Annas POV
‘’Ok…So what’s your names?’’I told even though I knew the answer
‘’So you don’t know us? We are a band’’ Louis said
‘’Yeah!!!& a famous one I thought..’’Harry add
‘’In other words we are One Direction!’’Liam said!
‘’Oh!I think I have hear stuff for you guys…’’I sinabi & Nena starring me weirdly
‘’Can We go to toilette Anna?’’Nena said
‘’Sure…Excuse us ’’ I add
*In toilette*
‘’So…what you think you telling?’’Nena sinabi upset
‘’Its nice trick…we will doing that we don’t know them good…’’
‘’Ok…ok!!!Lets go now. Nena whispered


‘’Hey! We back!’’Nena sinabi with a big smile!
‘’Awesome! Louis smile at her back!’’
‘’So would tell us your names?’’I said
‘’Of course’’ Niall said!’’I am Niall’’
‘’I am Harry’’
‘’I am Zayn’’
‘’Its Liam hi!’’
‘’Call me Lou’’
‘’Cool!!!I am Anna & this is my best friend Nena!’’I sinabi with a big smile at Niall’’
‘’So what you doing susunod girls ? ’’Lou sinabi smiling at Nena
‘’We don’t have nothing to do…you have any idea Lou?’’I sinabi friendly
‘’We gonna go to eat…It will be Niall, me, Zayn, Liam & his girlfriend & Harry
‘’What about you other guys you are all single?’’I sinabi creepy
‘’Yep…Its so bad?’’ Zayn reply
‘’No!Not at all!!!So I am & Anna too’’ Nena dare to say
‘’But we can bring some girls if you want guyz!!!’’
‘’Sure…’’Harry sinabi exiting!
‘’So lets change numbers…’’Niall sinabi while he has close to me!
‘’Ok!’’I reply

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