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madami than this (chapter 3,part 2)

When we got to my house. Niall was holding me tighty. When the door open,niall shaked. "hello niall and lia.come in" my mom sinabi when kulay-lila went down she saw niall "OMG.its niall horan. Thats your boyfriend?" kulay-lila screamed "yeah violet, yeah he's my boyfriend" i sinabi seriously "ok lets eat" mom said. kulay-lila sat with niall "in the name of the father,the son, the holy ghost amen" we all said. we ate. kulay-lila keep on asking tanong to niall about harry. I was just sitting there and eating.
"hey, niall can you stay here with lia tommorrow,cause im leaving them all alone?" my mom finally sinabi "oh gosh thats a big oppurtunity to get to know lia more! Sure ill stay here" niall sinabi "thanks" mom sinabi "yey thank you so much niall you are the best" i sinabi "yey can you sleep with me?" kulay-lila screamed "um, no, im madami comfortable with lia" niall sinabi "oh ok then ill sleep alone with my teddy bear" kulay-lila sinabi sadly
"its ok" mom sinabi "ok bye mrs.monroe, lia and whats your name?" niall sinabi "oh its violet" kulay-lila sinabi "ok bye violet" niall said. Then i thanked mom "thank you so much mom" "about what?" "for letting niall stay here" "oh no im letting niall stay to watch you! Muahahahaha" "ok mom i get it" now going to go to sleep." went to my room i saw my phone, niall texted "hey hun, it'll be great to stay with you!" i replied "yeah it is but right now i gotta go sleep. Goodnight" he replied "goodnight hun" then i slept.
Sorry if it is to short still thinkin bout ideas. But enjoy it. One day,one chapter!
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