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posted by Mistyflower
"We want to hear a story! We want to hear a story!"
The bouncing kits chanted at Mistystar.
"Alright, alright!" Mistystar waved her tail to silence the kits. "What would you like to hear about?"
"The NightClan battle!" Mintkit cried.
"How the foxes attacked!" Willowkit mewed.
"When the tides flooded the camp!" Lightkit meowed in excitement.
"No!" Orangekit yowled, silencing the rest. "We've heard about all THAT! I wanna hear something new!"
"Then what?" Lightkit faced her brother.
Mintkit bounced up and down. "I know! Tell us about you, Mistystar! We wanna know your story!"
"Yeah!" The rest of the kits...
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posted by Mistyflower
Hello, Clan cats! I have
decided that we should count up every single Clan in Fanpop history!
All of them, even the
abandoned ones. I don’t
even know every Clan, but now
is the time
we will ALL know.
Copy down every Clan
you know of in the comments.
I’m sure there’s madami
Clans then we think. T
ribes do count, but packs,
like lobo or dog packs, do not.
(they’re dogs;
this is about cats.)
Thanks a lot if you’ll help and WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

posted by Foxyface
 Foxes await their susunod prey, silverpelt & dawnblaze
Foxes await their next prey, silverpelt & dawnblaze
Dawnblaze padded through the forest with the footsteps of Silverpelt behind her. "Silverpelt, do you think we'll ever find SpiritClan?" Dawnblaze asked. Silverpelt solemly shook her head. She hadn't talked much since they set off to find a Moon of the Ocean. Their clan, SpiritClan, did not want to hear of them until they found it.

. . . . . . . . . . .
Back at camp, Thorntail horribly missed his mate, Dawnblaze, and since thier kit died, they had been sadder than ever.
Three kits tumbled around the nursery as Thorntail passed. "Thorntail! Jaykit bit me!" Firekit complained. "Did not!" Jaykit...
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Mistykit sat and watched as Moonkit and Rainkit climbed the Highstone, pretending to be leader.
"All those Pusa old enough to..." Moonkit started,
but Rainkit jumped up susunod to her and nudged her off the rock.
Mistykit watched in wonder, asking herself if they actually would someday be leaders.
As she was wondering, Moonkit and Rainkit had started to playfight.
She didn't want to miss out, so she climbed up on the Highstone and joined the fight.
"Out of my way, Mistystar!" Moonkit laughed.
"Rainstar owes me some prey!"
Moonkit lunged at Rainkit and toppled her over.
"This prey is rightfully my...
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posted by Mistyflower
So i like to pretend i'm a warrior cat sometimes, so i was playing outside, and heres what happened-

So i was making a nest first, and it wasn't easy, because my dad hadn't mowed the damo in a long time, so all i could find was dry dayami of what used to be lush, green grass. I added that to my nest and ripped up madami grass, adding shamrocks and leafs and soft twigs. susunod i sarted to gather herbs. It took nearly an hour.(because with a Clan of one, gathering basura takes forever.) I had some Clover...
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