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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Episode 6: Snow

Special Guest Stars, Jordan from SeanTheHedgehog
And Neon Lights as Nick Ren

Gran Turismo just got 18 inches of snow. Even though all of the roads were plowed, the speed limits were reduced, to avoid accidents.

Julia: *Stops her car susunod to a speed sign*
Tim: *Gets a temporary speed sign, and puts it up*

The on the road they were currently on was reduced from 35 to 20. Every road in Gran Turismo had it's speed decreased sa pamamagitan ng 15.

Tim: There we go. *Gets back into the car, sitting susunod to Julia*
Julia: *Drives the car*
Tim: *Picks up the receiver on the radio* GT24, we just finished putting the temporary speed signs on Main Street, we're gonna continue our patrol on Monday Avenue.
Dispatch: Ten-4 24.
Ponies: *Riding snowmobiles in the snow*
Tim: *Hear the snowmobiles* Sounds like some ponies are having fun.
Julia: *See the snowmobiles sa pamamagitan ng the road* I see what you mean.
snoumobile Ponies: *Go over Julia's police car, and land on the other side of the road, nearly hitting another pony*
Tim: A little too much fun. Turn left.
Julia: *Turns on her police lights, and sirens as she turns left*
Tim: GT24, we have two ponies on snowmobiles, wanted for careless driving. They're currently on Shadow Lake near Green Drive.
Dispatch: Ten-4 24.
Julia: I hope they break the ice.
Tim: I'm afraid that won't happen.
snoumobile Ponies: *Turn left, and jump over the highway*
Ponies: *Honking their horns as they slow down, then increase speed after the snowmobiles are gone*
Julia: Don't tell me we Nawawala them already!
Tim: It looks like we did. The captain won't be pleased about that.
Julia: You're telling me.
Tim: *Talks on the radio* GT24, we Nawawala the snowmobiles.
Dispatch: Ten-4.
Julia: What now?
Tim: Let's get back to our patrol.
Julia: *Turns the car around, and drives* I bet you they'll turn up again.
Tim: Yeah, but we won't be able to catch them in this. We need snowmobiles as well.

2 B Continued
 Here is Jordan, my OC
Here is Jordan, my OC
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You know, it’s been quite a while since I made a full fledged negative review….. So lets go back to making those. This time, we’ll be pagbaba a Lord of the Rings fanfic, titled Celebrain. I should warn you all right now, this is going to be one of THOSE fanfics… You’ll see what I mean in a second.
So, it starts with Celebrian, Elrond’s wife, sleeping in a cave… why, I have no clue, but she is then found sa pamamagitan ng orcs, who strip her and then place her in this dress made of silk strings that shouldn’t even count as clothing, which the may-akda says, and I quote, “Highlighted her lavender...
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 Panty Hose (her full name) gets help from Blazin' in getting a job and buying a house.
Panty Hose (her full name) gets help from Blazin' in getting a job and buying a house.
The susunod morning…

Rarity: Panty! Please wake up, dear. Blazin' will be here to pick you up soon.

Panty: Wha…whoa!! I gotta get going! *races all over the house to get her stuff and put it in her suitcase*

Rarity: Eh….Want some coffee?

Panty: Coffee? Sure! *drinks it from the cup she was ibingiay and suddenly moves faster*

Sweetie: What's going on…HEY! Watch where your'e going!

Panty: *stops* Sorry about that Sweetie. Blazin' will be here any minuto now, and I'm freaking out! Rarity, can you do a quick checklist with me?

Rarity: Sure.

Panty: Toothbrush?

Rarity: Check.

Panty: Toothpaste?

Rarity: Check....
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