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 Harry & Jenny
Harry & Jenny
Jenny was sweating a lot when Heather was firing her with lots of questions.
Heather: Answer me, Jen!
There was perfect silence for a minute.
Suddenly Heather started laughing weirdly. Jenny was very much confused.
Heather: Now, answer me Jen!
Jenny: Umm… Umm.. Har-
Heather: Hahaha.. I was just kiddin’
She sighed.
Heather: You must have seen yourself in the mirror when you had to answer me…
Heather couldn’t stop laughing.
Jenny took a unan in her hand and threw at Heather. She fell flat on her kama and even Jenny lay beside her.
Heather started to talk in a cool way as she usually does.
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Ambers POV:
I sat on the coach with my mom and watched in terror as the segundo building came crashing down ever so quickly.
From the 8th floor of our apartment,We could see the cload of dust and sut cover lower manhattan.Mommy was crying and worrying about daddy.I didn't understand it at the time and it all happen to fast for me to grasp it.
She stood up,grabbed her bag then looked at me.She told me she loved me and told me to stay here then she kissed me on my forehead then slammed the door as she left me alone.I didn't know that would be the last time I'd see her ever again.
An oras must have...
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posted by MadisonFontenot
 Ruby's Diary..
Ruby's Diary..
Please comment!

"So how long will you guys be gone?" Alana asked folding one of Harry's shirts.
Harry sighed grabbing a sando from the almost empty dresser, "Six months. Maybe more." He tossed the sando in the suitcase. Alana took it out and re-folded it, and placing it back into the suitcase neatly -yeah, kinda OCD, "More? I could barely get through the five months of you being gone to go to the X-Factor!" Alana sat on the kama and Harry looked down at her, "I know." He whispered. Alana sighed.
"Are you guys ready yet?" Liam yelled from down stairs....
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posted by 1dfan28716
*the door kampanilya rings*

kaitlyn: ill get it

mom: ok

harry: hi

kaitlyn: 00

louis: wow cute girl

liam: he means to say can we stay wit you

kaitlyn:let me go ask my mom

* go's up stairs*

kaitlyn:hey mom can some people stay over



* go's down stairs*

kaitlyn: you can stay

niall: thank you so much

zayn: do you think you'r mom and dad and brother and sister like a tabing-dagat trip


zayn:ill give them the tickets

all but zayn: ok

kaitlyn:so hey

to be contued
Shannon's P.O.V.
Grace took Louis number from me and pulled her phone out, I was starting to worry, what was she going to do? Her phone was ringing, she was calling Louis, I'n not surprised. She put the phone on speaker so we all could hear.
"Hello" Louis said. I instantly answered so he didn't think that some walang tiyak na layunin tagahanga had gotten his number.
"Hey Louis, it's Shannon" I said.
"Oh hey, was up?" He said. Before I could say anything Grace started talking.
"What you can do is tell us how Shannon got your number" Grace sinabi all sassy like, she was the sassy one in the group.
"Who are you?" He said.
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Shae's P.O.V.

We put our stuff in the bus and we went to say goodbye, I can't beleive the summer has gone so quick.
"Bye Niall, I'll miss you" I sinabi before hugging him so tight.
"We'll see each other again, I hope" Niall said.
Shannon and Harry were saying goodbye to each other and Louis, Liam and Zayn were saying bye to the guys.
"I don't want to leave" I said.
"But you have to, we'll see each other again, I promise" Niall said.
I couldn't take it I had to halik him.
"Eww, get a room" Zayn said.
"I think you should be saying that to the other half of Larry" Louis sinabi pointing to Harry and Shannon...
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posted by gissmiss21
uy guys!

Well, here is a link to chapter 3


Make sure you check it out! Leave comments, questions, or anything like that below and I hope you like it! :)

Have a facebook? Make sure you and your mga kaibigan like


***CHAPTER 4***

Zayn: "Hey :)"

Elena: "I- I-"

Zayn: "It was nothing..."

Elena: "Hahaha, why do you keep having to save me? What's up with that? XD"

Zayn: "I don't know, I guess I'm always at the right place at the right time?"

Elena: "Yeah you are!"

Zayn: "So, what's this thing about Niall? I didn't wanna blow my cover at the time, so I acted ignorant..."

Elena: "He came back."

Zayn: "Ahh......
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posted by MadisonFontenot
Alana walked into Harry and the boys' mansion Monday morning. She and Lindsey have been flying all night.
"Harry!" Alana jumped on Harry's bed. His eyes opened and he hugged Alana.
"I missed you!" He yelled. Alana giggled, "I missed you too!"
Harry got out of kama and pulled Alana up. She stood and Harry pulled her closer to him.
"You are so beautiful," Harry looked down at Alana's big brown eyes.
Alana smiled at him, "I pag-ibig you," Harry smiled bigger his big dimples showing, "I pag-ibig you more." Harry released Alana, "Oh, and I wanted to know if you want to go out to dinner, or go see a movie?...
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posted by ZoeyMalik28
 Louis & Baby Kimmy (Lux)
Louis & Baby Kimmy (Lux)
Put a link in the comments to your stories,I got one link and I loved it! (You know who you are,hun ;D) Well..bye-bye.

Hanna's P.O.V
I woke up,my eyes fluttering open,"Shit.." I glanced at the clock on my nightstand.
It was one in the afternoon. I hated waking up at this time. I felt like shit when I woke up this late in the day.
"Hey,Hanna boo. You awake?" Niall peeked into my room
I nodded,opening my eyes again,"Yeah"
"Okay,Harry told me to come talk to you. He's downstairs. Kimmy left baby Kimmy here 'cause she's going out of town for two weeks. And Jeniffer is coming over so she could see that...
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posted by canal
Mendy couldn't sleep, she felt as if she made a huge mistake, she loved Louis with all of her heart, but it's as if she has another puso that only loves Harry. "Can't i just petsa them both?" Mendy whined to herself. "No rule against it" sinabi a perfectly black cat perched on the windowsill. "How long have you been here" Mendy asked. "The entire time. You haven't seen me?" Allan asked. "It's 12:00 pm at night, you're a black cat, you finish the puzzle" Mendy said. "I suppose you're right" Allan sinabi hopping out of the window and turning into his human form. "What am i supposed to do?" Mendy...
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I went into the car sitting susunod to sidewalk and I checked my surroundings. I put on my seatbelt and then I stayed there anxiously waiting for my first driving lesson to start. Suddenly a gorgeous blonde boy opens the car door and smiles at me.
"Hello", He sinabi "I'm Niall. I will be your Driving instructor for the susunod few months, and you must be Alana."

"Yea I'm Alana. Aren't you a little young to be a driving instructor
"Not really I'm 18 and my father owns this driving school. he actually owns the whole chain."
"You mean to say to me that your dad is.. Bobby..."
"Yea,Bobby Horan. He...
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posted by fiestagirl12345
Bailey's P.O.V

i just couldnt run away this time. i tryed to run off but harry gripped my wrist causing me to fall. maddy came . she saw harry holding my wrist.

Madison's P.O.V

i saw bailey on the ground harry holdin her wrist. harry waiting for a answer. "harry she will tell you if you let go of her"i say coming towards bailey.he let go and apoligized.

Bailey's P.O.V

i told harry everything. i could tell sa pamamagitan ng his face he was ticked. i told him i was gettig bullied sa pamamagitan ng jocks and girls. he listend and tols me he was taking me to rehab. "WHAT........NO NO NO IM NOT GOING"i say crying going upstairs....
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posted by MadisonFontenot
Before I begin I want to thank everybody who reads and supports my stories! You aren't just my 'fans' your are my mga kaibigan and I pag-ibig you all<3
Some of you might already read them but if you don't, you should read ZoeyMalik28's Stories! I will put a link to them at the bottom!(:


Lindsey and Alana stood in Britain Airlines waiting for the plane to arrive. Lindsey and Niall planned to tell everyone about them, but they never got the chance so they decided to just send little 'hints'.
Niall held onto Lindsey's hand as the big board at the tuktok of the Airplane...
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Johnny's P.O.V.

I picked Shannon up bridal style, Harry didn't seem to care so I took her back to the cabin.
"I.....I didn't mean to hurt him, I just....started throwing punches and I couldn't stop" She sinabi through the tears.
"It's okay, he now knows not to come near you" Trent said.
"Yeah" She said.
When we walked into the cabin we saw Micheal being taken care of sa pamamagitan ng Coan.
"How dare you Shannon" Coan sinabi as soon as we walked in.
"His fault" I sinabi walking onto her part of the cabin to see Madison packing her bags.
"Madi, what are you doing?" Shae asked.
"Shut it Shae, how dare you petsa my future husband"...
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posted by MadisonFontenot
Lindsey walked into her house after school Monday evening and dropped her car keys on the kusina counter.
"Lindsey!" Her dad, Mr. Gilburg, came into the kitchen. He looked pissed. He held out his Galaxy 2, he may be old, but he has a Galaxy. On the screen was a picture of her and Niall halik on Alana's street. "Who is this boy? And Lindsey, be honest!"
Lindsey looked away from the phone and poured a cup of tea, "He's just a friend.." She mumbled.
"Well, he seems like a pretty good friend. Back in my day.." Oh lord, "We didn't make out with friends." Lindsey went to take a sip from her spongbob...
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posted by ZoeyMalik28
Ohmygosh...5 parts left. Haha..then i'm going to work on Cheating True Love!<3 Read Another World sa pamamagitan ng MadisonFontenot! Thanks,buh-bye

Hanna's P.O.V
"I can't believe he proposed to my sister!" I squealed,jumping on the couch,trying to get Niall's snapback off the fan's blades
Niall groaned,"I know,I know! Now get my snapback,please!"
"I'm trying,Ni!" I whined
"PLEAAAAAAAAAASE!" Niall screamed
I groaned this time,"Fine,Ni. Just 'cause you're sexy"
Niall clapped,"Yeaaahh,buddy"
I jumped up,snatching the snapback,and falling down onto the couch,"There you go,you smart boy"
Niall hugged me tightly,"Thank...
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posted by fiestagirl12345
Riley's P.O.V

Danniell was their. With us. Telling us everything that happened. I was listening closely. That's how I got taken. First walking then break in. Now captured. We both hugged. And thanked at thanksgiving to be alive. And for the lads finding us. We all got done eating and started dancing. To GANGNAM STYLE I was dancing all the right moves. (Authors note: I looooove that song always dancing to it). Me and the girls were dancing. When somebody I never expected and thought was dead came. A gunshot flew across the room.

Harry's P.O.V

I saw the bullet. I was going towards Riley. I ran and pushed her. It missed both of us. And it hit the vase.

Riley P.O.V

I saw the gunshots flying. The first persons popped in my head. Lux. I ran upstairs. I grabbed her. Harry saw and took her to Lou. She ran out. The girls were hiding in the closet. I guess this is the end for me AGAIN.
posted by gissmiss21
 Was this an anonymous rescue?
Was this an anonymous rescue?
Thanks to all for keeping up with me during this WILD ride! :) Hope you are enjoying it! <3 Here's the link to Chapter 2,


Any tanong just comment below!

So here's Chapter 3!!!

*Elena was still passed out, slowly waking up when someone ran over to her, and started waking her up.*

Elena's thoughts: OW. MY HEAD. WHY DOES IT KEEP EXPLODING?!?!? What? What's that- who's yelling?!?!

The boy: "HEY- GIRL WAKE UP!!!"

(You will find out who it is when Elena wakes up)

Elena: "eerrrmmm.... Owww...."

The boy: " hold on.... can you hold own to my neck? We've got to get you to the hospital!"

Elena: "Niall...?"...
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posted by canal
 Allan in cat form
Allan in cat form
That night Mendy had the same dream, but the cat kept talking about off topic things. "So how much do you really pag-ibig him" the cat asked. "Who" Mendy asked. "This tsaa is wonderful isn't it?" the cat asked sipping the tea. "I guess" Mendy sinabi also sipping the tea. "So, how much do you pag-ibig Louis or Harry" the cat asked. "I pag-ibig them both alot, why?" Mendy replied. "I'm thinking about repainting the walls what do you think" the cat asked. "I think the shade of green it is, is beautiful" Mendy said. "It is isn't it?" the cat said. "I'll be right back" the cat sinabi sounding madami human than a robot....
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posted by canal
here's the link of course ;) link

Niall: you're so pretty when you cry, when you cry. Wasn't ready to hear you, say good-bye. Now you're tearing me apart, tearing me apart. You're tearing me apart.

Zayn: You're so London your own style, your own style. And together we're so good, so girl why? Are you tearing me apart, tearing me apart. You're tearing me apart.

Harry: Did i do something stupid? Yeah girl if i blew it. Just tell me what i did, let's work through it. There's gotta be some way to get you to want me like before...

All: Cause' no one ever looked so good in a dress. And it hurts cause'...
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