A/N: This was just a task I had for homework write a short story less than 2 pages of your choice so I thought I'd post it here cos it's about a girl who has to ilipat from her hometown, Kansas to New York City. See what everyone thought. Thanks for reading. xoxo


We're not in Kansas anymore

It's any teenagers dream to up sticks from a dreary country town and ilipat into the hustle and bustle of the city but for Alyssa that was the dream she wished to come true but it just made her appreciate the saying be careful what you wish for even more.
The rain was falling down on the City. The streets were slowly emptying people rushing into stores, office buildings anywhere where there was shelter but Alyssa didn't stop walking the streets of Manhattan. That was always a dream of hers, just wondering, roaming around, not going anywhere just being able to be free in the big mansanas but it didn't feel right it didn't feel like home. Alyssa's first thoughts of knowing she was going to live in Manhattan with her brother was that of excitement, joy it was her dream since she couldn't even remember but it wasn't how she thought it would be.
Her hair was dripping rain drops onto her Cavalli coat. It better not cause any damage that amerikana cost her a bomb even if it only was from a discount store but that was another thing she hadn't anticipated.
When they lived in Wichita it didn't seem to matter what she wore or how she wore it. They lived in a small, country town she could wear the same thing two days in a row and no one would say anything about it, in New York she wouldn't get away with that in her new school or wearing last seasons pumps or an off the rack sweater. It was sa pamamagitan ng brand or be branned.
School was hardly a barrel of laughs at any time of year. Being the new girl isn't like in the movies, arrive, raise hell, instant popularity- News flash it wasn't like that. Nothing like that in fact. Having to deal with Brooke and the rest of the mean girls wasn't what Alyssa had expected, the 'bullying' or maybe that was over doing it a bit maybe it was just light hearted teasing got so bad Alyssa made a point of getting to school early just to avoid them. They didn't even know her name, it was always 'Alison', 'Annie', 'Amanda'. Alyssa just wanted to shout 'MY NAME IS ALYSSA!' But every morning that's where they'd be all five of them sitting on the steps of Bedford Nightingale school waiting for their prey. Often that was Alyssa, and what a cruel asong babae karma was because who suddenly came rushing past her doing all she could to avoid the rain.
“Move loser...” It was Brooke and her minions holding an umbrella over her pretty little head. “...Oh it's you”
she sinabi with that I'm better than you attitude but there was very few people she wouldn't speak to in that tone.
“Shouldn't you be getting back to Queens or whatever trash site you come from?”
Alyssa just let out a puff of air, but she wasn't bothered sa pamamagitan ng Brooke's comments she was used to them sa pamamagitan ng now.
“Just because I'm not a spoilt princess doesn't make you better than me”
Brooke really had a laugh about that, she didn't even seem bothered sa pamamagitan ng the rain anymore.
“I think it does. See this is our world and you just don't belong here. Go tahanan Kansas”
That was the last thing she sinabi before walking off with her nose held high screaming at the girls who ran behind her trying to hold the umbrella up in the right manner.
Alyssa thought of what Brooke sinabi and it was true this wasn't her world and nothing would give her madami pleasure than to go home, but bad news for Brooke, Alyssa wasn't going anywhere fast.
She kept wondering the streets, the rain wasn't ipinapakita any signs of stopping so Alyssa thought maybe finding somewhere to hide was the best option.
She finally found shelter in a Starbucks on 5th and 97th kalye it was murder trying to squeeze her way in to get to the counter rushing past the suited business tycoons, after about ten minutos Alyssa finally got to the counter and ordered a capuccino and found an empty mesa at the window.
She sat and took a sip of her coffee just as she gazed across the kalye at the Marc Jacobs boutique. There was a beautiful plaited dress in the window oh how she wished that she could just wonder in to the store and buy it there and then unlike most of the kids at school she was not billionaire heiress that had the wardrobe of Blair Waldorf no matter how much she wished it. It was bargain, discount stores for Alyssa.
The araw dreaming continued for the susunod few minutos until a familiar voice appeared from behind her shoulder. It was her only friend. Her best friend.
There was one person she could turn too, Chloe.
She was the same, an outcast someone who wasn't important, didn't matter. She'd moved to New York City too but from St. Louis Missouri with her parents for a 'better life', a better life for who? Them or her? Once both girls had spent the araw shopping and she told Alyssa all about her old life back in Missouri how it was all perfect, she had the perfect friends, the perfect life, the perfect boyfriend nothing could destroy it, apart from winning the lottery that was. Chloe wished so much that they hadn't won it then they would never have moved she wouldn't be an outcast she would be reyna bee in her tahanan town. Alyssa had always felt sorry for Chloe having to abandon her life much in the same way she had to but it wasn't really the same, Alyssa had no real friends, no perfect life but Kansas was home. Chloe and Alyssa had really grown close over the past months she had been living in the city they both needed a friend and now they had one.
Chloe and Alyssa continued to talk for the susunod half oras just about school, mga kaibigan and of course Brooke but Chloe took real joy in talking about Brooke today. Alyssa was wondering why Chloe seemed so happy but there was an explanation. She had a new boyfriend. But it wasn't just any boy it was Brooke's ex. No wonder Chloe was so gleeful when Brooke finds out she would hit the roof and maybe the asong babae in Alyssa was surfacing but she could not wait to see the look on Brooke's face- It would be one for the album.
It was an oras later when Chloe bided Alyssa farewell and it dawned on Alyssa she should be getting back to her tahanan in the clouds.
The coveted sky was just clearing when Alyssa arrived back the apartment. Typical. She rushed past Ed, the security guard and gave him a friendly smile he seemed unused to this but the building was full of rich, city slicers who didn't have time to stop and smile at the man who was protecting them but he wasn't important to them. He didn't matter.
That sounded familiar.
Thirty floors later she arrived at the apartment. Nate was already in he greeted her as she rapidly wondered into the living room.
“Alyssa uy God you're drenched, have you been outside?”
She sighed and rolled her eyes.
“No I just took a paliguan with my clothes on. Of course I've been outside”
That was one thing she had that was needed in the average New Yorker, sarcasm. Nate grinned back he was used to his sisters' sarcasm sa pamamagitan ng now.
A few minutos past with Nate talking about his plans for the evening. Alyssa wasn't interested she cut across his current sentence,
“I want to go tahanan Nate”
This time it was him who sighed,
“This is our tahanan now Alyssa, you've got to get used to it we're not in Kansas anymore”
She knew that, she wasn't stupid. She replied,
“Yeah damn straight”
Nate didn't bother replying to his sister he just muttered on Alyssa didn't pay any attention she just left him talking to himself as she stepped into her room and straight to sit on the window sill. That was one of her favourite parts no matter no much she disliked living in this extraordinary city she could never deny it was the most beautiful, outstanding city in the entire world. Another thing she did when sitting on the window sill was think about her parents. She knew exactly what her Mum would say 'don't let them push you around, stand up for yourself'. That was one good thing about living at the tuktok of that Lego set of a building she could feel that one step closer to Mum and Dad. What Nate was saying was true they weren't in Kansas anymore she would have to get used to living in the fast lane, New York City the glamours Upper East Side but thinking about it maybe New York could do with a unique, quirky sixteen taon old from Kansas after all how many peppy, popular, picture perfect sixteen taon olds did New York have? madami than enough. Living there might not be the worst thing in the world.