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here is pictures found sa pamamagitan ng me darkstone
parang buriko
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When James returned to his home, his family was waiting for him at the hapunan table

Martha: James. How was your day?
James: About average. Nothing bad happened.
Martha: That's good. How are Larry, and Jack?
James: They're ok, but I'm a little worried.
Martha: Why? What's happening?
James: They're saying our boss isn't doing so good with getting the Union to leave us alone.
Martha: Which union is it?
James: It's the Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers. We just call them the AA.
Martha: Ok. hapunan is almost ready.
James: Alright, I'm starving. Kids, come downstairs.
Toby: *Comes downstairs*...
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Back at the saloon

Dexter: *Returns*
Flim: Did you give them that letter?
Dexter: Yeah.
Flam: Now what?
Flim: Now, we wait until tomorrow. That is when we kill Applejack.

Later that evening

Applejack: *Shooting tree*
Braeburn: Stop shooting my tree!
Applejack: I'm practicing so I can defeat the Flim Flam brothers.
Braeburn: Practice on my shed, not the tree.
Applejack: *Sighs* *Shoots window*
Braeburn: *Sees damage* Ok, maybe that's enough practicing.
Applejack: Whatever, I'm going to practice somewhere else. *Leaves*
Braeburn: *Walks back into home*

Applejack wanted to practice at a cemetary, but...
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The last we saw our heroes, they had formulated a plan to kill the tyrant King Cobra. No sooner had this plan been brought up, King ulupong and his elite soldiers took up residence in Ponyville. Sending one of his men to deliver a vial of his seductive venom to Cloudsdale (to be spread across Equestria), he found haven in Twilight's house (who, sa pamamagitan ng the way, is trapped in the human world). After intercepting the vial, Snowflake flew back to the hideout (Sugarcube Corner), to find her mga kaibigan captured sa pamamagitan ng King Cobra. She fled, unnoticed, to the Everfree forest, where she now sat with Tropical Breezes...
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Theme song for this fanfic: link


Episode VIII

The Nazis Strike Back

Things are not going well for the parang buriko Alliance. Despite defeating Dr. Robotnik who has teamed up with Discord, Twilight Sparkle has decided to abandon the mane 6, and help the Nazis take over Canterlot.

After their success, Twilight has made plans to get the griffons, and changelings to sumali their army. Once that is done, they will make their attempt to rule all of Equestria

Our hero, Sean The Hedgehog is with his girlfriend bahaghari Dash. They were sleeping when this all happened.

Nazi pilots: *flying...
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you're going to pag-ibig mlp
ang pakikipagkaibigan munting parang buriko ay mahika
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Who doesn't pag-ibig frosting?
bahaghari dash
my little parang buriko
ang pakikipagkaibigan munting parang buriko ay mahika
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The last solstice

Chapter 29: Fading light – Part 1.

“I still can't believe it's really you... “the Princess of the Night sinabi on a warm tone. “To be honest, I thought I'll never see you again, sister.”

“I... don't know what to say...” Celestia replied, turning hear head away, her face revealing massive levels of uncertainty.

“You don't have to say anything, Tia. I'm just glad your finally here with us.”


“Yes. Cadence and Twilight are in the susunod room, they must know about your return at once!” Luna declared excitedly and reached for the door knob.

“No, wait!”...
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Con went inside the bar, and found the parang buriko he was looking for.

Con: Are you Rain Bouvier?
Rain: Yeah, what's it 2 ya?
Con: I am Mane. Con Mane, my best friend Fenix Lighter works for the same organization you do, and Sanchez's gang nearly killed him.
Rain: Who do you work for Con? Are you a spy?
Con: Yeah, for the C.I.E.
Rain: Well I think we can work together.
Con: Good.
Dario: *walks in bar*
Rain: Oh damnit!
Con: What is it?
Rain: It's Sanchez's right hand man, Dario.
Con: And he's brought company.
Waitress: uy there, anything I can get you?
Con: Two beers, that's all.
Waitress: Alrighty, coming...
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