I bite down on my bottom lip as I see my reflection come up on the side of the screen. “WOW, 49,001 viewers, shit I mean holy alimasag cakes that’s a lot. Can you all see me?” I say to the cameras. I see the other side filled with tweets “Do you like One Direction? – from 1Dprefs” I read out “Of course! I am their biggest tagahanga before I became famous. I still tagahanga girl over them. I have 2 twitter accounts this one and the other one is a normal one like all of yours and I RT the boys and tagahanga girl about them and no I am not giving that account out!” I say into the camera winking.

“Do you have Tumblr – from (Y/fan group/N)1D” I say scrolling down “Um yes I do and I am also not giving tat out and I pag-ibig your twitter name” I say smiling “Sorry guys I will be back, I am so hungry. Here watch some SpongeBob while I’m gone” I turn my laptop around to the TV and go get some noodles. “I’m back guys” I say waving and turn the laptop around. “Hey I was watching that” one of the tweets say. “Sorry Hayley1D” I say frowning. “Who’s your favourite boy out of them – from NiallsPrinces5” I say looking into the camera. “Well NiallsPrinces5 I pag-ibig them all but my puso is set on Harry. He is just so gorgeous. So ehhh words cannot explain him. You know! Like how was so young and cute and now he is so hot! Puberty is doing the right thing” I say winking into the camera. “Would you petsa him or have you met him? – from harrysmofo” I read “No I haven’t meet any of them which is good because I would die but I really do want to meet them because they are so down to earth and yes I would petsa him I would say a million yes’s!” I say yelling. I open up a new tab and go on my other account to stalk the boys the first boy I go on is Niall. @NiallOfficial – Watching @(Y/T/N) twit cam. So cute she tagahanga girls over us! @Harry_Styles must like how she tagahanga girls about him! His celeb crush finally tagahanga girling about him. “Oh shit they are watching” I say looking like a deer in head lights and turning red. I go onto Louis’s susunod @Louis_Tomlinson - @Harry_Styles dude you celeb crush likes you @(Y/T/N) #Harryand(Y/N)gettogether. My eyes grew and I go back on the tab of the twit cam “OH MY GOD” I say looking at the side where the tanong are. “Did you see their tweets? – Nayla”

I go to my DM’s. “I’m checking my DM guys so I will be following people! Mention me and @” I stop as I see one of my mentions from Harry. “Guys Harry just tweeted me!” I unlock my phone and go to the tweet. “They should mention @(Y/T/N) and me and then #Harryand(Y/N)gettogether” I read out to my fandom that are watching me. “There you go guys you have to tweet me that” I say winking and silently screaming at to camera. “I have to go guys but I am still doing the spree!” I say waving good bye.

I look at my phone and see 100 new DM’s the one that caught my eye was @Harry_Styles – read my new tweet or check your mentions for me :). I went onto his pader and saw “@(Y/T/N) go on a petsa with me” I tweeted back “okay Styles DM me your number and we will take it from there ;)” my mentions went off with both fandom’s tweeting about what was going to happen. #Harryand(Y/N) #theygoingtohavesex #OMGHarryand(Y/N) #finallyhappened were all trending and sa pamamagitan ng then I was texting Harry. I went back onto twitter and tweeted “A million yes’s :D”.