bagong buwan What was your paborito part of this book ?

Pick one:
Edward leaving...(idk why?)
Edward almost killing himself but Bella saves him
Bella hanging out with Jacob
Bella jumping off the cliff
Edward telling Bella about his time without her
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Bella&# 39; s Birthday.
Bella's Birthday.
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Bella&# 39; s &# 39; whining&# 39; about the hole in her chest
Bella's 'whining' about the hole in her chest
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alices return ! yay !
alices return ! yay !
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Edward threw bella out of the way during the bithday party lmao it was funny/sad
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The voting part!!! It was awesome! I was sure the mayority were going to say no!
the fact that she knew hse would always pag-ibig edward but that she knew she also lo
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The whole book??
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Meeting the Volturi.....I still pag-ibig bloodthirsty vampires, sorry
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Just because
Just because
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Bellas &# 34; dream&# 34; after coming back from volterra
Bellas "dream" after coming back from volterra
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The bits with jacob in (obsessed lol)
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