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kasanayan ng tagahanga
isang direksyon
walang tiyak na layunin
niall horan
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This Niall Horan kasanayan ng tagahanga contains salaming pang-araw, dark glasses, and shades. There might also be jersey, t shirt, and tee shirt.

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Imagine you’re at Niall’s house and you both feel really bored.
“What the hell shall we do now?” Niall screams. He is lying on the sopa on his back and his head rests on his hands. You’re sitting on the floor, browsing this stupid magazine about cars.
“Why do you even have this?” You sigh, and you throw it away.

“I don’t know”, Niall says tiredly, as he yawns.
Suddenly you catch sight of a cooking magazine.
“Wait”, you say and you stand up, after stretching yourself a little bit. You take the cooking magazine from the mesa and look at its cover.
“Niall? I know something...
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