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posted by K-Tahan

Yesterday me and my sister was walking tahanan from school when on the t.v. in the bakery was one direction pag-awit got to be you when a strange boy came and pushed my sister over, it was: a curly haired baya with a nice looking face , it was HARRY!!!Then Liam walked up to me and sinabi "Sorry about that Harry is mad that Zayn "borrowed" his cat!'' i sinabi "THats fine she's o.k." He ran after Harry from that araw forword i was SO SO SO in pag-ibig with liam!!

Chapter.2.YES AND NO...

We walked to Miller kalye with out speaking when my sister Sophie sinabi "why didn't you call the police over there when Harry HIT me?" I sinabi because I didn't bring my cell phone o.k" "thats no exuse you could of went inside the bakers!"........

susunod CHAPTER COMING SOON.......
posted by 1Dluver12
Harry’s POV
Lou was driving and I was in the passenger seat. I was talking to the boy’s , about how to ask Julli out ‘properly’.
“ How bout, you get her, some of her paborito pelikula and candies, maybe even some flowers. But like a movie, her paborito kendi and a box of chocolate’s, how’s that sound?” asked Zayn. I thought of it and it sounded like a good plan.
“ Yah, that sound’s good. Thanks. I’m going to text Adi, and ask her to tell me what I need.” I told them and began to text her. ‘What are Jull’s paborito movie’s? ~ Haz’. A few second’s later she replied,...
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As One Direction head out around the UK on their Up All Night tour, Caroline Flack is sinabi to have jetted off to the sunshine - reportedly leaving an upset Harry Styles behind.

Now magazine ulat that Caroline is "desperate to get away from it all" after receiving death threats over her relationship with Hazza, and a supposed friend of Caroline's told the mag that "She just wants to escape for a while - without Harry."
Now, while we imagine Harry's not the kind of bloke to get upset about his girlfriend going away with her mates while he's on tour with thousands of screaming fans who want to...
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posted by Progatozona
One Thing Lyrics:

I tried playing it cool
Girl when I'm looking at you
I can't ever be brave
Cause you make my puso race

Shot me out of the sky
You're my kryptonite
You keep making me weak
Yeah, nagyelo and can't breathe

Some things gotta give now
Cause I'm dying just to make you see
That I need you here with me now
Cause you've got that one thing

So get out, get out, get out of my head
And fall into my arms instead
I don't, I don't, don't know what it is
But I need that one thing
And you've got that one thing

Now I'm climbing the walls
But you don't notice at all
That I'm going out of my mind
All araw and all night...
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Niall’s P.O.V:

I came downstairs after about an hour. Louis, zayn and harry we pagbaba something in the sitting room.

“hi guys.” I sinabi quietly.
Harry ignored me but louis and zayn smiled.

“look haz. I’m really sorry for pagganap like a jerk.” I said.
“it’s ok man.” He smiled.

We had a bromance hug for a minuto before I sat down beside zayn to see what they were reading.

It had ‘rules’ written on the front of it. It read:

‘1. Don’t eat MY food.
2. don’t touch MY stuff.
3. don’t come into MY room. (unless you are harry)
4. don’t come into MY sitting room.
5. do...
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i was woken up sa pamamagitan ng my sister calling out the names of one direction on the poster on my wall. When she saw my eyes opening, she ran over and gave me a hug. “morning holly” i smiled. “morning leah” my sister said, giggling. I got up and washed myself. Then i put on a pair of sweatpants, a polo tuktok and high-tops. Then i tied my hair up and got my schoolbag and gearbag.

I’m not the type that wears make-up. In fact, the closet thing to make-up i have ever worn is Vaseline! I’m really not girly. In school, i’m the only girl on the putbol team. I get on with everyone at school, except...
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Your mga kaibigan Averie and Lindsey knock on your door when you least expect it. "What are you guys doing here" You ask. "We heard about the date" Averie explained with a wink. "Does everyone know" You sigh. "Oh c'mon we've only come to help you get ready" Lindsey says. You smile knowing exactly what they ment.
After an oras of trying on different clothes you see you only have another half hour, so you settle on a blue dress that comes just past your knees. "So beautiful" Averie sinabi holding her hands to her heart. "Lindsey, drive me?" you ask. "Of course" Lindsey said.
Soon your at the most fancy...
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He's just SOOO adorable!

When we met One Direction's Niall Horan at the Sugar magazine photoshoot, it was literally mere segundos before his Irish charm and cheeky grin had us well and truly hooked.

Adorable just isn't the word! So when he looked us in the eye with his sparkling baby blues, and started to talk about halik and crushes in that gorgeous, sexy accent, you can surely understand why our hearts melted and we fell into a girlish giggling frenzy. Right?

Aside from just looking like an absolute sweetie though, Niall really does have a touch of sensitive deliciousness about him.

Check out...
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posted by canal
Mendy was on the sopa watching tv with the boys and Madison when her cell phone rang. "Hello?" Mendy said. "Dad? Is mom okay?" Mendy asked. Mendy's face was in awe as she dropped her phone and ran to her room crying.
"Hello?" Harry asked picking the phone up and walking into the kitchen. "Oh, I'm Harry styles, sir" Harry sinabi in reply. "Okay hold on" Harry said. "Who is it Harry?" Zayn asked with every one following him. "Mendy's dad, but just listen" Harry sinabi putting the phone on speaker phone. "I'm sorry what was that sir" Harry said. "Oh, yes, Mendy's mother died, and i want her back...
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posted by fiestagirl12345
bailey's P.O.V

i woke up the song Gangnam Style. i tiredly shut it off. and got ready. i came out in my out-fit and walked out of my room link. i went down-stairs. "mornig sis" says harry. you see harry is my older brother. practicly my dad. he is famouse. so i rarey ever spend time with hime. like we used to. "woah slow down. those shorts are way to short. let me see were youre finger-tips go missy" says harry. he looks and lets me free. it gets annoying whne he gets overly protective sometimes. but i got used to it. i was walking out when my bff madison texted me

madison: girrl hurry up gonig...
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A few days before the concert. At the tabing-dagat house. The boys are already packing their things.
Niall: Los Angeles! (finishes packing his things)
Liam: Woah.. you're so fast!
Zayn: He's too excited.
Harry: (lonely and packing his things slowly)
Louis: Why are you lonely?
Harry: (stops packing and sat down on a chair) It's just I miss her. Every time we have a konsiyerto she's there to support me but now...
Liam: Harry, we're going to L.A. and she right there. Remember a few weeks ago, she told us they'll be staying at L.A. for good?
Harry: (smiles and says happily) Right! She's at L.A.! I will find her....
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When we got to starbucks I realised that i didnt have any money with me. "Just sit down and be polite" i told myself. We went in and i followed the guys over to a mesa with 4 sofas around it. Thats a big mesa for 4 people, i thought. Harry sat down on a sofa and patted the puwang susunod to him, indicating for me to sit there. I sat down and took off my coat. Liam was smiling at me while i done this and Zayn was sitting susunod to him pag-awit Bugsy malone songs. " What are you getting Carly?" he asked me. " Oh, nothing" I sinabi sheepishly
"Do you want me to get you something?" Liam asked
I felt like...
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posted by johncenaw85oi
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posted by superDivya
You and Louis had been best of mga kaibigan for almost three years now. And of course, you had a massive, massive crush on him. But you were afraid to tell him thinking of how he will react.

You two did everything together. One araw you got a text from him, saying:

*Hey best buddy! Up for movies? :D*

You instantly replied:

*Hey uy Tommo! Of course! :))*

The reply came in seconds. Gosh his texting was fast.

*The Fault In Our Stars? ;)*

You were amazed. Louis, and TFIOS? Shocking.

*Suree. What time?*

*I'll Pick you up in 30 mins ;)*

*Okay ;)*

You started getting ready and when you just ended with your mascara,...
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posted by SapphireCat22
At the club, the guys had seperated to hit the bar. I stood quietly susunod to Grace and Charolette. "Are you okay, Kate?" my sister asked. I shook my head. "I think Niall is still talking to Selena." I say quietly. Charolette grabs my hand. "No, I don't believe it." I look helplessly at her, tears welling up in my eyes. "I just know it... I need to see his phone to be sure, but I really think it was her." Grace hugged me. "Don't cry, Kate." she says. "I'll talk to Liam." I shake my head. "Don't. It's not worth it." Grace sighs as I pick up my coat. "Tell them I went tahanan sick, please." Charolette...
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posted by Blacklillium
Down to Earth
Keep 'em falling when I know it hurts
Going faster than a million miles an hour
Trying to catch my breath some way, somehow
Down to Earth
It's like I'm frozen, but the world still turns
Stuck in motion, but the wheels keep spinning 'round
Moving in reverse with no way out

And now I'm one step closer to being
Two steps far from you
And everybody wants you
Everybody wants you

How many nights does it take to count the stars?
That's the time it would take to fix my heart
Oh, baby, I was there for you
All I ever wanted was the truth, yeah, yeah
How many nights have you wished someone would stay?
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posted by Directioner3300
I got a apoy for a puso I'm not scared of the dark,You never seen it look so easy.I got a river for a soul and baby you're a boat,baby you're my only reason

If I didn't have there would be nothing left the shell of a man who could never be his best,if I didn't have you I'd never see the sun.You taught me how to be someone,Yeah

All my life you stood sa pamamagitan ng me when no one else was ever behind me,all these lights they can't blind me with your pag-ibig nobody can drag me
All my life you stood sa pamamagitan ng me when no one else was ever behind me,all these lights they can't blind me with your pag-ibig nobody can drag me...
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posted by Directioner3300
Now maybe some of you directioners saw One Direction's "Between Us" perfume.Maybe some of you didn't.But I know it'll be a great perfume!!
The commercial is really cute.
First we have Harry and he's dressed up as a mountain climber and his ingredient for the perfume was a type of bulaklak that was on a mountain.
Liam was dressed as a scuba diver and he had to get amber from under the ocean.
Louis was dressed as an astronaut so he got an (organic) aprikot from a supermarket that was in space.
And when Niall came out he was dressed up as nothing lol.He was was his good old self.
And his ingredient was an sibuyas but instead of putting the sibuyas inside of the tube for the ingredients,Niall opened the sibuyas in half and pt it near his face.And a tear came out of his eye and landed in the tube.
Watch the commercial on YouTube!! :)
One Direction fans are just starting to get used to some pretty big changes -- Bye, Zayn! -- butNiall Horan shared that madami changes may be on the way.

"There's a few different sounds on the album, not all the songs sound the same, like, same vibe," he explained to ET Online of the quartet's upcoming fifth album. "They are all kind of different. Couple of different guitars and drums. It's a lot different than what we did before... but, it's cool."

Liam Payne
-- perhaps sensing that fans couldn't handle much madami change right now -- assured fans that while the group may be exploring new sounds, they will also have plenty of the old stuff as well. "There's a lot of old school vibes as well. I sinabi before that it was quite Oasis-y but I was thinking about one song that I've been playing… it's very diverse I think."

"Diverse" and "different" and "old-school" and "cool" and "Oasis-y": This has been One Direction Album Updates.
One Direction have vowed to meet a teenage tagahanga who suffered a serious injury in a rollercoaster crash at Britain’s Alton Towers theme park.

Leah Washington, 17, from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, had her leg amputated when the Smiler ride slammed into an empty carriage on June 2 (four others were badly hurt in the incident).

Due to her injuries, Washington was unable to attend the boyband's ipakita at Cardiff Stadium last Saturday. So a friend launched a Twitter campaign #Get1DToLeah, calling for the four-piece to get in touch. Which they did.

According to the BBC, the band's reps sinabi Niall Horan,...
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