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Is this Ava, Jennifer Morrison's dog?

In Red-Handed (S1E15) there is a scene sa pamamagitan ng the end of the episode with David,Mary Margaret & Emma at Storybrooke's pet shelter lobby. On the pader right behind David there is a litrato of a dog and I was wondering....can this be a real shot of Ava,Jen's Mal-shi puppy, they used on this photo?
Does anyone know for sure?'Cause this dog looks quite familiar.

Also if the answer is YES,this is the same dog, and since the episode was original air dated on March 11, 2012 and Jennifer adopted Ava on April/May of the same taon what are the chances of the actress meeting the tuta on the set?

 Is this Ava, Jennifer Morrison's dog?
 LLheart posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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