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6 years after the fourth great ninja war,and the world is finally at peace.Naruto has become hokage,Sasuke has rejoined the leaf,and all is well.The age of the konoha 12 has come to an end,and new heroes are born,new challenges have risen,new evil will threaten us.

But this new age of ninja,born in this peace,will rise to meet the challenges that await them.Now it's time too create your own legacy,your own path.To become a true Ninja!


Number 1-No godmodding!

Number 2-Swearing is allowed,but not constantly.

Number 3-No Sexual themes,well,at least don't tell us about it.

Number 4-No arguing about Non-Rp related things.

Number 5-Absolutely no one line posts!

Number 6-No spamming Fan made Clans/Jutsu.Use real things,at least sometimes.

Number 7-No super powerful jutsu at the start.

Number 8-Their are nine Tailed Beasts and Nine Jinchuuriki.If you want to be a jinchuuriki,call it.

Number 9- Try to use proper english.Use commas,quotation marks,periods,all that good stuff.

Number 10-Respect other Rp'ers.

Character Sheet....


Age:(Genin start at 12,just a tidbit of info.)





D.o.b.:(Day of birth)

Chakra Nature:(Fire,Water,Earth,Lightning,Wind.Th­ose are the five types.)


Bloodline Limit?:(Ice release,sharingan,etc....)

Jutsu:(Limited to two if student)





Village Teams..

Squad 1-

Squad 2-

Squad 3-Shin Hatake(Kazabi)


Squad 1-

Squad 2-

Squad 1-

Squad 1-

Squad 1-

Squad 1-

Sound 5-


One tails-

Two tails-Shin Hatake(Kazabi)

Three tails-

Four tails-

Five Tails-

Six Tails-

Seven tails-

Eight tails-(NPC)

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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Kazabi said…
Name:Shin Hatake



Appearance:Silver hair,styled like kakashi's.Black eyes.Wears a black t-shirt and black fingerless gloves,along with the Blade that kakashi used to use.Black pants,blue Sandals,and a blue head protector.

Personality:Laid Back,calm,cool.

Background:Not important.

D.O.B.:December 3rd.

Chakra Nature:Fire


Bloodline limit?:No.

Fire Style:Fire Ball Jutsu

Weapon Art:White Fire Slash

Village:Hidden Leaf

Rank:Academy Student turning Genin

Squad:Squad 3

Jinchuuriki?:Two tails jinchuuriki.
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas misshedgehog said…
can i join
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas shadow-master_2 said…
Name: Hitomi Hyūga.
Age: 12.
Gender: Female.
Appearance: Shizuka has navy blue hair and white eyes. She wears a grey top with white knee length shorts, green sandals and a red konohagakure forehead protector.
Personality: Stoic, calm and Loyal.
Background: Born in Konohagakure during the Fourth Shinobi World War.
Date of Birth: 15th March.

Chakra Nature: Fire.
Clan: Hyūga Clan, (Main House).
Bloodline Limit: Byakugan.
Jutsu: Substitution Jutsu, Eight Trigrams Thirty-Two Palms.
Weapon: Dual bladed kusarigama, (Imagine Shūhei Hisagi's Shikai).
Village: Konohagakure.
Rank: Academy Student about to become a Genin.
Squad: Squad 3.
Jinchūriki: N/A.