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 Pauley Perrette
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 Matthew Bellows
Matthew Bellows
You know how there’s those actors that just seem to be everywhere?

Well, Matthew Bellows is exactly that.

In just the last month, Matt has appeared in 3 CBS shows (including "NCIS"), returned on an NBC series, started shooting a recurring role on an FX drama and landed in the biggest superhero blockbuster to hit the big screen in a long time. This guy is on fire.

It’s possible you’ve also seen him starring as Jax, a bad dude hunting down humans, on BYUtv’s original series “Extinct.” Or maybe on Showtime’s “I’m Dying Up Here,” HBO’s “Room 104,” TV Land’s “Teachers,”...
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 Ziva is in this pic. So this would be something nice to wear if you are going to be like Ziva! =)
Ziva is in this pic. So this would be something nice to wear if you are going to be like Ziva! =)
If you admire Ziva and want to be madami like here, here are some ways.

1. Do not use any contractions. (A contraction is like the words it is or that is. When you do not use a contraction it will sound like this: That IS such a cool movie. I CANNOT wait to see it again.)

2. Keep your hair in a ponytail or straighten it.

3.Wear non-girly things, such as cargo pants and a sweatshirt. You may also wear a t-shirt/tank tuktok and jeans.

3. For shoes you can wear sneakers or boots.

4. Get words wrong; like mistake 'porcipine' for 'porcipig'. =)

5. For makeup only wear borwnish mga kulay for your eyes, and light...
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