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uy angel...
Do you know the reasons why?
We look up to the sky?
Hey angel...
Do you look at us and laugh
When we hold on to the past?
Hey angel...

Oh I wish I could be madami like you
Do you wish you could be madami like me?
Oh I wish I could be madami like you
Do you wish you could be madami like me?

Hey angel
Tell me, do you ever try
To come to the other side?
Hey angel
Tell me, do you ever cry
When we waste away our lives?

Oh I wish I could be madami like you
Do you wish you could be madami like me?
Oh I wish I could be madami like you
Oh I wish I could me more
I could be more, I could be more

Yeah I see you at the bar
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posted by 1Dluver12
uy guise!!! So I know I havent been on since like, FOREVER! But, I'll be on madami often now :) I will also be updating my fanfictions madami often as well! BUT I have to tell you guys what I did with my fanfictions, So Im gunna stop with Broken, im sorry :( But its just really kinda getting nowhere :( BUT I will continue with Need You Now! Its gunna have some major drama coming!! But, I went back and changed a couple things, so go back and re-read the chapter (theres only like 3 chapters) And ill be posting the new chapters soon. ALSO I am starting a new fanfic since I ended Broken!! So I might have a few contest for my new ones :D Anyways, just wanted to let you guys know that im back :)
posted by fiestagirl12345
Riley’s P.O.V

I slowly backed away. I just ran off in shock of course I was happy. I don’t know emotions I guess?.
________________________________2 week’s later_____________________________________

I woke up the susunod araw resembling my mom who died from Breast Cancer link . I walked down half awake getting some kahel juice. The kusina was huge and beautiful and the house to link . I went out for a quick shopping spree. I walked out a thousand fans went crazy and started chasing me saying “RILEY REED RILEY REED!!!!!!!!” I went running allover. I got exhausted and decided uy why not...
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posted by GabriellaAdams
The weather wasn't easy on us.It had rained 3 days straight,Turning the dirt roads in to mud.
I came along the journey,Trying to help in any kind of way I could.My feet were sore from walking,I carried a bag,Owned sa pamamagitan ng Louis Tomlinson.He and a man named Clark lead us to the west.He was tall and handsome,I admired him deeply.
I walked along sa pamamagitan ng a wagon,Inside the wagon was a young man,Named Zayn.He was moving things around,Sorting out.
He dropped a chest,Then there was a thud.He had broken the wheel of his wagon.Louis on his,Horse rode over to him.
"Stop!"He yelled.
The rest of the wagons discontinued....
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Shae's P.O.V.

We all got on the bus and before we knew it we were on our way! We wre all pag-awit songs, talking and laughing at Johnny and William who were making really funny jokes.
"One Direction's song is on please turn it" I said.
"Okay for all the One Direction fans in the bus" sinabi The Bus driver.
We all started pag-awit then we all started talking about one Direction.

Shannon's P.O.V.

When we arrived at the Holiday park we all went to play soccer.We played for about 30 minutos then we had to go and unpack.
"Okay lets see who is in our room" I said.
"Okay i hope we have Johnny,Will and Harry in...
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Half a buwan later..
Anna's POV:
I waited silently in the bathroom.
I was at my dads house,A few days before that I had called Rachel to ask her about pregnancy,and now I sat waiting for the results of a pregnancy test.I was excited.
I looked in the mirror.My mom and the little girl stood in the mirror smiling.
"I pag-ibig you.."I mouthed.
They vanished.I never understood how I see my mom still.
It had been years since her death,I still missed her.
I looked at the test.I smiled and ran downstairs.
"Zaynnnn!!!!!!!"I yelled even through he was at the mansion.
"Why are you yelling?Zayns not here."Courtney asked....
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posted by GabriellaAdams
Anna's POV:
I woke up.
"Good morning,beautiful."
A face smiled at me.
"Who the fuck are you?"
The young man stud up,He was shirtless in cowboy boots and jeans.
"Dude why did you start with out me?"Harry walked in.
He had a isda net sando on and jeans....And shape-ups.
"It's your bachlorette party."Courtney walked in.
"Oh God.."
She held a cup that sinabi 'Gettin Nasty.'
"What!?Im getting married today,and you hired a stripper."
"Sure as hell we did."Dad walked in.
"Oh my god dad!"
"Told you it would be funny."Amber smiled.
"Do I still get paid?"Ask Harry.
"Well this is Felipe and he'll be help us with...
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~ My Niall ~
Stephanie ‘ s P . O . V
    Niall and I were getting closer . He is such a sweetheart . We both got hungry and went out to eat . We went to this fancy restaurant . It seemed expensive . I told him that I would pay my half and he could pay his , but like a gentleman he paid for both of our meals . We started off with salads , the our hapunan , finally desert . We shared a big piece of tsokolate cake . I fed him some and he fed me some . Then he put some tsokolate frosting on my nose and I did the same with him . We laughed a little bit about it and then wiped...
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posted by 1Dluver12
Liam’s POV
I couldn’t believe what I had just been tolled. Julli seemed so sweet, fragile, I don’t understand why someone would want to hurt her. We walked back to the booth, and I noticed Zayn was gone.
“Where is Zayn?” I asked the boy’s.
“Look’s like he’s a bit busy” sinabi Niall, motioning towards a mesa in the corner. Zayn and another girl were seated at it. Zayn was choking on a fry and the girl was laughing. I chuckled.
“ We should invite them over here” I said.
“ Okay, ZAYN!!! GET OVER HERE!!! YOU TO PRINCESS!!” shouted Niall. They got up and walked over. The girl,...
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posted by 1DLoverGigi
Okay, so I don't pag-ibig One Direction. But my best mga kaibigan LOVES them. And since we live in the U.K. we go to every konsiyerto they have in the U.K. They had a tagahanga signing or something like that in London and my best friend begged me to go so I did. It was around 6:30 and it was really cold. There were only like 15 girls there. Then One Direction came out to greet the fans. But my best friend went to the other side of the tagahanga signing and I Nawawala sight of her. And to tuktok that off, she had my car keys!! :( I started screaming out her name but all I heard was crazed fans saying can you sign this and...
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hana's POV:

i wish the girls won't call out for one direction but i know they are crazy about them so..

hayam :"ooh ! one direction we are big fans"

niall:'' thank you girls"

at that moment i was standing steadily don't know what to do ..

zayn:"hi hannony,how are you ?"

ashley,marry,sue and hayam looked at me waiting for respond ,,

me:"fine, and what about you zayn ?"

zayn:"fine, are you ok ? you seem angry or something"

marry:"ya , should be shy as she's talking to 1/5 of one direction "
no body laughed to that joke except harry
zayn was like still asking his tanong

me:"no, i'm ok"

lou:"wanna have...
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posted by iheart_1D
I held her chin up. "really?" she looked into my eyes "yeah i sinabi that literally" i looked deep into her eyes "i have something to tell you" i said. I took a big breath "Kristen i know its just been the first araw that i met you but will you be my girlfriend?" i took out a kuwintas that says "made with love" she was surprised. She stopped crying "literally?" she sinabi "yes literally" he sinabi whispering "be a boyfriend of a super cool, hot boy and be a girlfriend of a nothing. I dont think its gonna work out" she sinabi worringly "then ill make it work out" "um lets see" Kristen said....
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posted by johncenaw85oi
I could hear her talking to somebody on the phone.
I pressed my ear against her bedroom door.
"I seriously think Jess and Louis are telling the truth Niall". she said."Yes but we need to let them tell us what is really going on". she said."You WHAT! YOU AND TRACY WHAT!!!" she shouted. "Ok Niall you dont even no if you and Jess are still together!".

After hearing that, Maryanne pushed open the door and i fell straight onto Eloise's bedroom floor, frightened of what Eloise ment by: You and Tracy did what.

"Uhh i'll call you back Niall" she said, putting the phone straight down.

"Hi as you know im...
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uy gusy please read and coment thxx ENJOY

"Please welcome One Direction" Simon stepped of the stage smiled and clapped.
"Oh I just wanna take you any where you like, We could go out any araw or night, Baby I wil take ya there,baby I will take ya there yeah" sinabi Zayn pointing at Zara and smiling and winking at her. "Omg hes so cute" whipserd Zara to herself.
"Oh tell me tell me tell me how to turn your pag-ibig on you can get get anything you want, baby just shout it out baby just shout it out shout it out yeah" sinabi Harry smiling at Ellie who was blushing like mad. Then Liam sang his bit,then chrous...
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posted by ZoeyMalik28
Holy cats! I bit the inside of my bottom lip as the car was managing well on the streets. Of course Louis was the cause of this catasrophe.

''Hanna-boo,what are you staring at?'' Louis asked innocently

I glared at him,''Nothing,boo-bear''

Harry gasped,''You replaced me!?''

''No,you're Hazza bear'' I pouted

Louis and Harry pretended to give each other death glares. Liam was driving perfectly fine now. He was staring up ahead,glancing once at a while at Louis. The scary part was Liam had duct tape under his seat....

''IT'S STILL FUCK-'' Harry began

I gasped,''Hazza!! Watch the language!''

Harry laughed....
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posted by 1Dluver12
Jullisa’s POV
    I stared at my walls and all my photo’s/posters and drawings that hung on them. I was shaking/shivering from laying on my cold, hardwood flooring. I was laying in a little pool of my tears.
It hurt to inhale in and out, I could feel the bruise’s beginning to form. I sat up and winced with each move. I wiped the tears away with the back of my hand’s. I walked over to my mirror and began to pull off my drenched clothing. I striped off my top, and then my pant’s. Tears began again when I noticed the bruising and traced over the new bruise’s. I also...
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Will Little Mix bituin Perrie Edwards wake up to a bunch of mga rosas this Valentine’s Day?

Forget Harry Styles and the ins and outs of his pag-ibig life. Zayn Malik is the one hogging the relationship spotlight this week, refusing to confirm or deny whether he’s actually dating or not, leading to speculation that there is in fact a Little lady in his life… or Little muffin to be precise.

In a kamakailan Cambio video blog, the heartthrob set tongues wagging when he hinted that he might be treating someone to an Xtra special gift this Valentine’s Day.

While his fellow 1D stars professed their pag-ibig for...
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posted by xMrsNiallHoranx
JIMMY Carr hammered One Direction before hapunan at the GQ Awards last night.

He approached the lads, with a slightly sinister question: "Evening boys. Is there a kids' mesa for you tonight?

"Have they got the high chairs in for you? What's this? Buy one suit get four free? What's on the kids' menu? isda fingers and chips?"

Band member Louis Tomlinson didn't sit back and take it.

He fired back: "What's that shirt? Are you working as a nurse during the day? You look like you've escaped from a mental institution."

But it was all in jest. Five versus one – if it had seriously kicked off it would have been like death sa pamamagitan ng monkeys in Toy Story 3.
I told Amy, Rebecca and even hannah! I text them all the same thing:
"Got big surprise 4 u! B at my huz for 8!!" SEND
Ahh i couldnt wait! Michelle had landed and would be here in about 5 minutes. About 2 hours ago, me and mum went to the furniture store and bought Michelle a kama the exact same as mine! Thank god because my room is too big and it will fill it out!I cleared out my basura closet and that could be Michelles wardrobe, I dragged the bedside mesa from the box room in and put it susunod to michelles kama which was now beautiful thanks to me and mums emergency shopping spree for covers and...
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posted by sshannahmontana
Chapter 3. Fast pagkain & Late Night Walks

Liam "Hi.I'm Liam.You look lovely darling.Red is one of my paborito colors."Carly comes into the room.Unfortunately Carly tripped herself she almost fell.Liam grabbed her quickly.

Liam "Are you alright love?"Carly looked up and their eyes met.

Carly replied shyly "I'm okay.Thanks for catching my fall."

Liam "I was frightened that you might fall.You would have go hurt."Carly hears that Liam's puso was beating so fast.

Carly "I can hear your puso beating loudly and fast."

Liam "That's because I'm afraid."

Carly "What for?"

Liam "Nothing.It just..."They were...
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