Getting distracted sa pamamagitan ng the music*
Engineer: *Hits Brett's car with a train, then stops his train*

Stop the song.

Brett: Well, that escalated quickly. Good thing the train was going slow. *Teleports out of his car*
Toby: What the hell? He just used magic to get out of that car.
Red: Now what do we do?
Toby: That blue unicorn could still be in Gran Turismo. If he wants to kill Twilight Sparkle, there's no doubt he's gonna stay here to try again. We need to tell the Captain.

2 B Continued
 Brett's car
Brett's car
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 bahaghari scares me
Rainbow scares me
My sister grabbed me and few high up into the air. Later i saw that we were near the bahaghari Factory so i started to squirm but bahaghari Dash held me tightly. We arrived there and we went into the factory, I was thrown into a dark corner where the floor moved from left to right. I saw other fillies that were my age being put into a special room where i suppose they were being killed because i kept hearing screams then a moment of silence in between then another filly would be sent into the room. I sat on the now stable floor and waited. I heard a busting and gun fire. It was General Sky Night, He came to save me. some how Pin Tail and Green Flame arrived to be in the factory and took positions at certain parts of the factory. Sky Night feed me and the other fillies....
 my sister is evil
my sister is evil
posted by Canada24
 Stay outta mah shed!
Stay outta mah shed!
Back at Canterlot.

Princess Celestia was sitting sa pamamagitan ng herself, probably Nawawala in thought.

When suddenly prime Spike's letter finally reached her.

"Ohh, what's this about" Celestia thought outloud, as she opened to letter.

Dear Princess..
Twilight wasn't so sure it was worth sending you this letter. Believing you won't take us seriously about such things, and maybe you won't, but I'm letting you know anyway. Rather you believe me or not. Some dobblegangers escaped into our universe, and I'm hoping that maybe your know a way to bring them back.. And far far away from me.
Signally yours.
Pinkie Pie.

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posted by StarWarsFan7
This is just a usual everyday artikulo from your good ol' friend, Aurora! Now, I'm going to talk about my tuktok six paborito episodes so far. The reason why I chose six is because of the Mane Six.

6.) The Return of Harmony, Part 2

This episode was very explainable. Especially when Twilight figured out what Discord's riddle was. But, it goes on the bottom of my listahan because of the plot seemed too predictable. I mean, the Mane Six had already done this in Friendship is Magic, Part 2. Why again? Are they going to do this again in Season three? I'm not hating or anything similar to that. There are some...
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friendship is magic
shining armor
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