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Chap 20

Part 1: Her finally choice.

Niall’ P.O.V

I was sitting on the kama and having Bella in my arms. I whispered:
“ Why do you come back, honey?”
She smiled:
“ I did lose Zayn. He attracts me every time I see him. I am obsessed sa pamamagitan ng him. But you are the one that I need. You don’t know how much I pag-ibig you, Niall. You changed my life at the moment. I heard you sing the song ‘Forever Young’ for the first time.”
I stroke her hair gently:
“Really, Bella? But I don’t pag-ibig you as much as Zayn does.”

Bella blushed:
“That’s why I choose you, Niall. Zayn is too good for me. I don’t...
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Part 2: Evil Vicky!

Vicky’s POV:

I was drunk then. I had drunk 10 cans of beer, but I didn’t want to stop drinking. I wanted to be drunk to forget everything. But the madami I drank, the madami I felt hurt and remembered what I had seen, what I had done. Yesterday, I went to One direction’s house to apologize Zayn for what I had sinabi and say that I wanted to be good mga kaibigan again. But Zayn was not at home, so I had to wait for him in his room. I walked around the room and saw a lot of his photos. When I was about to take one of the mga litrato he was talken in the X-factor, a pack of paper dropped...
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Chap 2

Part 2: Dinnner
Elena's P.O.V
I went to the kusina room and cooked the meal with my mother. She looked at me and patted me on my head:
" Oh, Elena, u look so browned off!"

" Oh, mommy, don't worry. I'm just abit homesick!" I tiredly smiled.

" Nope, u can't conceal your feelings from me cuz I'm your mother. I know u still miss Kha! Oh my darling, I think u should forget him. It's often sinabi that out of sight, out of mind"- She cherishedly looked at me.
" I know, mommy. It's so difficult. Any way, I will try." I said
My eyes turned toward – " why do u cook a lot of carrots?"- I changed...
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When we got inside it was packed. I barely had puwang to move. I asked Leah what she wanted she sinabi guiness. I went to the bar and got her Gines and my bodka and coke. I went back to the mesa where Leah was. After ten minutos a guy sat beside us.

“Hi I'm Harry” he sinabi in a gorgeous accent. “I'm Kate” I sinabi in a daze. “Do you want a drink?” he asked. “Um sure?” I said. “Vodka and coke,ya?” he asked. I just nodded. Then I looked over at Leah. She was staring over at a boy, he was about 17 maybe 18 he was about 5'6 or 5'7 he had blonde hair and blue eyes. He was just...
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Vivid to launch One Direction dolls
by Katie Roberts | Email a friend | PrintGlobal Merchandising Services signs firm as licensee for the X-Factor finalists.

Following their appearance at the sell-out X-Factor arena tour around the UK this spring, Vivid is planning to immortalise the five teenagers as collector mga manika in time for Christmas.

The Vivid team is working towards a Q4 retail launch and is already projecting sales in excess of 250,000 units in the first year.

The One Direction mga manika add to Vivid's catalogue of licensed dolls, which include Justin Bieber, JLS and Take That.

“We know that...
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“the park.” She answered. “what park?” i asked her. “i don’t know! Im not good with directions!” she said, defensively. “well how are we supposed to find you then?” i roared, annoyed. “kate im upset don’t be roaring at me.” she sinabi sadly. “sorry. But what are we supposed to do?” i asked.

“you don’t worry kate. You just enjoy the party. I’ll be fine.” She said, trying to re-assure me. i wasn’t re-assured AT ALL. She’ll probably end up getting kidnapped or something! “leah you’re not going to be fine. You and niall need to talk.” I told her.

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posted by lois4
in an absurdely late / early morning Twitcan session, Zayn apparently confirmed the boys ARE going to the US in January!

this means that Simon Cowell is very serious about trying to break the boys in America. I suspect they'll visit either Los Angeles, New York, Miami or Atlanta - or all four! Those are the places Cowell took Leona Lewis to work on her album. Those cities are where all the major US song writers and producers live and work.

I suggest 1D fans keep a close watch on Twitter as many songwriters and producers have Twitter accounts and quite often like to tweet about who they're working with and sometimes Tweet pictures.

Although I have a feeling the boys won't be able to contain their excitement and will probably tweet up a storm themselves.
posted by Vampire_Lover97
 Made by: nevenkastar
Made by: nevenkastar
Hey! Here is the new part <3 Sorry it is little short <3 Enjoy <3

Katherine's POV
''Hey! Stop it you are drunk! You can't drink anymore! Give me that!'' I yelled at Liam when he tried to drink one madami glass of wine.
''No! Everthing is okay! Just enjoy the party!'' He came near me and tried to halik me but i pushed him of. His face was all red!
''Stop it! Look at you!'' I yelled at him.
''Mmmm you are bad girl now , I like it!'' He pushed me again to him.
''Liam let me go!'' I yelled harder at him.
''Hmm I don't think so'' He catched me and took to his...
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Imagine for MadisonFontenot! If you want your own,message/meebo me!

You sat down in front of Niall,blushing the slightest bit as he held your hand.
"Uh..Niall? I have to say something real quick.." You muttered
Niall pouted,"But it's barely the first date!"
"Noooo!" You exclaimed,"I'm just nervous..."
"Why?" Niall asked,concern in his eyes
You blushed,"Niall,it's just that you're so cute and I don't know how a guy like you would go out with a girl like..
Niall burst out in laughter,"Exactly how I feel! How would a girl like you go out with a ugly guy like me! You're so beautiful!"
Again,he just...
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posted by GabriellaAdams
Louie's POV:
The music began and the crowd cheered.
It was just another night in Manhattan,We stood on stage in the middle Rockefeller plaza.Thousands of fans,screaming and shouting.
"Your insecure,don't know what for..."Liam started the song.
I never got any solos,like him.I felt like I was unneeded.
Then there was Zayn,his looks got him everything,the money the fame,the perfect girl.Everything.
The fans started shouting Zayns name,moments like this made me feel worthless.I put on a smile and faked my feelings,and continued the concert.
Afterward,me and the boys went back to the hotel and hung out...
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posted by aanikamerchant
1: shenali's birthday 

Alice'sPOV: we all were getting ready to go to one directions show. I wasn't a big tagahanga of them . All my mga kaibigan were mad behind them . Mom was a interior designer so she had to keep on going from state to another so I had a habit to stay alone so I learned to cook evn . I m 16 and so are my frnds . I m good in fashion designing . Shenali in bakery . Tiffany in makeup Emily in hairstyling and lia in sports like driving and everything . 
Shenali: eveyone ready 
Lia: I m done 
Alice: so m I 
Tiffany and Emily : jst a final touch up . 
Mom got us VIP passes do we can meet...
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Part 2: What makes you beautiful.

Bella’s POV:

I was sitting in the corner of my room, crying my eyes out. I pag-ibig him too much that I couldn’t let him go. Niall, why was you not a normal boy?
“I am sorry. I am sorry. I pag-ibig you!” I cried.
I realized that I was too selfish to him. I couldn’t prevent him from making his dream come true. But what could I do now? Let him go and Nawawala him forever? No, I couldn’t. I loved him too much to do that.

Suddenly I heard a voice:
“I’m so sorry.”
It was Mihrap. She walked to sit susunod to me, saying:
“I’m sorry, Bella. I should have told you.”...
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posted by MadisonFontenot
Nicole POV:

I was walking around the house trying to think where he is then it hit me......

"Ow! Louis!" Louis hit me in the head with a stuff wolf. "Shit...." I looked down at the wolf. Big Guy found out about the fake dead Liam. I ran out the door trying to call Trey.

"He found out about the fake dead Liam he is trying to kill him meet me at the mansion place in the woods...." I hung up and heard Louis and Harry running after me. I got to the mansion and stopped Trey came out from the other side of the woods.
"You think the big guy has him?" I shook my head still looking at the house. I walked...
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posted by erin_horan
Erin POV: (month 9...) For the last few months I haven't been doing anything I've gotten so big. Niall has to even help me walk sometimes. I pag-ibig him do that. I really do. I pag-ibig him so much no one will ever know! "NIALL!" I scream from the bedroom. He came from the living room in less the 5 seconds. He has been worried now since the due petsa is any day. "Yes Erin? Is everything okay? Something wrong beautiful!" I say "I feel a horrible pain in my back! Ouch! Ow ow owww!" He leans over and rubs my back. It goes away but in about a minuto it gets worse so bad a cry. "I can't take it anymore...
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They all texted them and left there relationship in the bin.They were never giving them another chance! Then they went to sleep!

In the morning there phoens were ringing like mad!
"What the hell.Oh*** its bloomin whats his name..Zayn"said Mina agrily."Calm down they are ringing!"said Emily."Hello?,Oh you.Harry me and you are so over.NO!Do you under stand.You got drunk last night and didnt care at all.Even about me.You could of raped me!!WAHT IS LOVE!?"Elena shouted at Harry.She ended the call with everyone else saying "WHAT IS LOVE". "Seroiusly,what is pag-ibig around here"said Marie.They got washed...
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posted by mina27
Name: Harry Edward Styles
Age: 17
DOB: 01/02/1994
Star Sign: Aquarius
Home Town: Holmes Chapel, Cheshire
Fave Film: pag-ibig Actually
Fave Band: The Beatles
Fave TV Show: Family Guy
Celeb Crush: Cheryl Cole/Emma Watson
Man Crush : Louis Tomlinson
Bet you didn’t know: he has 4 nipples
Turn-ons: Giggling, hair extensions, pussy cats.
Turn-offs: Swearing and squealing.
Harry is a loyal and faithful boyfriend. His mum also says that he is very romantic. On a petsa he would wear a nice pair of jeans, boots, a nice tuktok and a blazer. His perfect girl would have a good sense of humour, cute and someone who is loyal....
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Kinga and Louis went tahanan soon after that. Then we got to harry’s house. Kate and harry went in home. Me and niall were left alone. “so, did you like your first araw at school?” i asked him. “ya, it was really fun. Drama was a bit weird though!” he replied. I knew what he was talking about. “ya, um.... about that, i didn’t mean what i said, im just really into irish accents.” I lied. “its ok. So what number house do you live in?” he asked. “70, you?” i asked him. “62. We must be on the same avenue!” he smiled. “cool. I can annoy you whenever i want then.” I laughed....
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Chp 21 susunod MORNING 

Louis'sPOV: I woke up Alex sa pamamagitan ng my side evn he got up . We both went out . At the same time I saw Shenali Tess n ruby get out . 
I: good morning
All : good morning 
Shenali : breakfast 
I : yes 
Ruby : u sound like Niall 
We were heading down when I heard the two doors open behind one in which Liam n niall was 2 in which Harry n zayn were . Evn Tracy came out . We all went together downstairs. 
Tess: I will make the breakfast 
Zayn : awwww thnx bebz 
Tess: that nothing I always do 
Zayn : u knw to cook 
Tess: yes I do . 

We reached the mesa I saw an envelop and cars keys...
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Harry Styles momentarily broke a million hearts when he proposed to a tagahanga on Wednesday - but, thankfully, it was just a joke.

The One Direction heart-throb popped the tanong to a tagahanga who'd dressed as a bride at the band's kalesa in Philadelphia after he picked her out of the sell-out crowd and joked he didn't want her efforts to go to waste.

While the boy-band were thanking the audience at the end of their gig, Harry said: 'I heard there was a girl here in a wedding dress ... is there a girl here in a wedding dress?

'Now I feel bad letting this go to waste so what's your name? Preeya? Preeya ......
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♥We have a choice..To Live or To Exist - Harry♥

♥There comes a araw when you realize turning the page is the best feeling in the world because you realize there's so much madami to the book than the page you were stuck on - Zayn♥

♥Words will be just word, till you bring them to life - 1D♥

♥Who doesn’t need an eraser? Everyone makes mistakes - Louis♥

♥Little Things isn’t about anyone in particular, it’s about girls, you all are beautiful - Zayn♥

♥Just because you don’t have a prince, doesn’t...
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