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 Once Upon A Time Costume On Display At Disney California Adventure
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Lately on the internet I seen a lot of Milah hate and I feel compelled to write another meta about her.

When Belle expresses a desire to leave her small town and go on adventures to see the world she's called a strong, independent, female character who is not afraid to go after what she wants. She's referred to as a girl that little girls watching should aspire to be.

When Ariel sings about wanting madami from her life we sing along with her and empathise with her. She's a teenage girl who knows that what she has is not what she wants and again goes after it. She is many people's favourite...
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Snowing (Snow and Charming)
Law 1 of shipping; if it's kanyon it's shippable, and Snowing is probably the most canon couple in the show. Even if you hate them both it's hard not to ship them. Though I am one of those people who dislikes both Snow and Charming, I will admit to shipping them. After all, they have a child together and sa pamamagitan ng all she's the product of true love. And also, Snow and Charming will always find each other.

Regina and Charming
I mostly ship this due to this picture

And that picture (that I couldn't find) of Charming lightly touching Regina's shoulder and smiling at her...
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After pagbaba katarlover's artikulo I made this long comment about it. I asked him if he minded if I posted the response as a separate article--he sinabi yes, so here we go. I tried to be respectful about it, feel free to agree or disagree, just be respectful about it.

I can agree to some extent that she's a hypocrite, but not for that reason. I feel like that is madami so denial and a twisted sense of justice. At that point she was totally (by some faltered mental state) convinced she was in the right, and that she really wasn't evil. In the most kamakailan season she admits that she's wrong many times;...
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