In the morning I was on the computer and it sinabi "People Doing Bloody Challenge And Harry Styles Appears In The Mirrors And Not Bloody Mary".It even sinabi on the TV that people were taking down their mirrors because of that reason.

My mga kaibigan called me and told me the news and I sinabi "I heard it on the TV and it also sinabi it on the computer."Everyone in the world began to panic and I wasn't sure what to do.Should I tell my mom or should I keep it to myself?I had to think about this then came to a decision.I told my mom about what was happening and she told me as long as I don't do it then it'll be ok.So my mga kaibigan and I agreed.

Later on I was getting ready to go for a walk so I could get this stuff off my mind.But all of a sudden Harry was in my mirror when I was in my room.How was that possible??!!!
I didn't even do the challenge.When he was in the mirror he looked at me and pointed at me as if to say "I want you."

My legs started shaking like crazy and I felt like fainting,but instead I just made a run for it and went outside.I couldn't believe that happened!I didn't even know HOW that happened!"Oh dear oh dear!" I thought.This was getting scarier and madami mysterious to me.I took deep breath and tried to calm myself down.I went tahanan two hours later and went to my room.I looked into the mirror and Harry wasn't there.

That night I kept dreaming about it still.I was twisting and turning in my kama and dreamed about Harry in my mirror.This is freaking me out!He even pointed at me and looked at me.The susunod two days I couldn't stop thinking about what happened.I was still wondering about why he appeared in the mirror.

I mean first of all he's not dead,second of all I would have to do the challenge to make him appear,and third why did he point at me?!!Did he want me to be with him forever and ever??

This made me VERY confused.So I couldn't help but text my mga kaibigan about it and asked if they could come over.And they did."How did he manage to get in your mirror?" Asked one of my friends.Of course I told them that I wasn't sure how.That's just it I had no idea.

So one of my mga kaibigan had an idea.She sinabi that if we get the rest of the guys' (from One Direction) addresses we could ask them about Harry.And that's exactly what we did.We searched their addresses online and once we did that we went tho their houses.

"What ever happened to Harry?I mean he's not dead." One of my mga kaibigan said."I know he isn't" sinabi Liam "but I have no idea what's happening to him either to be honest."After we got Liam's answer we kept on asking the same tanong to both Louis and Niall,but they didn't know either.

So that was that.None of them knew what happened to Harry.

To be continued..........