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The story starts off at AppleJack's farm, at cider season. AJ not allowing Derpy, Sword and Saten to have any cider.

"No madami cider guys.. It has a risk of having alcohol." The blonde parang buriko said.

Saten: So?

"Well 91% of all drunk based chaos are caused sa pamamagitan ng you three." AppleJack replied.

Derpy, Saten and Sword all cheer and high five.

"Not what I meant. We need designated drivers." AppleJack said, and pulls out jar.

"You know the drill.. Whoever gets the black egg."

The three stick their hands in.

Sword: (sees it) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

"Hey you got it." Saten said, pointing the already obvious.

During a party later, Sword suffers alcohol withdraw, squeezing his short blonde hair.

Worse yet, the parang buriko verison of Duffman awards him a huge duff. For "being a wild party animal.. To the point of murdering 14 people".




"Thanks Sword.. Remember my car tomorrow." Saten sinabi while drunk. It's confusing in that sense. They are still ponies, but they drive cars. Guess it's just easier for me,

Sword: Yes.. Tomorrow.. Mm,mm, mwaha, (drives off) WAHAHAHAHA!

"Thanks for understanding." Saten sad drunkly, and stumbles to his and Trixie's house.


Two months later...

Saten is putting up Have You Seen Me? signs.

Trixie: Well susunod time don't leave your car with a man who once jumped out a window to avoid being interviewed.

Saten: I could hardly see straight, Trix.

Dinky: Any luck uncle Saten?

Saten: Sorry, kiddo

Limo parks by, the drver opens trunk to pull out a hungover Sword

Driver: Here we are, Mr. Sword

Sword: Thanks my man..

Saten: Sword, where's my car?!

Master Sword (shaking): All l remember about the last two months is giving a guest lecture at Villanova. Or maybe it was a kalye corner.

Saten: So you Nawawala my car eh? I oughta to manuntok you, but I can't do it in front of Trix-

Trixie: (punches Sword)

Trixie: Take that!

Derpy (flies over, Glaze there with her): Saten, you got a letter.

Glaze: From the city of New York

Saten (reads): My car is illagally parked in New York!? 72 hours to remedy this!?

Glaze: Yay, new york!

Saten: Well... I'll miss that car.

Glaze: Why?

Saten: I don't like New York sis.

Glaze: You can't judge a place you've never been to

Saten: (sighs) I have been there.. lt's time l told you about a chapter of my life l hoped would be closed forever. l was on my way to the Harrisburg amerikana Outlet to buy an irregular amerikana but it required a stopover in New York City.

(Saten has his bag stolen, so tells a cop who also robs him).

(Eating, Saten sees a sign pagbaba 'Crime up 8 million percent')

Trixie: Trixie: Well of coarse your have a bad expirence if you focus on all the bad stuff.

Saten: (no reply).

Glaze: Oh I pag-ibig New York, I use to do concerts there when I sang

Saten: Really?

Glaze: Yes.

Saten: Fine.

Glaze: We can all go.

Saten: Fine

Saten: ... (throws wallet into the fire).

Trixie: What are you doing!?

Saten: They're not getting my license!



Saten: I hate city buses..

Glaze: I just think we should've paid the extra $1.50 and gotten a bus with restrooms

Derpy: I can't feel my legs. (punches them)

Trixie: Derpy, they belong to the man behind you

(an unusally tall man stands and glares at her).

Derpy: ... (puppy eyes)

Man: ... (sits back down)

The girls are n awe of NY.

Saten: This isn't a vacation girls, just coming for my car.

Trixie: We're gonna enjoy the city

Saten: l don't wanna spend one extra segundo in this urban death maze. I just wanna find it and get the fuck out of here.

Trixie: We'll meet you here at 5

Saten: (sighs, and flies off).


Glaze goes into record store looking for her own CD's.

Glaze: So basically I quit cause I didn't make money

Cashier (uninterested): Uh huh

Glaze: But the most popular was bahaghari Factory.

Cashier: You buying it not?

Glaze: ... Fine, how much?


Saten is biting at carboot

(Saten: Come on off, you motherfucker!)

Guy 1: Hey, When you're done With that, l got something up here you can bite onl

Guy 2: Hey, why don't you be polite, you stinkin' pus bag! Pal, you gotta call that number on the boot.
Sorry about that guy. They stick all the jerks in Tower One.

Guy 1: That's it! l'm comin' over there!

Guy 2: Why don't you come over here!

Guy 1: l got something for you!


Saten: (calls pay phone)

Woman: Thank you for calling the parking violations bureau. To plead not guilty, please press 1.

Saten: (presses it)

Woman: Thank you. Your plea has been- - Rejected.

Saten: Damn it.

Woman: You will be assessed the full fine plus a small- Large lateness penalty.
Please wait sa pamamagitan ng your vehicle between 9:00 pm and 5:00 pm for parking officer Steve- - Grabowski.

Saten (hangs up angrily): They expect me to sit here from 9:00 to 5:00? That's- How many hours? Ten, 1 1, denominator- Oh! Where's Trixie when you need her?!


Trixie: (on the subway with Glaze and Derpy)

Trixie: Here's a better idea. You give me your address, and l'll write to you.

Bum: Okay, just send it to Jesus... here at the Pentagon!

Trixie: Are we there yet?

Glaze: Not yet.

Derpy (holding empty can): Ladies and gentlemen, l'm sorry to disturb your pleasant ride but unlike yourselves, l was born without taste buds.

Derpy: Allow me to demonstrate. (Licks the railing) (shivers) the shit I do for money.. Thank you for your time, free change?

Trixie (pulls her away): Your really something aren't you?

Derpy: uy I needed cash.

Glaze: Ask them if they heard bahaghari Factory.


They girls are onto of the Statue of Liberty.

Trixie: Look at the bangka of immigrents.

Derpy: Yeah.. (voice heard from statue) BEAT IT DOUCHEBAGS! COUNTRY'S FULL!

Sailor: OK people, you heard the lady. Back into the hold. We'll try Canada.

The immigrents groan in disappointment.


Saten: I'll take a hot dog.

Guy: No hot dog, Khlav Kalash

Saten: Fine.. (has one) (takes bunch of drinks) Have a bathroom?

Guy: Not bathroom. Tower. (points up) Tower!

Saten: Grrr, I can't leave, why did I drink all of it?.. Screw it. (flies up to tuktok tower)

Saten finds the bathroom out of order.

Saten: (flies to susunod building but window locked) Damn it! (runs down, pushing though crowd to elivator)

WindWaker430: (calmly) How frightfully rude, I hope someone stabs him in the eye.

Saten: OOOOOOOOOOOOO, YEEEES! HEAVENLY! ... (sees the parking officer guy from window) No!

Officer leaves tickey



Trixie: (hears it) Guess we're gonna be leaving soon.

Glaze: Yeah.


Saten: Failure to wait sa pamamagitan ng car!? $250?!

Saten: Fuck you New York! I'm leaving one way or another!

Saten gets in car and drives it the boot still on.

Saten: Hahah- Ow! Hahah- Ow!



Biker hit sa pamamagitan ng sinabi driver: YEAH YOU JACKASS!

Saten: Shut up! SHUT UP!


He finds a jackhammer and uses it to remove the boot sa pamamagitan ng force, causing traffic jam.

Saten: WHOO! Thanks for your patience everyone!


Saten: (screams and drives off).


The girls continue to have a far madami pleasent expirence.

Glaze: I pag-ibig New York.

Derpy: Yeah.. Free pot. (puts bag in cartoon pocket).

Trixie (sees the car): Uh oh, here he comes.

Saten: Alrght, get in.

The three get in. They drive off in the half destoried car.


(Frank Sinatra's New York, New York plays).

Glaze: What a magical city. Can we come back susunod year?

Saten (wild eyed): (garbage hits him in face).

Saten (tranquil fury): We'll see sis. We'll see.

I'll end the season here.. Not sure where else to go from here..
As me & bahaghari Dash got out of the hangar 3 Nazis spotted us.

Nazi 1: Halt!
Sean: *shoots all Nazis*
Communist 234: Where did that come from?
Rainbow Dash: You should've used a silencer.
Sean: The sooner they get toward us, the sooner they die.
Robotnik: Gilda, Blaze get out there!
Gilda: Were on it!
Communist 234: I found them
Sean: *kills communist*
Gilda: Excellent job. You only killed four of us. Now it's time you both die.
Sean: Blaze is mine.
Rainbow Dash: I got Gilda.
Blaze: *sets hands on fire* Still working with pussies?
Sean: When did I start working with you?
Gilda: I've been waiting...
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ang pakikipagkaibigan munting parang buriko ay mahika
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ang pakikipagkaibigan munting parang buriko ay mahika
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Theme Song:

Master Sword: Come on Tom, let's go meet the others.
Tom: Right behind you.
Double Scoop: *Standing on kalye corner*
Aina: *Runs out of her house*
Sunny: Hey, wait for me. *Flying in the middle of the street*
Saten Twist: *Polishing his chain saw, but stops to go meet the others*
Pleiades: *Arrives at corner*
Mortomis: *Standing susunod to Double Scoop*
Tom: madami ponies!!
Snow Wonder: *Arrives in a brand new Corvette*
Cosmic Rainbow: *Flies from the clouds*
Heartsong: *Climbs out of a manhole*
Annie: *Arrives on a bicycle*
Blaze: *Flies...
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