Natalie Portman Who is your paborito character? =)

Pick one:
Mathilda - Leon
Lauren Gustafson - Heat
Marty - Beautiful Girls
Laura - Everyone Says I pag-ibig You
Taffy Dale - Mars Attacks!
Padme Amidala - bituin Wars
Ann August - Anywhere But Here
Novalee Nation - Where The puso Is
Sara - Cold Mountain
Sam - Garden State
Alice - Closer
Rebecca - Free Zone
Evey - V for Vendetta
Francine - Paris, je t'aime
Inés / Alicia - Goya's Ghosts
Leslie - My blueberry Nights
Molly Mahoney - Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium
Anne Boleyn - The Other Boleyn Girl
Rifka - New York, I pag-ibig You
Emilia Greenleaf - pag-ibig and Other Impossible Pursuits
Grace Cahill - Brothers
Nicole - Hesher
Nina Sayers - Black sisne
Emma - No Strings Attached
Isabel -Your Highness
Jane Foster - Thor
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