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sorry guys i hadn't updated in a while came back from vacation and i needed to do my summer homework so i was busy anyway here new chapter! and the rest of the boys will come in the story soon don't worry
Allyce's P.O.V
"that's the last box" i say as i put down the box into my new room.yup Niall asked me to ilipat in with took him some convincing for me to agree but common who resist him.he''s just so cute dang it you can't fall for him he only likes you as a friends i reminded to myself."well you can unpack while i'll get us some pagkain alright?" Niall asked.i just nodded as he left my room closing the door.i lived alone back in Mullingar i was legal which is good since me and my parents don't have a good room so far looked like this: // (just imagine it's a little bigger and painted a dayap green and there's a dayap green kama sheets and pillows and the rest is empty no paintings or mga litrato yet)
i started to unpack everything like putting my clothes and shoes in my closet than putting toiletries in my bathroom
(bathroom: link
closet: link)
as i was putting madami stuff away in my closet i heard someone knock on my door and come in.Niall.he said"hey i got food" as he held up the bag that sinabi Nando's.typical Niall."i'll be there in a second.he nodded as i put a few madami things in my drawer.i never knew Niall had such a big apartment.i went to go sumali Niall.he was flipping through netflix for a movie.he decided on we ate our food.we finished and now watching the movie.halfway through the movie someone kicked the door open "HELLO!" he screamed as 3 others followed him."and who is this lovely lady?" the curly haired one sinabi as he took my hand and kissed it."lads this is my girlfriend,Allyce" Niall announced.yup Niall thought it be better if we don't tell them we are 'dating' "hello" i sinabi while waving."SHE'S IRISH!" the one who kicked the door opened said."yup i think that's because i'm from Ireland" i said."our little Nialler's growing up" the one with the jet black hair sinabi while fake crying into the one with light brown hair and brown eyes."that's Louis,Zayn,Liam,and Harry" he whispered into my ear.i nodded.we got to know each other than this tanong came up "so how long have you've been dating" Liam asked.the boys nodded wanting us to answer."um erm 5 months?" Niall sinabi it sounding madami like a question."how come you didn't tell us you were dating?" Louis asked curious."we um kept it a secret!" i sinabi trying for it not to sound like a question.they nodded not taking the tanong any further.they noticed the boxes labeled Allyce's ___ and whatever was in it so i guess the guys knew we moved in together."so when are you gonna announce your together?" Zayn said."tomorrow at the interview" Niall answered.oh boy here comes the hate
i missed talking to u guys! yup vacation sucked now i have to do an essay so bye!
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