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here is pictures found sa pamamagitan ng me darkstone
parang buriko
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How is Fluttershy beating up everypony?!
my little parang buriko
ang pakikipagkaibigan munting parang buriko ay mahika
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The night after the marriage was when the ponies were partying.

Con: Congrats Fenix.
Fenix: Danke my friend. Me, and Roseluck have a gift for you.
Roseluck: It's a cigarette lighter.
Con: Oh wow. Thanks you two.
Roseluck: *grabs flower* He loves me,
Fenix: Come on, of course I pag-ibig you.
Con: I have to go *gets in car*
Roseluck: Con wait!
Con: *drives off*
Roseluck: Is he ok?
Fenix: He was married once, but that was a long time ago.

At the Berlin jail

Sanchez: *playing harmonica*
Copper 43: Shut up!
Sanchez: Fine.
Russians: *storm in jail* Where's Sanchez?!
Warden: I'm not telling you!
Russians: *kill...
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p.s.this is an episode that i came up with.pinkie pie: oh my gosh! I can't believe were going to the gala already! twilight:calm down pinkie. rarity: you're not the only one who's exited pinkie, I heard that the famous elusive would be there. mansanas jack: I heard that I'm gonna have some competion. they say that one of the farm ponies from fillydalphia is gonna be there. bahaghari dash: come on guys it's not that big a deal. all: not a big deal!(theme song) fluttershy: um, excuse me, rarity? rarity: ah fluttershy! come here i have a new dress for you. fluttershy: oh is that what you wanted me...
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Yes, it's back.. I promise not to take up so much space.. As I'm one shoting them for now one...


Saten Twist and Master Sword are at a mall, only to get a rude brush-off from the Santa who works there when he leaves for the night. As a result, Sword vows to kill Santa for blowing him off. And knowing Sword, he wasn't joking.

Saten: Man, you may want to calm down there

Sword: f that beslubbering, onion-eyed maggot-pie thinks he can just blow me off like that, he's got another thing coming..(pulls out Pistol) And it's full of led (points it)

Saten: (slaps it away) Geez louise...
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Chapter 1: The mare in the storm

A bright lightning bolt slit through the obsidian sky as the storm continued to assault the windows of the small tavern vehemently. The mare looked around in the premise. Gloomy candle light originated from the only chandelier on the ceiling. The air was stuffy; filled with the mixture of beer, cider, sweat, smoke and candle wax. Pale, worn out pictures hung on the wall. Worn out wooden tables. Worn out faces…

A frown appeared on the mare’s face, but nopony noticed, because she wore a brown magsuot ng bata which covered her entire body; only her muzzle was visible...
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Pinkie Pie, along with Trixie, ventured into the Everfree Forest in hopes of finding both Pound and kalabasa Cake before their parents find out they were gone. It was going to be a long and hard quest, for there was a lot of danger inside the forest. Would two ponies really survive in the wilderness? It's time to see...

Both Pinkie and Trixie had walked through a lot of places inside the forest without taking the wrong step, because Trixie had been using her navigation skills for help. From Froggybottom Bog to the Ursa's cave, they kept on going, and going, and going... But they meet a dead end...
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