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Chow down boys.

We make One Direction do a lot of silly things in the name of comedic joy, and this video is no exception. After we asked them all to climb into a giant pair of pants (which they did here), sign the knickers and then answer some totally serious and necessary tanong about each other (here), we've asked Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik and Niall Horan to compete against each other in a donut eating competition.


The results were pretty shocking.

If you don't want us to spoil it for you then just click on to the susunod page straight away and watch the...
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posted by johncenaw85oi
An oras later....

I was feeling so much better. The thought of Niall and Emily was finally drifting out of my head.

"Come in the pool girls" the boys shouted.
The were all pagganap like idiots in the pool, splashing around and shouting.
Whilst me and the girls were sunbathing whilst watching them.
"Noo" Rebeca laughed.
"Ill come in" I smiled.
"And me" Amy grinned.
Me and Amy got off the sun beds and took our flip flops off.
Louis got out of the pool, picked me up and threw me in.
I felt my body go under the water then float back up the surface.
"Oh im...
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posted by johncenaw85oi
"HELLO DER SPAIN" Louis screamed.
We were all in fits of laughter.

We all walked to the airport in couples, but all walked together if you get me.
We all ran up to the things that moves around and collected our lugage.
I spotted my bright kulay-rosas suitcase straight away.
But i had to wait a while to find my dull pull along bag.
Everyone had their lugage exept Niall.

"Where your suitcases then Niall" i asked.
"They are coming now i can see them" Niall smiled.
As they came past us Niall lifted them off the thing that moved and we all followed the crowd to the buses.

We eventually got on the bus and the bus...
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posted by johncenaw85oi
"You need to get that!" eloise shouted.
"Haha ok i will" i said, getting my size.

We spent forever in topshop. I picked up that purple top, bought 2 pairs of shorts. 1 denim shorts and 1 white pair, i also bought a bikini.
Eloise bought that light kulay-rosas t-shirt, a mini palda and some gladiator sandles.

My things came to £42.

The boys were all ready waiting outside topshop for us.

"Where have you been!" Niall shouted sarcastically.
"where do you think, the moon?" i joked.
"Hahaha very funny!" niall said.

I noticed Niall and Harry had bought a few things from topman.

We all headed to hollister.
We also...
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My names Jess. I have curly light brown hair and bright blue eyes.
I have a twin sister called Maryanne. We don’t look anything alike though. She has straight blonder hair and brown eyes. I’ve lived in Wales all my life, but recently my parents got divorced so me, my sister Maryanne and my mum moved to London....

We finally got to the street. It was a 5 hours journey from Cardiff to London. It was really tiring and I was so happy to get to our new home. My mum pulled outside the house and I really couldn’t get over how big the house was!
"WOW" I sinabi as my eyes...
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In perhaps one of the most walang tiyak na layunin celebrity couplings ever, One Direction's Niall Horan is apparently dating Gillian McKeith's daughter Skylar.
The 17-year-old singer apparently hit it off with 16-year-old Skylar when they met backstage on one of The X Factor live shows.
Skylar posted a picture of herself when Niall and Harry from One Direction with the caption: 'With @Harry_styles and @niallofficial from @onedirection backstage at @thexfactor.'
Most walang tiyak na layunin celebrity couple ever? One Direction's Niall Horan is sinabi to be dating Gillian McKeith's daughter Skylar

Skylar appears to be keen to make...
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posted by sophiahs
 5 guys that have changed my life so much!
5 guys that have changed my life so much!
They are Hot, Talented, boys. You could be a tagahanga of Reece Mastin, but One direction are 5x as hot because there are five of them in the band. I pag-ibig how they treat all of the fans fairly and even blow kisses to them. Here is what my mga kaibigan sinabi about why they like them:

To many reasons for that! But shorten it, there voices, looks and everything else!

Because they are the most amazingest people on earth ever ever ever <3

They are infectious :D

They make me smile like i never did before.

Because they're so talented and down-to-earth :)

Because they are sweet, talented, funny and easy on the eyes ;)

They're just 5 normal boys, who are livin' the dream ;-)

There are so many other reasons about why we pag-ibig them and if you have another reasons please inbox me about it and I'll then mention you in a post!
 How can't you pag-ibig these guys???
How can't you love these guys???
Whenever I close my eyes, I picture you there
I’m looking out at the crowd, you’re everywhere
I’m watching you from the stage yeah
You’re smile is on every face now
But every time you wake up
You’re hearing me say

Baby, you don’t have to worry
I’ll be coming back for you, back for you, back for you, you
Lately, I’ve been going crazy
So I'll be coming back for you, back for you, back for you, you

I’ve never been so into somebody before
And every time we both touch I only want more
So tell me nothing’s going to change yeah
And you won’t ever walk away yeah
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So this is my first bromance story Hope you like it :) I wrote this on Wattpad but I thought uy why not share it here? Haha if sa pamamagitan ng any chance you have a wattpad mind giving a follow? Im @MikaelaCox99

~Mikaela Xx


"Liam!" My mum yelled from downstairs.

I groaned "Im coming!" I yelled back and blinked away what little sleep that was left in my eyes. Today was another first araw of school. Why did it have to be today? We just moved to Bradford and school had started two weeks ago. So it was only my first day.

I rolled out of kama and yawned. "Ugh" I huffed and walked...
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Part 2: pag-ibig or Friendship?
Zayn’s P.O.V

I put all the stuffs into the wardrobe again. Suddenly I felt tears rolling on my cheek. Why was life so weird? My first pag-ibig was Belly. After her, I had tried a lot to pag-ibig other girls but I just could’t forget her. With me, other girls were just to play with and relax. I didn’t really pag-ibig them. And when I found my true pag-ibig - Bella Lockwood. I was really confused. I didn’t know what to do. I just knew it for sure that I loved both Belly and Bella with all my heart. Then I just wanted to tell Bella that I was he boyfriend that she had been finding...
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posted by Huge_Styles_fan
Hi directionerz! I thought to myself, if your a real directioner, how about you say something to prove it!
So if you are a directioner make this your kasabihan and your offically a directioner! And you can say it in a comment below ok, repeat after me,
I (say your username) truly promise that I am a real directioner and promise to respect and support
One Direction to the end even if they become unpopular, I pag-ibig you One Direction!
Please either choose to comment saying that below or make that your motto. P.S you don't have to do one, you can do both if you want to!
Here's me saying it
I Huge_Styles_fan, truly promise that I am a real directioner and promise to respect and support One Direction to the end even if they become unpopular, I pag-ibig you
One Direction!
posted by xMrsNiallHoranx
Interviewer: Have any of you ever had a pregnancy scare?

Harry: The first time I had sex I was scared I got the girl pregnant - that was despite the fact we were safe. Luckily we were fine.

Louis: Even though I pag-ibig kids, the thought of having a child now is pretty scary. It's one of my worst fears. I'm not against teenage pregnancies - my mum had me at 19 - but I'm not ready. My mum would kill me if I got a girl pregnant now,

Interviewer: As teenage role models, is it important to regularly get regular health checks?

Louis: Some people feel embarrassed to go to the clinic and get checked but...
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posted by fiestagirl12345
Ruby's P.O.V

i was at my locker stuffing things that i didnt need for class. i got my things and headed to advisory. Mellissa and Keri were their sitting laughing. i sat sa pamamagitan ng them.smiling. we pulled attention to our teachers. finnally the kampanilya rang and we headed to our classes. i saw my bff's Keri and danyell wel danyell. she smiled when we walked in. most of the time she is reading. we got in partners and did our assingments. "so hows it been latetly"i say Pagsulat some things from danyell's paper. she mostly got a's in mostly every class. class ended a few hours later.
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posted by MadisonFontenot
Three days later Niall and Ruby rode down the road to their house. She just got out of the hospital and she was kinda sad about it. She really liked the hospital. On Fridays they brought tuta to the hospital and she got to play with them. On Saturday, the last night she was there, she and the other kids got to go to the hospital aklatan and have a ice cream party. She also meet a few of the kids like Andrew, who was in a car wreck and got amnesia, and Dani who broke from falling off a roof -yeah, she isn't the brightest in the world.
But now, she's going tahanan and isn't very happy about it....
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posted by DiamondYJ
Skylar's POV:

I was finally up to walk. I felt so much better. "Sky, we need to talk to you." Louis says looking at me. "About what?" I ask. "Kidnapping you." Zayn sinabi casually. I stared at him and started laughing hysterically. "That is really funny. You guys crack me up." I giggle.

"He is being serious, Skys." Niall told me, gently grabbing my hand. "What?" I ask confused. "We want to change your name and take you on tour with us as a newly discovered talent." I stare at him in shock. "What... that is impossible!" I exclaim. "No no we can make it work," Niall tells me pulling out a piece of...
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Harry went to Jenny.
Harry: Do you really pag-ibig that guy?
Jenny: Well, I never loved him….. But—
Harry: But?
Jenny: We were going on date….
Harry: Oh really? Thank god that you didn't pag-ibig him!
She nodded her head.
Harry: So, do you pag-ibig me?
Jenny: Well, I kind of like you!
Harry: Whoa! A positive approach from you!
She smiled and he took out a ring from his pocket which had this written on it:”SHE BELONGS TO HARRY STYLES”. He bent down.
Harry: Jen, I pag-ibig you…. Do you pag-ibig me?
Jenny: Well, umm….. Yeah!
He put the ring on her finger and tried to halik her hand. She moved her hand back.
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 Hannaaa (I know that it's Lou Teasdale)
Hannaaa (I know that it's Lou Teasdale)
"Ohmygaaaawd! You look flawwwlesss!" Louis exclaimed,trying to sound like those kiss-up hairstylists
I moved his hand away from my face,"If a tagahanga punches me in the face while doing the fistpump,she's going to get it.." I stared at my hair that was in a ponytail. My eyeshadow was dark dark blue. I don't know what Louis and Niall did to me,but apparently it worked because I looked like a complete different person. My cheeks had the slightest bit blush on them. I had lots of mascara on. I don't know what's wrong with my eyelashes,but I guess they just wanted to do this to me. I headed towards the...
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 Harry <3
Harry <3
Note: This is an interview with Harry copied from Fabulous magazine..I own nothing of it..Enjoy!
So, Harry, A lot has happened in the last year..Do you feel like a different person?
Yeah, Now I look withered! Its strange because it feels so long ago, But at the same time its gone so quickly. I think we've all grown as people and we've grown as a group.

Of all the boys, and perhaps for a good reason, you have had the most press attention...
Hmm. At first, it was a bit overwhelming. But I now view it as something that comes with the job. Obviously, Some things I read make me laugh and some don't....
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posted by ZoeyMalik28
 Hanna's picture
Hanna's picture
(A/N Sorry,I posted No Way To Go -Part 1- Please,check it out. Thanks! And I hope you enjoy this one,loves)

I fluttered my eyes a bit as I woke up. I moved around in the hospital bed,shifting into an even madami uncomfortable position. Damn it. I moved again. Okay,there. I layed my head on my unan and sighed as I watched the tellie.

"Hanna,you okay?" Harry asked from the chair a few inches away from my bed

Well,you're probably wondering why I'm in the hospital. Who knows why..but a tagahanga broke into the was just crazy. And the tagahanga stabbed me. Okay,I think that was a bit far. People could...
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Maybe if you're a super Directioner, you already know all these. Let's see if you find out anything new!

Here we go:

Louis loves wearing nautical-style shoes without socks - so his feet smell awful!

Zayn wouldn't mind dating a fan, and he wouldn't hide it either.

Niall is naturally brown-haired, not blonde.

Harry wants his first kid to be a girl, and he wants to name her Darcy.

Louis has 4 younger sisters.

Harry came up with the name One Direction.

Liam cried when he saw Toy Story 3.

Niall cried when he saw Finding Nemo.

All the 1D guys have at least 1 sister, except Niall. He's the only guy who has...
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