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posted by niallissocute
LIAM PAYNE:]It feels like we've been living in fast-foward Another moment passing sa pamamagitan ng (U-up all night) The party's ending but it's now o-ur never Nobody's going tahanan tonight (U-up all night)
[HARRY STYLES:]Katy Perry's on replay, she's on replay DJ got the floor to shake, the floor to shake People going all the way, yeah all the way I'm still wide awake
[EVERYONE:]I wanna stay up all night And jump around until we see the sun I wanna stay up all night And find a girl and tell her she's the one Hold on to the feeling And don't let it go Cause we got the floor now Get out of control I wanna stay...
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posted by niallissocute
 cute niall
cute niall
(anyway liz went home) I hit niall in the face (ouch!)"what ya do that for" cried niall "I w a s r u n n i n g" I puffed "ffffrrrroooomm wwhhoo" niall sinabi " MY EVIL STEP MUM!!" she told him "ok step back"he sinabi as the mum was running she ran into the gate and then the gards came and shouted "niall is she with u?" "NO" HE YELLED

"im really srry"said georgia "dont mind that i herd u had a big appete would u like to go on a petsa to nandos" he sinabi hopefully and i sinabi sure anyway he is the cutest "u can live at my house from now on ok?" niall sinabi i sinabi "sounds coo"l i sinabi

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Chap 3
Part 1 . Elena's P.O.V
Haha, Harry's face at that time makes me laughed out loud! He got angry but he had to calm down. I felt a bit sorry but I couldn't make head or tail of my doing.
I just knew that teasing him made me release my sadness. Hehe.
After Harry came back from the loo, my mother nade another spaghettie dish for him. He stared at me and chuckled. I was not scared, what would he do?
" Elena, it's the first time u've come here. U should drink a little voska" – Zayn smiled in a friendly way,
" Oh, sorry, I can't drink voska. Sorry so much. "- I refused at once- " Ah, but...
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Chap 2: The first day

Part 1: U're so flirty!

Elena's P.O.V:
Everything here was totally new to me while my mother looked as if she had been here before. She came to her room without any guidance.
Four guys without that crazy boy greeted and waved at me:
" Beauty, nice to meet u! Don't worry. Let everything be simple! We will help u!" -Four guys without that crazy boy greeted and waved at me.
" Thanks a lot ".- I smiled reluctantly.
" Beauty, let me ipakita u to your room " One guy clapped me on my shoulder and teased me
" Louis, don't give her the nillies." The other guys looked at him and giggled....
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Elena Tran was 15 aged and she lived with Mrs. Kim- her mother. Her parents were dicorced last month. Mrs. Kim was an stylist. She took part in an international competition and she was chosen for the new stylist of One Direction band. ...
* *

Part 1
Elena"s P.O.V:
A sunny day.
"Hurry up ! Elena, Elena " My mother shouted out loud.
"Coming , mommy, wait me for a few minutes!"
"Be quick! We're late! I don't want to miss the plane!"
Running at full speed, I gasp for breath:
"I'm here! "
My mother sighed with relief and held the suicase tightly:
"Come on, my darling! Did u say good...
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posted by xMrsNiallHoranx

1.How do you feel about being voted One Direction FOTM?

xMrsNiallHoranx: I feel shocked, I though a lot madami people deserved this SO much madami than me!

2.Who is your favourite member? Why?

xMrsNiallHoranx: Niall James Horan:) why? Here’s why:

I am a ✔verified niall horan lover! he is AMAZING!
his big blue eyes that sparkle whenever i see him
his dirty blonde hair! (which he changes ALL the time!)
his laugh!(which u can hear ALL the time!)
his smile that lights up the my world:D
his personality which is also AMAZING!
his talents (the listahan of them is ENDLESS!)
his fit body!
his accent!...
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posted by harry98
Zayn had to get some ice on his hand but he was ok. Harry's Mom left after a while. Before she left we talked for a bit and we actually had loads in common. When she left I actually gave her a hug. Even Harry looked shocked! It was Liams birthday soon so I had to go to get a new dress for the surprise party! I made Leah come. She just sat in the corner saying 'Ya' everytime I asked her if my dress looked ok. I put on a leprachaun costume at one point to see what she said! She sinabi 'Ya' again. I gave up at that point. I picked out a short white dress with a sparkly silver sinturon on it. I payed...
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Should i wear this asked summer pulling up a long kulay-rosas dress that was fluffÿ with jewels uhh no i sinabi tryinğ to be polite do it's a bit much says perrie backing me up. Ohh okay i pull out (the outfit in the picture) this is so cute i say OMG GIRL GET IT says Eleanor. I ran to cash register and got it. Omg girl niall is going to be head over heels for you! sinabi Sophia.soph you know he's dating selena Gomez right. What ever she is a bi- uy NO CUSSING! I yelled at sophia. Well it's true she sinabi pouting. uy guys i found a cute outfit summer sinabi holding up a a kulay-rosas sando with a puso on it...
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posted by harry98
“Harry I don't know what to wear. Any ideas?” I asked Harry. “Hmmmm what about a bikini” he sinabi not joking. “Yes Harry because I pag-ibig wearing bikinis at -2 degrees.” I told him sarcastically. “I was only making a suggestion. But will you?” he asked giving me tuta dog eyes. “Fine” I told him. I was freezing all day. When we were watching a DVD I was really cold because Harry forgot to pay the heating bill. “Harry I'm getting a on my pjs” I told him at last. “Fine” he sinabi sulking. I was finally warm. We decided to play a game of Spin the Bottle. Leah was against...
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posted by ZoeyMalik28
 Take Me tahanan
Take Me Home
(A/N WOAH! Guys,I am super sorry that I haven't updated. I know some people have been waiting for this.Well,here it goes)

"FRICKIN SPOONS! CAN YOU JUST PLEASE STOP IT?!" I screamed into the phone as I hurried downstairs, heading towards the living room

"Hanna,you know that Harry cheated on you!" Gilbert scoffed

I growled in frustration,"Look,you should shut up. You know nothing about pag-ibig since you just got a girl pregnant. Kimmy never actually loved you. So shut up and leave me alone. You don't have the right to tell me anything"

"I'm your cousin's boyfriend. So I'm like your cousin" Gilbert said...
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I opened the door of the classroom and stepped inside. I sat beside Kate as she was in the same class.

“Hi kate.” I whispered.
“Oh hi Mickie.” She said.
“How are you and harry getting on?” I winked.
“Perfect, just perfect. He’s amazing. I pag-ibig him.” She beamed.
“Yeah harry’s amazing. And he’s absolutely BLESSED to have you Kate!” I praised her.
“Thanks.” She smiled.

The teacher waltzed in and glared at me.

“Mickie Leanne Rosemary! Take off that scarf immediately!” she ordered.
“Sorry miss.” I un-raveled the scarf from around my neck and hung it on the chair...
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posted by emilypotato
Each member of one direction has a distinct style. Let's start with Harry. His signature items are blazers and bow ties. Niall horan usually sports a polo sando all the way buttoned up with a cardigan, like in the "one thing" music video. Zayn Malik tends to wear letter jackets, like the kind jocks wear at high schools. On special occasions, Liam likes to wear suit vest things. Now, Louis William tomlinson has a VERY distinct style. His signature look is a striped tee shirt, red capris, suspenders, and toms shoes. So basically, he dresses like a fashionable sailor!! That is generally what I have to say about each member of 1D's style!!
posted by mhlover102
I woke up with the sun light peeking threw the window i opened my eyes and oonly saw blur i rubbed my eyes the started to ajust to the light i picked up my phone from the night stand i turned it on 7:30!! I got dressed (picture) and put my hair in a side braid and ran out the door to my car

.........At work......

Im so sorry boss im late! Its okay angle dont let it happen agian she sinabi thank you thank you!! I ran to the cash regester .

2 hours later....

Thank you enjoy your coffee.ANGLE!! ANGLE GUESS WHAT!!! yelled sophia, summer,perrie and Eleanor in usion ohhh uy guys i was just getting ready...
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posted by Eviem99
Eleanor's suitcase lay on the kama neatly packed beside her.
In just over an oras she'd be back on a plane to Manchester while Louis would be on a plane too, but his destination would be America.
The two sat beside each other clasping their hands tightly together.
" Cheer up pag-ibig you won't miss little old me" Louis joked standing up, Eleanor followed suit.
" Probably not. Besides there's LOADS of hot guys in Manchester" She sinabi lightly, though the crack in her voice was noticeable.
He laughed, and then Eleanor laughed until they were both in hysterics soon forgetting the reason they were laughing....
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posted by Eviem99
Watching the konsiyerto from the wings Eleanor Calder felt an overwhelming sense of pride in boyfriend Louis Tomlinson.
She was joined sa pamamagitan ng Louis's mother, his sisters and the families of band members with a few select friends.
Beaming upwards at her was Louis, they had been stealing quick glances throughout the performance but now it drew to a close he smiled at her with the twinkle in his eyes she adored. She smiled back, the biggest her face would allow.
The konsiyerto ended with " Little Things" Eleanor's favourite.
minutos before the end she was whisked off backstage to re-join Louis to beat...
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~ Getting ready ~
Stephanie ‘ s P . O . V
    I gotta text from Niall while I was in church . I had 20 minutos to get ready since church was over at 1 ; 30 . I wore a light blue sando with skinny jeans and light blue chucks . I put my hair in a ponytail and headed out to the park . I walked there since it was only like 7 minutos away from me . When I got there it was 1 ; 54 . I didn’t see Niall anywhere . Then I heard footsteps . I turned around to see who it was , but I didn’t see anyone . Then susunod thing you know Niall hugs me from behind , which put me in complete...
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posted by 1d_is_cool
Lillian's P.o.V 

Once Semra and I arrived tahanan I started to pack all the stuff that I needed. Was I did that I got dressed, I was wearing green skinny jeans with a white t-shirt with blue stripes. "do you think that's all?" I asked. 
"yeah!" I said
Then I went to my car to start packing. Semra sinabi that she will come too but not to the concert. On the way to the konsiyerto Semra and I were listening to some 1D songs, Semra seemed to like a few. once we got to the konsiyerto place there was all ready over 1000 girls there even know it starts in half an hour. I found my upuan and sat down. I couldn't...
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posted by HarryLover4Life
"Yeah, it's going good, but I'm actually still studying". "Well, you should go to sleep or you might fall asleep during the test". "Will you sing me a song". "Sure". He sang to me and in a few minutos I was out like a light.
I woke up right on time and was ready to take my test. I arrived at school and got off the bus. Harry was waiting for me. "He-". "Will you go out with me". I was at a loss for words. I looked around quickly and saw Liam, Zayn, Niall, and Louis. They were all giving me (or Harry) thumbs up. "Yes, yes, a million times YES!!!" I ran into his arms and kissed him. All the sagot for my test left me and their puwang was filled to the brim with pag-ibig for Harry. The rest of the guys ran over and joined in our hug. Louis sinabi "Now you guys can stop being all weird. Come back later for Part 3
niamhs Pov **

when we came back from shopping , me and Niall decided that we would have a lovley D.V.D night ..

he let me decied on what D.V.Ds we were going to watch ,so i ended up getting ,

Paranormal activity 2 , New Moon and The Hangover 2 :')

i <3 them films and so did Niall so i thought why not ??!!

i wasnt long before we were snuggled up on the sofa , under a big duvet ! :)
no better way to celebrate our annaversiray :)

Half way through paranormal activity Niall decided he had to go pee ... but i didnt want him to .. but he told me hed pee on me if he didnt let him go , so i toldd...
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We came downstairs and went out to the back garden. There was a GIGANTIC swimming pool outside and a trampoline! And also a tree-house!

All of the boys immediately stripped down to their underwear and dived in. niall was the last to dive in and when he was running to dive in, he accidently bumped into kate and knocked her into the pool.

“OH SHIT!” niall roared.
He ran over to the trampoline for cover. Not a smart idea.
Kate came out of the pool, dripping wet and climbed onto the trampoline too.

She started chocking niall so we all ran over to help him.
It took me, harry, Amanda, lois, louis...
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