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posted by GabriellaAdams
Courtney's POV:
I sat susunod him on the bathroom floor leaning up against the wall,saying nothing.I had a pounding headache from being tired and stressed.The awkward silence was unbearable since I had no clue what to do.We were strangers and he had just tried to kill himself for a reason I had no clue of.
I had the same awkward sympathic feeling you get when you meet a person once and susunod time you hear of them,they're dead.The only difference was he was alive,breathing and right susunod to me.He had a look on his face like he was Nawawala in thoughts,Daydreaming a nightmare.Most of the time silence...
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posted by Twilight_Malfoy
Harry Styles Will Play Harry Potter
Louis Tomlinson Will Play Ron Weasley
Eleanor Calder Will Play Hermionie Granger
Niall Horan Will Play Draco Malfoy
Taylor matulin Will Play Ginny Weasley
Liam Payne Will Play Fred Weasley
Zayn Malick Will Play George Weasley
How was that? Yes I know,Zayn and Liam's personality doesn't match the Weasley twins,but there was no other characters they could play! Comment And Tell me how you like the characters' places.
posted by GabriellaAdams
Later on the same araw Drew left.
Amber's POV:
I cuddled on the sopa with Louie.He had his arm around me tight,with a blushing grin apon his face.
I had felt guilty and shallow about halik Drew,but i decided not to tell Louie because he wouldnt understand unless I told him the whole story and I didn't like talking about the time i tried suicide.It would put me to shame when the memory came to mind.
In the corner of the room sat Niall in the recliner,he didn't talk but he just scrolled through his phone.He had that upset look on his face like he used to.I hadn't talked to him ever since that...
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posted by KristenLoves1D
1. I hate it when someone insults my family. I honestly want to asong babae slap them when they insult my family. It doesn't hurt that bad when they say those things to me but about my family? That just gets me extremely pissed.
2. When someone interrupts me. Again. That's extremely rude and I'll just interrupt you back. Or maybe manuntok you in the face. Whatever works best.
3. People. In general. I'm a girl, obviously, and I have moods where if you talk to me, you will get punched in the face, and I have those moods almost everyday.. Anyways, I'm not much of a people person and never will get people....
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Ambers POV:
The week was up,And Drews flight would be leaving today to go over seas.That morning I spent with him,He cooked me breakfast and burnt it slightly but I didn't mind.Then we stop sa pamamagitan ng my place to drop Abby off,Mrs.rose wasn't so happy about the dog.Drew sinabi bye to my brothers,Robby cried since he admired Drew very much.
We got in his truck and started driving to the airport.
My eyes had been watery the whole day,but tried not to cry although my teary eyes were flooded.I couldn't believe he was leaving,I knew it was only for a few months but it wouldnt be the same.
"I'm going to miss you,ya...
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posted by kat9722

modeling is what i do and in order for me to keep doing it i had to ilipat to london. bringing me to where i am right now.

"liam im here! im actually in london! this is so exciting ive never left america" i was talking liam over the phone telling him how exciting this was.

"yes is sure is something isnt it?" he laughed. "i need your adress so we can meet up or something"

"yes we sure do. uy you still coming to my halloween party with your buds and your girly?" i asked looking at my surroundings waiting for my ride,

"wouldnt miss a rose petal party for the world" i laughed.

"okay dont...
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posted by GabriellaAdams
Ambers POV:
Drew and I stood on the front porch of Annas house.Everyone was suspose to come over to hang out,althrough we never told anna that.So it was a susprise.
"We thought we should spend some time together."I smiled sweetly at anna hoping for forgiveness that i hadnt called.
"Well you could have called."
"Yea but I'm out of minutos and Drew broke his Phone."I smirked as she walked in.
"Dad!Drew and Amber are here!!"she yelled to lazy to walk upstairs and tell him.
"I'm gonna kill him!!"courtney yelled eruptively as she ran down stairs,refering to annas and drews break up.She grabbed him...
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posted by _PRETTYQUEEN1E
You can tell that in One Direction's mga litrato they have a connection. Even though all five boys are different, with different styles- they still connect.
All five boys had a crush on a girl who was competing against them in the x-factor, she played an instrument. (Not many of those people win)
You may question, "how do five boys that are totally different connect so good?" Well I know!
Harry, Louis, Nial, Liam, and Zayn all experienced the same things. They all tried so hard to become what they love. SINGERS.
I'm no expert, but I know a lot about them. Even though the boys all drive Zayn crazy... they are all silly. That's why we pag-ibig them, we are too.
You can always see the confidence in the boys when they take pictures together, they feel the love.
posted by _PRETTYQUEEN1E
Don't you just want to make everyone disappear so you can be left with One Direction? Have you ever wondered, "why am I so crazy about them!?!?" Well I know!
Many other famous people try SO hard for people to fall inlove with them- One direction doesn't.
One direction comes as they are. They come in their own styles- and they wish for us to be ourselves!
Here's how I became a HUGE directioner: I listened to their songs, I read books about them, and an app I downloaded on my iphone5 was… a petsa One Direction app. On the petsa one direction app you pick a member and you start out as friends, in one araw you become their girlfriend, and then couple, always (etc.)
I became obsessed because in that app- each member told me what they love, and all about them- so I fell back on my kama screaming I pag-ibig THEM.
All directioners are different- they are crazy, some are mature, wild, calm, loud, quiet, normal, stylish, black, white, etc.
Officer Earl told the couple to step out of the car and raise their hands. When he saw them coming out, he saw his own daughter, Shania Walters, with her "safe" boyfriend, Niall.
"Shay, I told you to stay away from that...... monster! "Dad, I am sorry I ignored you and went to the party with Niall. But I must say it's my fault because I am such a slut. Me and Niall are a GREAT couple. I will tell you why. Starting with the araw we met!" Shania Walters sobbed.
" Alright sweetie, but don't be long."
" Thanks. Narrator, GO!!!"
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Hello my name is Bryce,Bryce beckford but people call me BB for from Weastmeath Mullingar,Ireland.. Reminds you of someone..Niall Horan,we have been mga kaibigan for 14 years now and still are and very close he finnaly let me meet his boys Harry ,Liam, louis, and Zayn they we are very nice but the strangest thing kept happening,harry and I kept looking at each other but I just didnt know what that could mean and he cant stop asking me questions, niall would stare at him while hes staring at me- the others notice too.. they have been hanging with me for 2 yeras now and harry has been doing the same thing over and over agian and niall kept noticing but he thought that harry was just being himself.2 mounths later harry and the boys asked me for my number, so we hurried up and exstanged numbers and they left that night.
I just felt like that harry was telling me something but I couldn't put my fingur on it..this was a very awkward introduction!.
Ambers POV:
It was new years,and I was looking pasulong to the year.
Anna and Zayn had been broken up for a week or two but she acted wierd a lot since then I suspected they were back together but it was never official.I was a bit upset still,but everyone was very supportful to me for some odd reason.
On christmas,I didn't open any presents that were from Santa.
I couldn't believe Santa,I hated him.I sat on Louie's kama remembering that night segundo sa pamamagitan ng second.Pulling every image out from the back of my mind and mentally replayed the whole or deal.
"Amber,You okay?"Louie came out of the bathroom.
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posted by 1Dluver12
******** 2 months later ******
    I awoke and began to get ready. Today was the ultrasound because I am now 6 months. mga mani been moving a tiny bit more, but, not as frequent as we would like. But I know shes strong, so I try not to worry. I got up and got my outfit (link). Did I mention that today is December 20th? Yea, 5 days before Christmas, and 4 until Lou’s birthday. Also, last buwan at a press conference, Niall announced my pregnancy so I get hate. LOTS of it. But Niall, and everyone else is there to try and help, but sometimes I just sit and cry while im alone....
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posted by nivi20997
Hi mga kaibigan I thought of Pagsulat a tagahanga fiction named as "Newly wed Harry".
This is a story when Harry's mom asks him to marry a girl, Lindsey who is a vet doctor. She doesn't know anything about One Direction or Harry's fame. They both get married and finally fall in love. Harry introduces the other band mates as his colleagues. What happens when she comes to know about Harry's profession as a part of the world's greatest band? Will she accept him or not?

So revolves Harry's life and how hard he tries to hide the biggest ever secret to Lindsey.

Description of Lindsey:
Lindsey is a cute innocent...
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Amber's POV:
Once I woke up,I attempted to fool myself into thinking what I had seen was a dream,that attempt failed.I knew I seen Anna halik Santa last night,and I was faced with the probelm of telling Zayn and maybe losing a friend.(My only friend.)
It was a bit creepy since Santa was so old,and what about Mrs.Claus?It would be world wide news!
I quietly walked down stairs to the pasko tree.
I didnt really want to open my presents after all that had seen,I couldn't bielieve Santa and Anna had kissed.It was an utter disgrace.
I sat there pag-awit softly,
"I saw Anna halik Santa Claus underneath...
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posted by ZoeyMalik28
 My Harry Styles♥
My Harry Styles♥
Hanna's P.O.V
"Hanna,you okay?"
"No" I pouted,running my hand through his beautiful curls
Harry sighed,"If you want.."
"What?" I asked
He wrapped his arms around me tightly,"You can come on tour with us..and be our makeup artist,babe"
I cupped Harry's face in my hands,"Yes. But what about..Edward and Darcy??"
"Cher can come and take care of them for us. You two can also be the opening act. I'm sure if I talked to management,they'll agree" Harry kissed my forehead lightly,"I just can't leave you behind anymore"
I shuttered at the touch of him,"Harry,but Darcy and Edward will be exposed to the papparazzi...
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posted by violetsnake21
Chapter 5
Niall revved the engine and screeched, "See you later, mot-"
Raven quickly honked the horn to censor Niall's cursing. Louis smirked as Eleanor smiled. Niall pouted. "Why did you do that," Niall questioned, with a cute pouty face.
Raven giggled at his face and said, "Don't want to mess with somebody's innocence."
"That's what they all say," he muttered under his breath as he stepped on the gas.
Raven put on the radio. The song Die Young sa pamamagitan ng Ke$ha came on. (Sorry I just pag-ibig that song!)
Eleanor and Raven were screaming the lyrics. "I hear your heartbeat beat to the beat to the drums....
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Chapter 9-Raven's P.O.V.
I set myself down at the table, where Ruby was sitting with a lot of binders surrounding her. I scrunched my eyebrows in confusion and asked, "Where's the boys?"
madami importantly, where's Niall, I thought. Ruby smirked. "Oh, you'll see."
Okaaaaayyyyy, I thought, That wasn't weird at all.
I sighed as the lunch mothers raised their hands. I rose my hand and saw a big curtain on the stage. I saw a foot sticking out of the curtains and then I regonized it immediately. It was a pair of TOMS. Louis, I decided. Wait, why are they behind there, I questioned mentally.
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posted by 1Dluver12
Jezzy’s POV * a/n I might also say ‘Belles pov, that’s still Jezzabelles pov *
    I awoke and smiled as I felt Nialls warm body susunod to me. I scooted closer to him and pressed my stomach to his back, I heard him chuckle, and he turned around so he was facing me. He laid both hands on my stomach, and began whispering to it.
“ uy peanut, todays a big araw for you babe! Were gunna have a party for you and your mum. I hope she likes it. Have I told you how beautiful she is?” I lightly giggled and felt a tear make its way down my cheek. I quickly wiped it away trying...
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posted by onedloverlol
I told Louis and the boys I would see them tomorrow.Harry begged me to stay and I begged him to let me leave.Once I got out of their yard I shot off like a bullet out of a gun.I ran to my friend, Sophie's house.She reads all kinds of vampire books she should know what to do here.I'm confused how if you die you become a vampire.A little while later I started for home.Sophie didn't know.I felt someone was following me.I turned around slowly to see Harry following with a huge box in his hands."Hey you need some help"I shouted."Why would I need help from a girl"he shouted back.This took me completely...
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