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posted by SomeoneButNoone
FI - Gentelmans we will ilipat onto bigger shit from now.

oras : 06:28

FI - My old informator need help, his name is Dimitri, he have Russian Mob on territories of Ponyville and Canterlot, we are doing job for him.

Location : Canterlot

FI - Some Ponies started stealing his cocaine and use it in their little ghetto. Dimitri want you to "pay them a visit" and take what his. He will reward us with money. He trusts us so don't screw it up. No police - only you and junkies. Easy right? And it gives us enterance into Canterlot affairs.

Action Start

*Van appears at ghetto*
Junkie - What the hell.. Cops or what *keeps hoof at gun*
Joel - wait... Now.
Damien - *opens doors and aims at civilians* On the grounds fucking trash.
Junkie - *points gun at Damien*
Joel - *blows his head with shotgun*
Damien - Anyone else gonna try to fight us? On the grounds you degenerates!
*everyone got on ground*
Steven - it's this destroyed building. Let's go *breaks lock*
FI - Those guys are possibly high as fuck. Shoot about 5 of them and leave rest be - scare them.
Damien - *shoots at Ponies* Woooo hooooo!
Joel - That's a warning.
parang buriko - Yo why why us.
Steven - That's for stealing from Dimitri *KO's one of them*
Damien - Pack the cocaine fast.
-5 minutos later-
Damien - *close van doors* Nicley done.

FI - OK guys fresh info from Dimitri listien to this tape.

Dimitri - Good araw my underlings. I want to make a deal. I will pay the whole debt you are in if you gonna do jobs for me. They won't take long and you will bring me millions to offshore account. You guys are good so I want to follow up on it. Firstly I want you to be my watchman's for money delivery. After that we will work out what you can do. I hope you will accept the payment in debt paying. For to-hoof payment You can take anything you want from places I send you - Jewellery, Money or even drugs and weapons. Be creative. Oh and Canterlot is mainly my city don't try to steal from my shit. But I hope Ja- I mean Friendly Info will tell you what's mine and what you can steal. I hope it's a start of great co-operation.

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