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*This happens 30 minutos after bahaghari Dash had been brought from Wing parang buriko to Leader. Lightning Dust had been confined to a solitary confinement for the night after what bahaghari told Spitfire. Here is Lightning Dust's revenge.*

"Damn that pony!" shouted Lightning Dust in anger after getting busted and thrown into confinement. "She does NOT does that to pure Wonderbolt material!!! I will-" There was a bang on the door. "Quiet in there! This ain't a prison!" a guard called out. The light green parang buriko thought to herself, "This is not over yet, bahaghari Dash. You may have your fill of power and glory,...
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You know, it’s been quite a while since I made a full fledged negative review….. So lets go back to making those. This time, we’ll be pagbaba a Lord of the Rings fanfic, titled Celebrain. I should warn you all right now, this is going to be one of THOSE fanfics… You’ll see what I mean in a second.
So, it starts with Celebrian, Elrond’s wife, sleeping in a cave… why, I have no clue, but she is then found sa pamamagitan ng orcs, who strip her and then place her in this dress made of silk strings that shouldn’t even count as clothing, which the may-akda says, and I quote, “Highlighted her lavender...
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